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***The First All-in-One Space Saving Suite!***
- Compress and Resize Photos & Videos
- Clean Duplicate & Similar Photos

FreeUpSpace is a slick and polished space saving app for your iOS device that can resize photos, clean duplicates and compress photos & videos. It’s aimed at recovering wasted space of your device so that you can save more. This app gives you control on how you release space on your device. Use any or all of the 3 power packed modules to put your photos of your digital drawer on a diet:

1) Find duplicate photos: If you love clicking photos and selfies endlessly, you should use this feature very often. This helps you find duplicate photos of all levels ranging from least similar to exact duplicates. You have the control to set the duplicity level. Even better, you can adjust and set time and gps criteria for high accuracy.

2) Resize Photos: This is the best when you want to reduce the frame size of a photo you clicked from your iOS device. You can save a significant amount of space by resizing large sized photos. Quality is maintained while reducing the size. And even more, to make a photo fit perfectly on another device’s screen, you can simply resize it by setting a smaller width.

3) Compress Photos & Videos: You can save chunks of storage space by compressing large photos & videos. So if you’ve shot a lot of videos & photos with your iOS device, don’t forget to compress them when you’re running out of storage space. And once you’ve compressed them, you can easily share them with your friends via attachments, messaging apps etc.

This app works best if:
1) You need to release storage space to save more photos & videos
2) You’re using a 16GB iOS device or you are running out of free storage.
3) You’re lazy finding duplicates manually.
4) You’re unable to attach a photo or video because it’s too large.
5) You’re running out of storage space on a holiday!

Get rid of the frequent message ”Your iPhone’s storage is almost full"

World’s first iOS app that can recover more free space on your iOS device so that you can click and snap more and more photos & videos!

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (29.07.16 - 07:43)
Если посмотреть статистику использования памяти практически любого iPhone, его наибольшая часть всегда занята фотографиями и видеофайлами. Это связано с тем, что смартфон делает фото и видео с максимальным разрешением и сохраняет их без сжатия. В итоге, одна минута видео, снятого на iPhone 6, занимает около 200 мегабайт ценного места на iDevice. Это действительно много - для сравнения, HD-фильм в полтора часа длительности может занимать места в один-полтора гигабайта. То есть всего лишь в 5-7 раз больше минутного ролика, снятого камерой смартфона. Потому у владельцев iPhone есть альтернативы: (a) забивать полностью всю память фотографиями, удаляя постепенно старые; (b) выгружать фото и видео на облачные сервисы (Dropbox, Google Drive etc) и опять-таки удалять файлы со смартфона; (c) сжать видео и фото до приемлемых размеров без потери качества и хранить их все.

FreeUpSpace сделан именно для решения последнего пункта. Только что провёл эксперимент и посмотрел, на сколько уменьшится размер видеоролика, длительностью 1:10, и занимающего 183 мегабайта. После сжатия размер видео уменьшился на 156 мегабайт, и теперь занимает чуть больше 20 мегабайт памяти!
Что важно, качество видео при этом не страдает, и его все так же можно выводить на большой экран!

Подобный трюк можно проводить и с фото, хотя там результаты не такие существенные (размер фотографии уменьшается примерно на 1-1,5 мегабайт).

У FreeUpSpace раньше был недостаток - хоть приложение и платное, опцию сжатия нужно было покупать отдельно как IAP. И я уже думал удалять его, но после одного из последних обновлений систему In-App Purchase внутри приложения отменили. И сейчас сжатие доступно всем пользователям.

В конце скажу, что приложений, что сжимают размер файлов, в AppStore действительно много. Но FreeUpSpace понравилось тем, что здесь есть опции для фото и видео (обычно сжимается или фото или видео, а здесь всё вместе). Ну и интерфейс приятный, то есть приложением приятно пользоваться. Всё очень интуитивно и понятно без инструкций. Так как при этом с основными своими функциями оно справляется хорошо, поставить 5 звёзд не жалко!
Allgemein (25.05.16 - 13:34)
Not only did the latest update (May 24) not get rid of the IAP that we have to pay to delete duplicates (something added with his previous update), it also brought iAds.

I honestly thought the dev was going to get rid of his previous as*hole move of making us pay for something that was already part of this same paid version - because of the atrocious ratings for this app since the last update. I was obviously wrong, and I guess he doesn't give a damn about the ratings.
Allgemein (19.05.16 - 14:05)
Freakin' ridiculous! Looks like this dev has turned into a lowly scam artist!

