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#1 app on the App Store for skin smoothing, retouch and photo noise reduction
The only fully automatic tool for photo and selfie improvement
CleanPics is the secret to the perfect selfie!

CleanPics lets you be the best version of yourself in every photo. Use CleanPics photo improvement tool for better selfies and pictures.

What does CleanPics do:
• Fully automatic noise reduction
• Fully automatic selfie retouch
• Fully automatic skin makeup
• Great “before and after” comparison
• New amazing filters handpicked from 1000 options
• 4k ultra HD support
• Save & share on social networks

CleanPics is built to make your every shot perfect. No need to spend a lot of time and money on expensive software. CleanPics will clean up and improve your photo in just seconds. It is the most simple and fast way to perfect and share photos.

Download the app and start sharing perfect selfies in just seconds.

Contact us for questions and comments!

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (24.08.16 - 19:41)
Nach aktuellem Update deutlich schnelleres Rendering und Output ("4k") wie Input. ��
Allgemein (25.04.16 - 17:08)
Рекомендую, отлично убирает шумы!
Allgemein (25.04.16 - 14:50)
Bella funziona. Le foto si vedono che sono state ritoccate ma ne vale la pena specialmente se sono foto fatte di notte o con scarsa luce.
(25.04.16 - 16:47)
@jeend :
Risoluzione di uscita ???
Allgemein (25.04.16 - 06:11)
Good apps ( ゚o⌒)
Allgemein (24.04.16 - 17:25)
Не плохое приложение, единственный недостаток- размазывает картинку полностью а не там где необходимо!!!
Allgemein (23.04.16 - 21:56)
Ergebnisse zum Teil nicht schlecht, wobei ich "Noiseware" bevorzuge. Bei einer (maximalen) Auflösung von 4k benötigt die App extrem viel Zeit zum Rendern. Für mich kein Keeper. Wer es selbst probieren möchte:
Derzeit gratis!
Allgemein (10.04.16 - 14:55)
Ultra Hi-Res 4K is not much if an improvement. Previous version output was 1280x1920 for 2.5mp, and with this update the 4K setting yields 1536x2304 for 3.5mp. It is a real shame as the app does a very nice job of reducing noise in the images, albeit it is quite slow at processing. Other noise reduction apps do the job equally well for me so this one is going back to the cloud.
Allgemein (12.12.15 - 17:06)
Terribly low resolution output (2.6mp iPad Air and iPadPro) make this app useless for any serious image work.
Allgemein (10.10.15 - 15:28)
Crippled Trial Version and No Support Contact Info -
It really disturbs me when a developer uses Instagram or Facebook as their "support" access. How about a simple e-mail address for feedback!

This is an automatic noise reduction app that actually does a pretty decent job. This is a "crippled" trial version that does not allow one to save their work until you spend $2.99 to activate it. And while I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to "try before I buy" absent a save function I have no way of knowing if this app saves at the original image resolution or downsamples the image to some ridiculous resolution as some apps do. The developer's description does not say anything about it, so I will not spend $3 to "activate" the app, just to be sadly disappointed.
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4,49 €

für iPhone + für iPad


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Version: 1.1.1

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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Clean Pics LLC
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Rubrik: Fotografie
Version: 3.2.3
Größe: 27 MB
FSK: 4+
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