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Are you looking for a finer Equalizer? Do you crave for a better Bass Booster for your music? Do your ears desire a 3D Surround Sound feel coming out of the headphones? Here’s Boom, an app worthy of being your Default Music Player!

YOU — the music lover. Your music defines YOU. Listening to low quality music and wondering if it could be better has brought you here. And now it's only a quick download that remains between YOU and an experience where you won't just listen to tracks, but will FEEL YOUR MUSIC!

But before we get into details, here’s what the App Store Editor had to say about Boom —

“With a sleek and easy-to-use interface, Boom: Music Player with Magical Surround Sound lets you free your music of that compressed feel, breathing new life into every nuance of your favourite tracks — just the way the artists intended. This app boasts a range of features to deliver that edge, including a mind blowing 3D Surround setting, equalisers and audio intensity effects designed to work with any headphones. Once you’ve heard your choicest tracks on Boom, there’ll be no going back.”

Clearly, Boom is the best equalizer for your iPhones and iPads, worthy of being your default music player. Here’s why all the praise —

Boom is based on our patent-pending 3D Virtual Surround Audio Engine which lets you immerse deep into a magical 3D Surround Sound experience. It allows every subtle note of your favorite tracks to express itself vividly and give you a realistic feel — just like you’d hear them in a concert. You may switch between any of your headphones, but the experience will remain the same incredible!

When your taste of music meets our handcrafted equalizers, magic gets created. Each preset is curated to perfection to match the varied choices of your music.

There should be no end to your music and so we enable you to access your music not only from the phone’s library but also from Dropbox and Google Drive. You can even download tracks to store on your phone and enjoy at will.

— AUDIO INTENSITY CONTROL, CUSTOMIZED PLAYLISTS, SLEEP and several other features give you complete control over your music.

So, whether the beat gets dropped or the tempo amplifies, with BOOM you are going to FEEL YOU MUSIC like you’ve never had!

Note: Technical restrictions prevent Boom to support live streaming tracks.

Please leave your positive reviews and ratings to further encourage us :) You can also follow us on social media.

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*** If you have a Mac, do check out Boom 2 for amazing audio on the Mac App Store at ***

OS >= 9.0


Allgemein (28.01.18 - 10:36)
very good.
Allgemein (02.12.17 - 15:12)
iPhone X Не работает после последнего обновления
Allgemein (15.09.17 - 21:43)
Génial. Musique en local avec des effets rendant la profondeur de la musique. C'est également top de pouvoir écouter sa musique achetée et non chargée sur iPhone
Stephanie Ann McCool
Allgemein (05.06.16 - 20:01)
So far the best sounding audio app I have ever used .. The music is so full and rich .. Brings my music to life and makes my soul dance !!! I highly recommend it
Allgemein (01.06.16 - 06:43)
I use Boom 2 on my iMac and it's a great audio enhancer, especially with bass heavy dubstep and trap tracks.

The Boom music player OTOH...not that great. (It's not free, btw, it's a five day free trial.) It tries to recreate a surround sound environment for headphones and it doesn't really work. The EQ profiles are preset (no manual override) and limits the choices you have to fine tune how your music sounds.

The app includes a "visualizer" that adds some mediocre graphics fx (they can be turned off) but the bottom line is this app doesn't sound very good. The best sounding music app for iOS (Vox) is free and runs circles around this gimmicky offering. Boom 2 for OS X is worth checking out, but don't waste your time with this one.
Allgemein (13.05.16 - 19:41)
i use this app on my mac, and i love it. waiting for a spotify integration so i can enjoy listenin to my music with some cool effects
Allgemein (13.05.16 - 13:55)
Effects does not working with Apple Music. Deleted.
Allgemein (12.05.16 - 15:20)
bei mir funktioniert alles sehr gut, finde die app ist mega geil! man sollte sie gegen andere player testen, der 3D sound und der mega equalizer bringt satten, klaren sound und kann dazu den kopfhörer ( in ohr ect.) wählen. probiert es doch einfach aus, app ist gratis und kann 5 tage voll ausprobiert werden danach kostet die vollversion 3sfr. ich zahle diese 3sfr. weil die app mich wirklich begeistert.
nehme an dass in-app kauf von 3sfr für die vollversion ist, es steht magical effects pack 3sfr. habe noch 3 tage zum gratis ausprobieren, update folgt danach...
Allgemein (12.05.16 - 11:20)
Наверное классное приложение. Только не работает со Spotify, apple music, deezer.. На osx творение авторов всегда глючило, здесь не проверить. По идее музыку играет, но навигация не очень. Качество onkyo app и другие подобные лучше. А если наушники хорошие и внешний dac с усилителем, и музыка куплена в хорошем качестве, то смысла в таких улучшазерах вообще нет. Это как накладная женская грудь)

Allgemein (11.05.16 - 22:41)
3d sound for not good music. This is only show. And make so bad all sound. Stereo is the best ;). Sory idont like that this app. More than beauty app in appstore. Try other;)
Halber Mensch
Allgemein (11.05.16 - 22:22)
Effects doesn't work during playback tracks from Cloud. ������
Allgemein (11.05.16 - 20:20)
А вот еще один плеерипополняет мою коллекцию плееров) Очень приятноеиоформление...
Allgemein (11.05.16 - 12:32)
The 3D option with headphones is cool !!!!
Allgemein (10.05.16 - 17:01)
This app is awesome to listen to your music. You can purchase the full version for $2.99.
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für iPhone + für iPad


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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Rubrik: Musik
Version: 1.2.6
Größe: 86 MB
FSK: 4+
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