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Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
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Most intuitive, feature loaded and dependable file manager in the App Store!
Whether you are looking for just a PDF Viewer with annotations and search, connectivity to many file cloud services, sharing file between your computer, voice recorder, web downloader or text editor, iFiles 2 is the only file manager you will ever need.

• Supported Online Cloud Services and Protocols:
Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud,, OneDrive, SMB/CIFS, SugarSync, AFP (Mac), FTP/FTPS, SFTP, Flickr, Google Photos, Facebook, Rackspace CloudFiles, CloudApp, PogoPlug, WebDav, Amazon S3, ownCloud, 4Shared, also using Amazon S3: DreamObjects and UltiCloud.

• PDF Reader with annotations, exceptional speed, search, and customizable!
- The most advanced PDF reading engine with search
- Support for all common annotation types: drawings, highlights, notes, stamps, free text, images, sound recordings, and so much more
- Saving directly to a cloud service with offline support

• File Sharing
- Easily transfer files between your computer and iFiles using (SMB or HTTP) sharing or upload files over USB using iTunes.
- Export/import files to/from another app using extensions support
- Open In support to and from iFiles
- Email file or links for supported services

• New audio player/engine:
- Streaming - FLAC support - Inter-app audio, flexible audio bar,
- Equalizer build into audio bar for easy access
- Background audio

• File Manager
Intuitive and feature loaded; just tap and hold on a file for quick file operations, edit mode for multiple file operations,
easily change between icon and list view, convenient and powerful sort options, use two finger pinch to change thumbnails size in icon mode, support for iPad split screen mode.
- Unarchive common formats: Zip, RAR, 7-zip, Tar, Gzip, and Bzip2
- Create zip files
- File operations: move, copy, upload, download, rename, delete, email, compress, share, batch rename, share, export, open in
- Thumbnails: image, video, PDF, and all supported by given service
- Popup menu - Tap and hold on file to display context popup menu with file operations
- Edit mode for multiple file operation
- Properties - view and change folder and files properties: color label, icon, and rename. For services with supported API you can edit: comments, description, tags/keywords, privacy, copy/generate links
- Convenient add menu: new folder, text file, voice recording, import, copy from, from photos, camera, from clipboard
- Batch rename - rename multiple files at once

• Other features
- Tabs - Multiple tabs can be opened at the same time
- Web browser and downloader
- Voice Recorder
- Passcode lock
- Advanced transfer manager with background support
- Print files using AirPrint
- Create and edit text files
- Photo library Import
- Camera support
- Audio Player (WAV, MP3, M4A, CAF, AIF, AIFF, ACC, FLAC)
- Video Player (iPhone supported formats: MP4, MOV, MPV, 3GP, M4V)
- Image Viewer (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, TIFF, ICO, CUR, XBM)
- View RTF (Rich Text Format) and RTFD
- View iWorks (Pages, numbers, Keynote) ’08 and ’09 (with or without Preview)
- View Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

• We are constantly add new features, latest once:
Batch Rename, SMB/CIFS support, folder synchronization, tabs, new redesigned Interface, document provider extension support., iPad split view support, and more.

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OS >= 9.0


Allgemein (26.07.17 - 01:13)
I have ifiles 1, and while it was useful at times for a few specific tasks, unless the developers have fixed TONS of issues (security, usability, bugs, interface issues, etc), I don't think it's worth buying based on their abandonment of the prior version and all the problems it had.
Allgemein (21.10.16 - 12:46)
Отстой какой-то. Documents 5 от Readdle лучше
(04.05.17 - 12:53)
Нет в аппсторе больше Документс 5, теперь это просто Документс и все "вкусные" функции вынесены в платные блоки. А в "голом" виде не лучше старого iFiles
(26.07.17 - 20:27)
Теперь он называется documents 6. И Апстор он есть.
Allgemein (15.10.16 - 16:51)
В общем Touch ID не работает , виджетов нет , и 3D Touch не работает ... ну и дизайн полный ....