With the latest update you now have to pay 1.99 USD to to have your duplicate photos deleted! ������������ WTF?!

This IS a paid app and there were NO IAPs previously.

What a opportunistic unethical POS this dev has turned out to be! People are pissed and fumed (as am I) and rightly rightly so. Just look at the App Store ratings! Hopefully this clown will "reverse" this totally as*hole move, and realize the error of his ways. But there have been so many unscrupulous, conniving, unprincipled app devs that have only screwed us and tried to take advantage of us so I wouldn't hold my breath!
Agent Smith
(19.05.16 - 14:57)
I double that.
(19.05.16 - 15:05)
@Agent Smith:
Thanks buddy! I was even a little more grouchy and irritated because I still had not had my morning caffeine fix, LOL ��
Agent Smith
(19.05.16 - 15:10)
Support the caffeine fixation with the sodium fluoride one and bam! you're good to go all day long. :D
(20.05.16 - 00:17)
@Agent Smith:
No, I don't need any of that! �� We in the US have had too much of this all of our lives. As you probably know, it's in our water supply (there are laws on the books legislating this) toothpaste, other dental hygiene products, etc., even though it's banned in most or many countries of the world.

Of course I'm sure the government and ruling oligarchs would never, ever intentionally do anything "bad" to hurt us, the poor plebs. No, they always have the best interests of its citizens at heart, and not shady, uncountable, big business and corporations, right? We can really trust them totally. It was probably only a "coincidence" that only decades ago the PTB had laws enacted making it mandatory to include fluoride in all of our water supplies while other countries at this time were making laws prohibiting this. Yeah coincidence ��
Agent Smith
(20.05.16 - 00:55)
We're all in the same boat about those chemicals which are used to mass control of us the human beings.

This side of the world is no different.
Can you believe they make parents to use sodium fluoride pills for their toddlers as if those poisonous pills were something good for lil toddlers' teeth?! Really?!

Here we have this pesticide in all our toothpaste brands.. But they are considerate enough to put warnings on the package that we should not swallow the paste or use it more than two times a day.. Oh! thanks for the warnings at least. (!)

Well of course if you're rich enough you can find and buy non-fluoride toothpaste and water etc. Because after all it's all about money and the power ..

As well said before;

All I wanna say is that
They don't really care about us
(20.05.16 - 03:15)
@Agent Smith:
Although while of course what you say is clearly outrageous and sounds pretty crazy, I would believe you because pretty much a lot of the same types of elites are running most of our countries regardless of where we live, although I'm sure this at times can be exaggerated.

IMO most of these things should be a choice and not mandatory, and they pretty much do the same over here as far as making us give toddlers things which have shown at times to cause serious side effects, and conditions of various kinds, and even many govt. funded studies have shown the huge risks associated with many of these chemicals. However, these studies are mostly ignored by professionals and lay people alike. And yeah, thanks a lot for the warning labels for these "mandatory" chemicals that should not even be there in the first place! Wow, how generous and kind hearted, and here we are implying that they don't care!

But yeah if you've got enough money, many of these advanced water filtration systems can be bought, as can bottled water, which isn't too expensive (though some brands still have fluoride), and non-fluoridated toothpaste, etc.

Hey, how do you think some of the elites and oligarchs got so rich in the first place? ��
Agent Smith
(20.05.16 - 04:22)
If you want to control masses, or to be more specific, to use them as slaves then you can't give them the "choice" weapon.
Nowadays even in the most developed countries, do you really believe you choose the governments? No! You only choose what they just give to you, usually two or three losers to choose from.. And yeah you are free to choose.. Yay!
The whole system is all about how those elites get rich and richer. By stealing and slavery, of course. And yes they are clever enough to make those acts legal (!) for them.
They use religion, nationalism or whatever -ism they find to make people hypnotized.
It's working for them, and it seems to me that it will gonna be working for a while.. ��
(20.05.16 - 08:30)
@Agent Smith:

You can use baking soda to brush your teeth, it's cheap and non-toxic. (Add a few drops of essential oil of peppermint or lemon ...) The other danger of fluoride in water is the skin, it absorbs! So even if you pay attention to the water you drink or your toothpaste you are poisoned through the skin! ������
Agent Smith
(20.05.16 - 09:55)
Scientia potentia est! Yes indeed it's power :D
and we can eat healthy food to get rid of the brain and character altering effects of such chemicals.
Sodium bicarbonate and boric acid are two useful chemicals for starting a fight back against our common enemies (;
(20.05.16 - 10:07)
@Agent Smith:
Yesss! ��
(20.05.16 - 13:17)
@Agent Smith:
Yeah, of course we're given the illusion of "choice."

