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  • Nimian Legends: BrightRidge HD

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Run, swim and fly through glistening waterfalls and rivers, overgrown forests, sky-high mountains and ancient dungeons. Shape change into powerful dragons, soaring eagles, quick-footed deer and more.

I am a solo indie developer working on BrightRidge and it is a game from my heart. I enjoyed creating this world and I hope you enjoy exploring it:)

Ready for adventure? The Ballad of BrightRidge and Love & Tin are two magical adventures in Story Mode. Or choose Explore mode and experience BrightRidge without quests or enemies. Can you find the ancient whale that swims the oceans? Or the hidden ruins that dot the land?

Unlock the power to change into several species and explore BrightRidge from a new perspective. Soar through the sky as a golden eagle or a winged dragon. Run through the forests and a wily fox or dashing deer. Barge through the land as a towering Tree Ent and flutter peacefully among the flowers as a delicate butterfly (a fan favourite!).

Become a nature photographer and take and save beautiful pictures of this gorgeous and vast landscape. Will you photograph an elusive deer drinking by the river? Or perhaps capture a golden sunset amid ancient ruins? Need help hunting the animals down? Use your Spirit View to magically track animals, each with their own habitat and behavior.

Extensive options let you customize almost anything at anytime. Change time of day, turn on Watercolor mode and experience a living painting, add effects and filters and more. On newer devices you can turn up the detail for an even more beautiful and immersive experience.

Legend Spots dot the land waiting to be discovered. Each one tells a bit about the people, places and history of BrightRidge. Or visit the cozy halls of BrightRidge Inn, sit by the fireplace, dance with the guests, or listen to their stories.

It’s all here. Rainstorms, lightning and thunder, light breezes and gusting wind, and quiet snowfalls. Or use the options to change the weather on the fly.

There’s no rush. Feeling panic, anxiety or stress? Choose Explore Mode, breathe, and explore the wild rivers, valleys and waterfalls of BrightRidge at your own pace.

+ No Ads
+ No In-App Purchases
+ No Timelimits
+ Offline Play : No WiFi required

Each BrightRidge update brings new features and improvements for free

Watch the trailer at

Follow @protopop on Twitter and on Facebook for news and updates

I'd like to thank everyone who took time to leave a review. Positive or negative each one helps me understand how the game works in the real world, and I appreciate it. For a solo dev like me hearing that people enjoy BrightRidge is very encouraging:)

Nimian Legends is an original fantasy world and the setting for BrightRidge. See the interactive map at

Thank you to Touch Arcade for your reviews and being a great place for Mobile game news :

Thanks to MisterDerez and Minecorps X for their amazing commentary and YouTube Playthroughs of BrightRidge. It made my day to watch these:)
Minecorps X :

A big thank you to Nullzone, Liam, Curtis, DK_1287, redribbon, Benjamin ,Jack and everyone who has helped me test and supported BrightRidge. A project of this size is a challenge to create on my own, and your support and encouragement have helped me through difficult times.

Optimized for iPad Air 2 and higher and iPhone 6S and higher

Thank you for supporting Nimian Legends : BrightRidge. I'm available at for questions, bug reports or other assistance.

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (10.07.17 - 00:05)
Great great art������
Allgemein (19.02.17 - 22:11)
Thanks for this beautiful app, keep it up!
Please, don't leave it, even if you couldn't take as much money from selling as you wish!

There is so little things and games like this one! We hope for the best;)

My personal hope about this game is... I wish this app will transform into something really great, really adult, like BIG PC R.P.G (Neverwinter Nights ex)

(2/7/17) UPDATE ver.6;

Awesome job. Why I can't donate you? :)
Thanks for new update dude. There is so little small-team developers at this time, who can give you a complete awesome game in your pocket for only one �� and without any in-app purchases.....

Last Feb/2017 Update;

Now it has become totally FREE.
Actually I'm happy, now everyone can try this beautiful game, but I'm sad for one reason- I can't donate to this developer anymore- he's doing great job, and this job is worth playing.

One simple solo-man, who created Big. Magic. Beautiful. The Whole World. I'm glad that I was able to buy it for few ����
before it becomes free.
Allgemein (15.02.17 - 17:53)
4-й айпад не поддерживает.
Allgemein (15.02.17 - 05:38)
Absolutely gorgeous!! Worth buying! if you have a high end device this game looks stunning with ultra settings! Has story and explore modes, different shapeshifting features huge map with more updates to come, it kinda reminds me of skyrim o.o
Allgemein (15.02.17 - 00:06)
FREE today! AAA+ game
Allgemein (14.02.17 - 23:49)
Не понравилась игра. Абсолютно. Хорошо, что загрузила бесплатно.
Allgemein (14.02.17 - 20:58)
First Freeby Alert!
Allgemein (18.01.17 - 21:23)
Первые впечатления: не мешало бы объяснить что, куда и как. Стоит угловатая девушка в грубых башмаках, переминается..., может высоко подпрыгнуть, размахивать руками и ногами, бестолково ломиться через угловатые текстуры непонятно куда.
В чём смысл её передвижения? Пока не понятно.
Буду искать хоть что- то, проясняющее происходящее в инете. Подсказывайте, где копать.
Allgemein (26.10.16 - 01:28)
Looks wonderful, and on sale for .99. I love a sale, and I love supporting good programmers so a win win��
Allgemein (11.06.16 - 18:31)
I will wait till it is free .
(21.10.16 - 07:04)
@FLU-sc :
(23.10.16 - 00:40)
Free is always better . Ha ha
мага ежжи
(25.10.16 - 21:43)
@FLU-sc :
(25.10.16 - 22:09)
@Anvs Dranvs:
Wtf ? Is there some wrong with waiting get free apps ?
(26.10.16 - 04:06)
@FLU-sc :
not at all but for .99 it's a great way to support the dev's and I believe they deserve it...
(30.10.16 - 03:34)
Well . Some of us don't got it like that to buy pay apps .
(30.10.16 - 14:24)
@FLU-sc :

I said there is nothing wrong with free and my comment was not a negative against you it was a simple comment in support of these creative devs... learn to read...
(18.01.17 - 02:49)
Only someone who want to support the Dev pay for this if they think it's enough cheaper.

