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  • Top Camera 2 - HDR, Slow Shutter, Night and more - Photo Video Editor and Filters

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Top Camera is back! Here is the 2nd version of award winning photo/video camera/editor app for iOS. What’s changed? Just everything. Here is the most advanced photo/video camera with unified photo/video editor.

- we removed all unnecessary settings, Camera module has just modes, some modes has 2-3 submodes.
- all photos/videos captured by the app are stored in system Photo Library.
- the editor works directly on items from Photo Library as well - no need to import/export to edit.

- 5 photo modes: Photo (normal and square), HDR, Slow Shutter, Night Photo, Superfast Burst
- 3 video modes: Simple Video with Pause (30 or 60fps), Slow Motion, Time Lapse
- focus box, exposure box (tap-and-hold to lock)
- manual focus/exposure slider
- zoom (by pinch gesture or slider)
- Volume button shutter
- Stabilizer
- Self Timer
- Virtual Horizon - a visual leveling bar to keep your images straight.

- unified Photo/Video editor - all filters/adjustments can be applied to both Photos and Videos
- 9 Adjustments: Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, Temperature, Vibrance, Sharpen/Blur, Shadows, Highlights, Straighten
- 64 Hollywood quality color-correction filters divided into 8 groups: Cinema, Effects, Vintage, Antique, Pastel, Split/Tone, Monotone
- Adjust filter strength
- Realtime preview
- Drag left/right to scrub through videos
- Tap-and-hold on thumbnail to delete
- Save result as a new clip
- Or Overwrite current one - you can later revert to original version from this app system Photos app
- Photo Extension support

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (02.04.16 - 22:24)
Good apps
Allgemein (02.04.16 - 19:41)
4,99€ hätte ich nicht bezahlt, denn das ist im Vergleich zu vergleichbaren Apps 3,-€ zu viel.
Die App ist ganz nett und für lau ein Download wert,
aber für 2 oder gar 5,-€ gibt es Besseres, wobei sich die Bedienung dann doch etwas von den meisten ähnlichen Apps durchaus positiv unterscheidet.
Allgemein (02.04.16 - 15:32)
Version 2 of the app is a completely new and redesigned app, including boosting the output from what was throttled to 8mp when loading larger images, to now saving at full resolution (24mp tested on iPadAir). The new interface is clean and crisp, with lots of presets as well as all the necessary editing controls. I don't use the camera function on my iPad so I can't comment. The app is free as I write this, so download now before it is too late.
Allgemein (02.04.16 - 11:16)
Super. It's very intuitive and has clear interface. Recommend ����
Allgemein (02.04.16 - 01:12)
Jetzt gratis!
Nicht mein Top HDR Favorit, aber eine solide App. ��
(03.04.16 - 22:01)
What is your favorite HDR app? ��
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5,49 €

für iPhone + für iPad


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- improved support of new devices: iPad Pro, iPhone SE
- improved support of iOS 9.3
- bug fixes

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Entwickler: Lucky Clan
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Version: 1.8
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