И он очень медленный стал облачные хранилища прям тупит открывая файлы
Allgemein (07.09.16 - 06:37)
Купил когда-то iFiles, теперь опять платить за обновление на iFiles 2?
Служба поддержки на вопросы не отвечает.
Пошли они нахрен.
(12.09.16 - 19:08)
ну так юзай хлам-аналоги молча, если еврей
(15.10.16 - 16:52)
А так всегда вышла новая прога и нужно за неё платить но в этом случае новая это старая
Allgemein (14.08.16 - 14:18)
Купил , но этот плоский дизайн буэ
Старая как то привычнее и удобнее ))
Allgemein (04.08.16 - 07:46)
Кидалово! Только пару дней назад скидывали цену до 229 р. и говорили, что окончательная скидка в честь запуска. Купил. А сегодня снова скинули аж до 75 р.! Козлы!

Налетай народ. Это лучший файловый менеджер в AppStore в принципе. Пользовался первой версией - никакие Documents 5 и прочие и рядом не валялись. А за 75 р., это просто подарок.
(15.08.16 - 06:48)
А чем он лучше documents 5?
Allgemein (04.08.16 - 00:46)
Jetzt für 99 Cent zu haben. Da kann man doch mal beherzt zugreifen. ��
(04.08.16 - 01:20)
Wohl wahr ✌️
(04.08.16 - 01:22)
(04.08.16 - 10:17)
Danke für den Tipp.
Endlich eine App, die auch mit PW-geschützten Zip-Dateien klar kommt. Aber ich bekomme die iCloud-Anbindung nicht hin. Da war gleich ein Ordner, der so hieß. Der ist aber nicht verbunden. Und ganze Ordnerstruktur wäre fein. Mache ich was nicht richtig?
(04.08.16 - 12:47)
Na dann.
Ich vertraue dir jetzt mal blind ��
(04.08.16 - 15:36)
Allgemein (19.07.16 - 01:04)
Also ich finde diese App wirklich gut. Nutze sie, um Dateien in meinen Clouds zu verwalten und vor allem, um größere Datenmengen runterzuladen. Bisher gab es zumindest damit nie ein Problem. Läuft rund und ohne Abstürze.
Allgemein (13.07.16 - 08:14)
First time I ever ask for a refund for an app. I bought it because it support SMB but, most of the times I get error code and I know maybe the developer will fix it in future updates, but what updates can I expect when I tried to contact the developer over Twitter and never got any response and this app took almost one year in development so I assume the developer won't take much time to update it. It's a shame, the first version I liked it very very much but this new one doesn't live up to the competition. The interface looks cheap and there's other apps with more features and better interface and the icon it's awful! Also there's a bug that makes you bypass password protected folders.
Po' Southern Rube
Allgemein (13.07.16 - 03:23)
What a bummer! I bought the original iFiles, and I admit it was good; however, the developer wants me to shell out $4.99 for iFiles2 just to get SMB support. Forget it Tom Biel - especially if you won't give those of us that bought the original a price break!
I sent numerous emails to this developer only never to get a reply. Honestly, I never heard a word, and now you want me to give you another $4.99?
Trust me and go with FileBrowser. You WILL get customer support and updates from Stratospherix!
(16.07.16 - 13:20)
@Po' Southern Rube:
(24.07.16 - 12:02)
@Po' Southern Rube:
iFiles 1 already has SMB support. So why would anyone buy new version?
(01.10.16 - 00:03)
@Po' Southern Rube:
Yes FileBrowser is great. I have the for business version. Great software fantastic and I mean fantastic support!!
Allgemein (12.07.16 - 10:46)
Finally!! A year after its announcement the app its finally released. I know there's plenty of file mangers in the AppStore but the first version was too good and I got used to its interface and features. Now this second version support SMB and that's the main reason I'm buying it.
(16.07.16 - 13:21)
Aber nochmal 4,99€ für den geringen Mehrwert empfinde ich dann doch mehr als fraglich.
(16.07.16 - 21:01)
Yes me too, that's why I ask for a refund. I had high expectations for this app but sadly didn't met them
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5,49 €

für iPhone + für iPad


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Version: 2.0.1
Jul 12
Version: 2.0.0

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- Drag and Drop support
- Dropbox date modified fix

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
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Rubrik: Produktivität
Version: 2.2.1
Größe: 81 MB
FSK: 17+
Gesamtbewertung: 2,5
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