Things are a lot easier and smoother for the PTB if people are not thinking that they are being denied certain rights and other things we all take for granted in "modern" societies. They don't want people feeling they've got to get all uppity, and start causing trouble, etc.

So of course all kinds of false dialectics are created, with "controlled oppositions" and this helps society in general to really feel like there really are a lot of different "choices" and positions about x, y, or z. And yes, while people to some extent are given a wide array of choices, these are given within very narrow parameters, especially when it comes to politics and (s)elections.

As George Carlin famously said, and I'm paraphrasing him: "if voting really worked, they would make it illegal..." LOL

(20.05.16 - 13:23)
Thanks for the tips ��

And yes, so true, I've heard that it's just as bad, if not worse if we're taking baths or showers with this water, LOL��

(20.05.16 - 13:33)
@Agent Smith:
Thanks a lot for the info ��
(21.05.16 - 06:36)
How sneaky. Does anyone have a copy of the previous version? Itunes deleted mine after updated :(
(21.05.16 - 18:17)
I don't think I updated this in iTunes, so if not, I can sync this older version to my iDevice.

And maybe I'm misunderstanding what your saying, but if you update this (or any app) in iTunes on your PC/Mac the older version (the .ipa file) automatically goes to the trash (although I'm unaware of how Apple can delete this, but maybe for Mac users this is different?). Is that what you mean?

Regardless, what you (or anyone) need to do in the future is copy the actual .ipa file and store it somewhere else (for instance, create a folder for copies of all of your iOS/Apple apps). Although who would have guessed that an update to this app would be "bad" or have negative consequences? I mostly just do this with various multimedia DL apps that I know will be updated to not have this feature or pulled from the App Store completely.

And it's a good idea to have Automatic Downloads enabled (although you have to physically open iTunes for the apps to be downloaded) which is a bit of a headache, but you can download various apps locally to your PC/Mac, and at least you will have the original version before any bad updates.

I believe you are a Mac user (which I'm more unfamiliar with as I'm a PC user), but here are some basic instructions. Please forgive me as you likely already know all of this stuff, but I'm posting this just in case, and perhaps others that consider themselves "novices" can benefit:
(22.05.16 - 10:23)
Thanks so much for such a thorough respond.
I primarily use macbook air, but also have an imac, which is where I found the older version.

I use a sandisk ultra fit flash drive as my itunes folder on my macbook, and an External hard drive on my imac. So maybe using another storage device makes it throw away the older version? I'm unsure since it happens on both macbook and imac, although sometimes on the imac there are older versions. :S

(22.05.16 - 10:24)
And yes I just created another folder for safe keeping. Haha. I have so many backups of backups of backups, takes too long to sift through.
(22.05.16 - 18:49)
No problem :-)

Wow, I have no idea how this could have happened. Because you would normally still see the old .ipa file in your trash, and you would have to manually delete each item from the trash or "empty trash" for everything.

So I guess the fact that you use these external hard drives must be a factor.

Do you have time machine set up? This is an option I guess. Although it seems like a big headache regardless.

But who would figure that we would have to keep a separate copy of FreeUpSpace? I certainly didn't have a separate copy. Yeah, backups of backups, LOL. It's not like we hardly ever have to go to these backups (or backups of backups). We make these just in case. But we probably never even have to use these 99% of the time anyway.
Mohamad Ashaf
Allgemein (05.05.16 - 09:52)
Its not free
(16.05.16 - 23:11)
@Mohamad Ashaf:
It's free now.
Allgemein (13.04.16 - 19:02)
4.Tag und bereits 4,99€ reduziert.

Feine Sache, nur halt ärgerlich für Käufer der ersten Stunde, was aber bestimmt verschwindend wenige gewesen zu sein scheinen.

Wie's aussieht kann man sich mit dieser App 2-3 weitere gratis Apps des Entwicklers sparen.
So soll es sein.

Man dankt:)
Allgemein (13.04.16 - 14:19)
This is now free
(13.04.16 - 15:13)
Gutes Allround-Tool! Danke für den Hinweis. ��
(13.04.16 - 15:17)
No problem ��
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