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Willed Calendar is a innovative and useful app for managing your time and tasks.
If you want to improve the efficiency of time, if you feel troublesome to keep track of time, please let the Willed Calendar help you.
◆create one day's schedule within 30 seconds.
The use of the calendar clock feature, you can quickly add the event in calendar.Tap any activity icon to create a 30 minute event,you can create one day's schedule within 30 seconds.
You can save a day's schedule to the Event Plan.By this feature,with a simply tap, you can create one day's schedule quickly.You can also share the schedule to your friends.
By time chart features,time trend analysis, 24 hours time distribution analysis,you can see where the time goes,get clear in your habits, master your efficiency peak time.Time tracking will be not longer a burden, but an inviting enjoyment.
◆The digital management of the task schedule
If your tasks are complex, if you need to have a clear mind of the tasks progress, please let the Willed Calendar help you.
Willed Calendar not only support the GTD methods, but also can make the complex task plan with a simple operation by the Task Plan feature.
In the Task Plan, you can not only create repetitive tasks, but also can set the numerical target.By comparing the plan and actual schedule, you can see a clear task progress.If the plan changes, the Task Plan can automatically adjust all the task time in your project.
Willed Calendar will emancipate you from the hard work of time and task management.
[Main features]
◆ The clock to show schedule
- Check the schedule by the innovative and beautiful clock which can be showed in the app and the notification center.
- Calculate your strength and energy and displayed them by graph.
◆ Create a schedule that fast
- Create the calendar events quickly by default activities without keyboard or date picker.
- Create a day's schedule quickly by the Event Plan.
- Support the automatic adjustment of the schedule time.
◆ The to-do list
- Support manage to-do list by gesture.
- Support task timing.
- Support task plan and project.
- Support the Gantt chart.
◆ The Event Plan
- Support saving calendar events to the Event Plan as a template.
- Support save events in the Event Plan to calendar.
- Support the sharing the Event Plan to your friends.
- Support comparison between support plan and actual schedule.
◆ The Task Plan
- Support the planned progress and actual progress.
- Support for automatically creating repeated tasks.
- Support the numerical task target for the progress of indicators.
- Support automatic adjustment of overdue tasks time.
- Support the Gantt chart and trend chart.
- Supports adding the planned tasks to the to-do list.
◆ Chart
- Support activity time trend chart.
- Support activity time distribution chart.
- Support task count chart.
- Support many kinds of gantt chart.
[Handy Features]
- Support the custom theme,including more than 20 kinds of color rich style of themes.
- Use iOS built-in calendar and reminder.
- Support iCloud backup.
- The guide animation.
[customer support].
◆ If you have any suggestions for some new features to be added to Will Calendar, our team welcomes your valuable feedback.
- Twitter @willedcalendar
◆ We will continue to support and provide more features.

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (26.06.17 - 20:28)
Минусы при первом знакомстве с приложением:
1. Не работает погода в Москве.
2. Зафиксированный на отметке 12 циферблат с расписанием - если бы он изменялся вместе со временем, то было бы нагляднее.
3. Стартовая инструкция кое-где нечитабельна - текст белого цвета на белом фоне приложения
Allgemein (25.06.17 - 00:26)
An interesting look and cheap but, have other calendars and todos that have great looks and are beyond highly functional. I say if you haven't found the perfekt solution yet, why turn down a free try if made available :)
Allgemein (19.03.17 - 16:55)
Very nice. I will be using this.
Allgemein (19.03.17 - 13:53)
Pas traduis ! App en Anglais et Chinois...c'est tout...
Les Français et Allemands, Russes, Italiens, Espagnols Etc on n'existe pas !?
Pas de traduction pour nous —> Merci c'est très gentil !! ��

Allgemein (02.12.16 - 23:19)
an excellent app that has captured me with its look and feel...
(19.03.17 - 16:56)
Same here.
(19.03.17 - 17:25)
Sigh. ��
Allgemein (02.12.16 - 15:17)
Free now!
Allgemein (08.10.16 - 18:37)
The UI looks cute.
Allgemein (08.10.16 - 14:24)
Willed Calendar for iPad released, iPhone version free now.
Allgemein (01.09.16 - 11:52)
Now, $4.99↘$2.99
Allgemein (26.08.16 - 13:38)
another for test...
(26.08.16 - 13:52)
I hope you like it.
Allgemein (26.08.16 - 05:13)
Free now!
Allgemein (24.08.16 - 11:52)
Recording time so fast.
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