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Do you miss your old darkroom or ever wanted to try one yourself?

Analogue is the first app where you truly go analog.
By developing your photos as one did in a real darkroom, you will learn to see and understand what makes a great photo.

For the first time you will develop the negative in a real darkroom.
In a fun and intuitive way you will pick the strip that has the best time and contrast.
And just like a real darkroom, you can make parts of the image brighter and darker by blocking or adding more light to the image.

You will be presented in a very easy way with lots of tutorials on how to use the tools.

The images will only be in black and white (but you may tone them).

+ Develop either your images from your camera-roll or taken by the Large-Format camera
+ Only Black & White
+ Stripes - As in a real darkroom you'll have to find the best strip. It will be challenging, fun and very powerful
+ Crop / Rotate - Both crop and rotate the image in the same tool
+ Dodge - Make a selected part of the image brighter.
+ Burn - Make a selected part of the image darker
+ Blur - Enhance the background with some beautiful blurriness.
+ Tone - Tone the images with various strength. The toners that can be used are Selenium, Cyanotype and Sepia.
+ Layers - You can add as many effects as you want. Each effect will be treated as a layer that can be edited, deleted and changed its visibility.
+ Zoom - You can zoom the image ten times. This will make it really easy to make the detailed work.
+ OpenGL - Analogue uses OpenGL, the drawing is fast and very fluid.

By shooting with a large-format camera where the image is upside-down you will actually get more control over the image.
The camera is only manual and back in the old days you could not even zoom with the camera, you had to walk.

You will be forced to slow down the process and by doing so, your photographs will be so much better.

At first it may feel a bit odd to look at the upside-down image and it can even be a bit challanging to know if you should move the camera to the left or right when framing the image.
Sometimes you will even laugh at yourself, but the more you use it, the less you will even have to think about it.

Analogue has now added two more camera-models.
+ Medium-format which will produce a square image and just as the large-format camera it is manual.
+ Small-format which is a real basic point and shoot camera where you pretty much only shoot at what you see. Nothing to set up with, nor zoom.

+ Manual - Just as in a real old analog camera, it is only manual
+ Shutter / ISO - You will set these individually
+ Focus - With a beautiful crafted loupe, you will get full control over the sharpness
+ Tilt / Shift - Just as a large-format camera you will be able to straight up any lines
+ 4x5" - The negative's size will be in the 4x5-ratio as the most popular large-format camera does

For the first time, you can produce real digital negatives for your darkroom.
Analogue will make it possible to print the images in 35-mm, 6x4.5, 6x6, 4x5" or 8x10" sizes.

Download free examples and view them in the darkroom to understand how to fully use the darkroom to its best.

You can naturally share both the negatives and prints.
You can optimize the resolution to lots of social media's sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Tag your photos with #analogueapp on instagram

See what type of beautiful images that can be made at

We are eager to hear from you. We just love to hear both good stuff and bad stuff.
And it's much likely that your opinion will be added into the next update.
Please don't hesitate to contact us at:

OS >= 8.1


Allgemein (28.09.16 - 19:24)
���������������������� ��
Allgemein (06.06.16 - 01:09)
Wird mit jedem Update NOCH besser. Ein absolutes must have für monochrom puristen. ��
Randall Silva
Allgemein (02.05.16 - 16:25)
Esta pago !
Allgemein (02.05.16 - 08:58)
Allgemein (01.05.16 - 18:05)
Now Free
Allgemein (25.03.16 - 14:19)
Wer die gute alte analoge Zeit in der Dunkelkammer selbst noch erlebt hat, wird diese App sehr zu schätzen wissen! Wundervoll... ����
Allgemein (19.03.16 - 16:28)
Correction, regarding the output resolution, there is a bug in the loading of (at least) native/unedited Nikon DSLR images. Previously unedited Nikon images are saved at a low 6mp output, however if the images have been previously edited, or at least saved without editing by another program, this app will save at full resolution, 24mp tested n iPadAir and Pro. I have seen this before in another app where the SDK used by the developer does not properly read the Nikon images, often only from some Nikon DSLR models and not others, so I suspect Nikon may be at fault here.
Allgemein (19.03.16 - 15:23)
The app is a very realistic implementation of wet B&W darkroom print processing, from the use of negatives to dodging and burning. The only thing missing is the varying effects from the choice of, and mixing of chemicals. For those users that have experience in a wet darkroom, you will feel right at home, although the thrill of seeing an image appear right in front of your eyes in a developing tray is missing (there are other apps that do that if you are interested). Nevertheless, the skill in creating the image (less the chemicals) is much the same. If you have never set foot in a darkroom, you may find the app's learning curve steep in order to get the right tonal effects, contrast, etc., in your images. B&W editing apps with presets, and sliders will do a much quicker job for you. In this app, you need to take your time, give it some thought and proceed with care, and often times starting over (just like in a real darkroom where "mistakes" are not easily undone).

The app saves your images in an internal library and you can output to the camera roll at 4096X____ for 11.2mp rectangle (16mp square) resolution.

The app is fun to play with if you are patient and understanding of the analogue film printing process, or interested in learning it. At $.99 I think it it was worth the investment. At $2.99, not so much.
Allgemein (19.01.16 - 01:47)
Anyone have any experience with this app? Is it worth the money? Looks promising.
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2,99 €

für iPhone + für iPad


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