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  • Depello - Color Splash deine Fotos

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Color splash images instantly!

It's super quick and super easy. No finger painting is needed! All you have to do is tap on the color you want to highlight! Depello makes it possible to create stunning and effectful grayscale images with just a tap. Depello is a photo editing tool which converts your images and photos into black and white but preserves and highlights a color of your choice using state of the art computer vision algorithms.

Make that red apple stand out among all the green ones!
The user interface is easy to use with minimal controls for smooth navigating and pinch to zoom features etc.

Want to create amazing looking photos with the tap of a finger? Look no further, Depello is the app for you! It's the best and easiest colorsplash / colorpop / recolor tool in the App Store!


• Color splash/Color pop any image and and start highlighting colors
• Pinch to zoom and just tap the color of your choice
• Peek and pop with full 3D-touch supports on app icon and in image album
• Stay creative on both iPhone and iPad, in portrait and landscape!
• Supports multitasking on iOS9 or later
• Tell the world about your latest creations on Instagram and Facebook


• Change the color of the highlighted color. Make that yellow
banana red!
• Draw with your fingers to manually make some parts of the photo into black & white.

Questions? Problems? Ideas? Please get in touch:

OS >= 9.0


Vaidotas San
Allgemein (06.04.17 - 10:40)
It's not free - asking to purchase full premium !!
Polar Syssell
Allgemein (23.03.17 - 01:15)
Без премиума даже и не скачивайте ! Абсолютно бесполезное приложение ! ������
Allgemein (01.03.17 - 14:06)
Premium iap 0.99$ FYI
Allgemein (13.11.16 - 08:15)
Без покупки встроенного премиум пакета программа абсолютно бесполезна. Если готовы тратиться дальше, то качайте.
Allgemein (08.07.16 - 16:08)
(08.09.16 - 09:03)
Allgemein (09.06.16 - 17:52)
I hate it when a app goes free and then you have to buy the iap's for basic promised features. Deleted...
h babby
Allgemein (15.01.16 - 02:17)
Only one color can be choice for multiple Colour picking..... Try Vivv for live photo splash .. More than one Colour can be picked....They are saying in new update you can select pictures from camera roll.
(10.06.16 - 07:42)
@h babby :
Thank you for your recommendation. Vivv is so great!
h babby
(10.06.16 - 07:48)
you are welcome...
h babby
(10.06.16 - 07:52)
in new vesion you can work on Photo from Camera Roll as well. Try yourself.....
Allgemein (14.01.16 - 02:31)
I'm interested to try this . . . Hoping it does what it says it does rather than what the screenshots say. I'm hoping it works to preserve all of the selected colour *wherever it appears* ie an RmK app for colour. Fantastic help for abstract art!

Screenshots look like it renders into mono everything except the tapped *area of colour* . So I'm not that hopeful.
(15.01.16 - 00:12)
It seems to me your hopes are dashed! I have been unable to find a way to confine recognition of a selected colour or hue to a localised area, hence snippets of that colour appear wherever they occur throughout a photo and attempting to eliminate them using the slide control results in portions of the target area turning to b&w. I've experimented with numerous photos to see whether the same experience is had with all and the answer is - yes. There's no help facility - only the slide control.
(10.06.16 - 02:22)
Thanks for the info ����
(08.07.16 - 10:34)
It's still exactly the same with update. You have to pay for IAP to do anything it seems and this wasn't a free app. ����deleted
(26.01.17 - 18:03)
Free right now
In-app is $0.99 for pro
In free you pick colour and have a slider to control how much is included.
Masking is only in pro (haven't bought it so don't know how good outside of not really great going from current comments)
Save resolution is very good with input = output up to at least 6000x6000 (on iPad Air 2)
Universal app and works in landscape.
(27.01.17 - 15:32)
Thank you & your impressive memory, @lzmini ����
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für iPhone + für iPad


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Version: 1.1.2
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