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Bleibe über FaceTime mit Familienmitgliedern und Freunden auf der ganzen Welt verbunden. Mach Audio- und Videoanrufe von deinem iPhone, iPad und iPod touch auf andere iOS Geräte – oder nutze sogar einen Mac.


• Erreiche Kontakte mit ihrer Telefonnummer oder Apple ID.

• Mach sowohl Video- als auch Audioanrufe.

• Verwende die FaceTime Kamera auf der Vorderseite, um dein Gesicht zu zeigen, oder wechsle zur Kamera auf der Rückseite,
um deinen Freunden zu zeigen, was du siehst.

• Mach ein Live Photo eines besonderen Moments während eines FaceTime Anrufs – mit nur einem Fingertipp.

• Funktioniert via WLAN (iPhone 4 oder neuer) und Mobilfunk (iPhone 4s oder neuer).

• FaceTime Anrufe sind in die Anrufliste der Telefon App integriert.

• Erstelle Favoriten, damit du in der Telefon App schnell auf wichtige Kontakte zugreifen kannst.

OS >= 10.0


Fariss Chigiev
Allgemein (20.06.16 - 17:50)
Because you have this is Apps on your device.That's why you can't download it because you don't need it.
💫 Maaz 💫 +19094173050
Allgemein (20.06.16 - 12:44)
I can't download it
(20.06.16 - 14:19)
@�� Maaz ��:
Because this app made for coming soon iOS 10. You can read it in description.
HandrEn Ismail
(18.07.16 - 02:13)
@�� Maaz ��:
Allgemein (18.06.16 - 19:21)
Must Have
Allgemein (18.06.16 - 15:54)
(18.06.16 - 18:56)
Почему хохол, как и гей, на каждом углу кричит что он хохол? Морально опущенная недонация?
(18.06.16 - 19:43)
(20.06.16 - 10:21)
Ok if you complain about gay showing of about being gay I agree.
What ever they are is their problem not mine so don't put it in my face!!

And now I'll ask you a question:
Why Russian speaking people always complain about no Russian language in the games or other Apps? What happen you guys can't learn English? There are about 8,000 languages in the world but only the Russians complain here on AppZapp!!! I've never seen any other language complaints only Russian explain why please.
(20.06.16 - 11:11)
I hear you bro but be careful a buddy of my starting asking them the same questions and they're so psycho about there shit sounding language(not all Russians butt u know who u are) they actually bounded together and got him kicked off. 5 yrs ago u never saw those stupid symbols on appzapp but gawd forbid they conform to what's easiest for everybody cuzz they're so arrogant they don't give a fuck. Everything was mother English till they showed up and they're one of the reasons appzapp community sucks now. My buddy that got kicked off was allowed back after the real English speaking original appzapp users banned together and wrote a letter to creator of app. Needless to say u can't tell em anything so I merely fuck with em occasionally and do best to tolerate em. If u wann piss em off change ur avatar to one of there's identical besides few colors and name ur self Supmn like top gun bitches or migs suck and watch em flip out. I won't be surprised if I'm kicked off appzapp after this but it would be worth knowing I let u know ur not alone. Gawd speed bro n happy music making. Peace 1luv IceMan out
(20.06.16 - 15:10)
@Eighty3's Crew 541 to 503 :
Yes I know exactly who you are talking about he is still talking to me every so often on Telegram App but ( the last time we talked he asked me if I know how to get Movie Box on Android which I don't think it was possible back then only for iPhone and jail broken even so now I found ways to install everything without a jailbreak including all the movie Apps that make Netflix a joke but any way back to the subject, I wrote my Russian question nicely he didn't he was really mean about it and they still blocked us probably a Russian person complained.
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für iPhone + für iPad


Mobile Tag

Diese App mit einem QR-Reader einfach auf Deinem iPhone in iTunes öffnen.

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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Apple
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