So I don't purchase. Wait for the time because "free" is the price for me.
(16.02.17 - 23:07)
@FLU-sc :
It's free)))
(16.02.17 - 23:21)
(31.12.17 - 20:25)
@FLU-sc :
Throw out your iPhone then. Or You also got it for free? People who can buy an iPhone (iPad) for 500/800$ and then hopes that it’s the only thing for what they should pay after purchasing modern powerful media iPhone/850$ .APP/0,99$. lol.

Don’t like this app or not sure? Buy it. If you really don’t like it-then get a refund.

Strange funny people...strange (un)funny world.
Allgemein (11.06.16 - 17:50)
This app should be classified as an experience - the word game doesn't do it justice - is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I've NEVER seen anything like this. Movie-quality graphics, super smooth controls, SHAPESHIFTING! I can't even begin to describe it. They even have a free version, so you can try before you buy...and you WILL buy. GET THIS APP NOW!!!!!!

мага ежжи
(25.10.16 - 21:44)
Movie-quality box-like faces
Allgemein (28.03.16 - 17:25)

Les graphismes ont l'air très beau et les paysages magnifiques ☀️...mais pas en français encore une fois �� !
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2,29 €

für iPhone + für iPad


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Weitere Informationen

Was ist Neu in dieser Version

+ IPhone 8 / 8Plus / X detection, shadow and resolution fixes (Thank you Curtis and Benjamin for testing)
+ Improved default quality for iPad Pros (Thank you Nullzone)
+ performance increase across platforms
+ Reduced memory usage by 50%
+ Updated 3d Engine core
+ Feet splash in rivers
+ Multi world project structure for new games to share BrightRidge architecture (for sequel Nimian Legends : Vandgels)
+ over the shoulder camera view option
+ New camera control settings: camera tightness and camera follow
+ improved occlusion performance removing occludees
+ added Moon Jump and Classic Jump options
+ updated ambient intensity to work with skybox colors
+ Added higher x16 Texture resolution option
+ Show Region names
+ Soft Particles: Options > Settings > Quality > Effects > Soft Particles
+ New Loading Screen and App Icon
+ Stats Component : Set animation speed independent of Running speed to account for different humanoid sizes
+ Added detail sub texture to barbarian head statues
+ Using Numbers and Icons for quality level buttons - more universal that text
+ Upgraded Ambient Intensity options to work with new game engine - now operates on Sky, middle, and ground light sources
+ Increased default texture resolution x4 for iPhone 8, iphone 8 plus, iphone 7, iphone 7 plus, ipad 2017, ipad pros 2016, ipad air 2
+ Increased default texture resolution x16 for iPhone X and iPad Pros 2017
+ Increased default resolutions for most devices
+ Setup Multi-Language framework in prep for translations
+ Microsplat height blending improves terrain textures
+ NEW expanded BLOOM Options > Playground > Bloom settings - HDR, samples, blue, threshold, intensity, quality and active
+ New Quality component - can now set default quality per device in project file using menus - much faster - feedback on best settings for each device is appreciated
+ Fixed anilogo fade out at start
+ fix underwater turning top too bright and also changing to wrong fog

+ Added back camera height options
+ Audio controls now logarithmic
+ Removed lens distortion from spirit view
+ Removed trail in spirit view - will replace with hunt target
+ Sunlight Intensity changed 2 > 1 for more realistic lighting and less blowouts. Compensates for changes in light treatment in new engine
+ Lens flare default brightness increased to compensate for reduced default sunlight intensity (effect appears the same)
+ Removed Toon Outline Filter - Broken in new engine - will look for replacement
Simplified water to 6 types, now controlled by WaterManager
Renamed and moved PhotoMode to playground and removed watermark
Rope ziplines replaced by magic transporters
Known Issues - Changing to a flying animal or camera mode breaks carriage ride - temp solution is to disable camera mode until after carriage ride

+ All rivers share one texture and river flowing manager
+ Removed master reflection probe from scene - will add back to rivers and puddles independently
+ Shadow quality options now control directly - allowed removal of redundant quality levels
+ Huge texture memory optimization - reduced startuptextures from 33mb to about half
+ Disabled occlusion on Iphone 8, 8+ and X by default (faster - thanks Stu Mitchell)
+disable tween animation on options screens - faster and performance and broken in next upgrade anyways

+ Removed redundant titles and warning text from several options screens - simplify translation and declutter
+ Add visual indicator small green dot to show default buttons in options
+ Replaced text with icons for international audience: Sun intensity, ambient intensity, color filters, watercolor brush size and intensity, sun color, map location, contrast, slow time,
+ Moved Playground / Quality shortcuts between them to top right and enlarged for better usability
+ IPhone 8 plus shadows increased to medium shadows / iPad Pro 12 2017 increased default to high shadows
+ Enlarged MUSIC and SFX Volume sliders, replaced titles with button icons

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Robert Kabwe
Rubrik: Spiele
Version: 7.7
Größe: 372 MB
FSK: 9+
Gesamtbewertung: 5
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

Mehr von: Robert Kabwe


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