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Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
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Lock your passwords, credit cards and bank account numbers behind military-grade encryption and carry them with you wherever you go by installing the most sophisticated and easy to-use password manager app on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Stay safe, stay strong, stay smart with the universal iOS app, eWallet®.

Your digital life is at risk if you aren’t using secure passwords, but you needn’t worry about carrying sensitive information around in your pocket any more thanks to eWallet.

This robust security app provides password storage on-the-go, so you can still log in to your bank account, store your credit card and PIN numbers, and lock your online life away while still having full and free access whenever you want it.

With full iCloud or Dropbox backup of your secure “wallets” and the option to seamlessly sync data between devices and computers, eWallet is as convenient as it is strong. Check out its powerhouse features below, and find out more at

* 256-bit military-grade AES encryption
* Touch ID and Face ID support for secure yet convenient access on compatible devices
* Optimized for large and high resolution screens
* Support multitasking (Slide Over and Split View) on iPad (iOS 9+)
* Backup your data to iCloud or Dropbox
* Sync your data seamlessly via cloud or Wi-Fi with eWallet’s PC and Mac apps (purchased separately)
* Random password generator to keep your login details safe and secure
* Store bank account, insurance and personal details. Keep all your info close at hand, and secure
* Auto-locking feature
* Create and sync multiple wallets between computers and devices
* Customize your wallets with great-looking cards, backgrounds and categories
* AutoPass automatic password entering through built-in browser control

Ilium Software has over 20 years of mobile security software experience and is trusted by more than half a million users around the world to deliver the most comprehensive, user-friendly solution to personal data security. Don’t risk being without eWallet.

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (05.01.17 - 04:45)
9,99€ ������ why not 6,66 ������
Okay for 0,99-1,99€, but not more!
Allgemein (07.12.16 - 23:44)
The year is 2035. Apple has just released its latest iPhone 25 edition. Everyone is using biometric and other forms of advanced encryption and password protection mechanisms. But there are still old-school companies such as the developers of eWallet who are resilient to any changes and are still offering inane "apps" without any discounts ;)

Agent Smith
(08.12.16 - 00:14)
What if Apple cannot make it to even the 10th iPhone with their this downhill ongoing?
Allgemein (03.01.16 - 22:26)
درسته نرم افزاره گرونيه
ولي نسبت به نرم افزارهايي كه مثل اين ساخته شدن خيلي امكاناتش بيشتر و بهتره
Allgemein (03.01.16 - 13:50)
Самая жадная чмошная Еврейская контора! Ни разу не делали ни малейшей скидки((( Джейл вам в кошмарных снах!
Allgemein (17.02.15 - 08:07)
Наконец-то добавили открытие кошелька через TouchID. Класс!
Madein Peru Chef
(17.02.15 - 10:24)
Professor Snape
Allgemein (24.11.14 - 10:07)
$1 off?
Go F*** yourself Illium Software.
(08.12.16 - 00:52)
@Professor Snape:
double fuck themselves!!!
Allgemein (24.11.14 - 01:53)
dropbox sync was added to the latest version so cross device sync finally works !
Allgemein (09.04.14 - 03:18)
no Dropbox support you have to rely on clumsy wifi sync across devices.
(31.10.14 - 19:07)
That sounds like a pro to me, not a con. Dropbox gets hacked just like anything else, at least your home wifi can be controlled by you. It's important to me when handling my sensitive info, that's kind of the point of these apps. However i have not found an app that I truly find secure to perform this function. In the past year adobe creative cloud was hacked, iCloud (duh), Dropbox, amazon, gmail, just to name a few cloud services that I know explicitly were hacked. Or in adobes case not so much hacked but just 'read', all the passwords and usernames were left in plaintext unprotected on the interwebs for any old hacker or reader to go crazy with. I unfortunately was effected by the gmail (rather google drive) and Dropbox issues. And this is what my passwords look like 'spvfR9.2jjB$ZdEF%m"ZwhF4WCtxw81jYYs4W6XK+' no joke that's an old password i have not used in a couple years.
So yeah i don't personally think the cloud is not the way to go with password storage.
(31.10.14 - 21:47)
Your method of saving everything locally has a single major flaw:
1) no redundancy / data is lost completely if main PC/Mac is damaged, or in cases of floods, fires, theft

Therefore, a single point of storage in itself is a big thread to data loss due to reasons mentioned above.

Also, let's not forget this app is designed with proprietary tech, and we don't know for sure the flaws that are present within the software. What if the dev decides to abandon its current app for whatever reason? that happened dozen of times to me in the past, and I have since chosen to put my trust into open-source apps for such tasks.
Research "Keepass" format. It has open-source clients for almost all major platforms, including OS X and iOS.
(24.11.14 - 01:41)
dropbox sync was added to the latest version so cross device sync finally works !
(24.11.14 - 01:50)
True. though eWallet has been around since the palm pilot days ~ 1998 and the data format from then has moved with me from the old palm pilot, to windows mobile, blackberry, pc, mac .. etc to the iPhone/iPad today .. almost 20 years later the company is still supporting the latest platforms..

but true after all this time there's always a chance they call it quits, but that's tech you can never tell
(24.11.14 - 01:52)
there's plus and minuses to the cloud.. the biggest issue to wifi sync was the reliance on the pc as the central sync point ie. You couldn't sync across your iOS devices without the pc.. so if your out and about that was a huge downside
Allgemein (28.08.12 - 22:04)
Perfect combination with the mac version. Use this manager when you want more than one library.
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10,99 €

für iPhone + für iPad


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* Fixed refresh issue with the password screen
* Fixed an issue where search's cancel button didn't always display properly

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Rubrik: Produktivität
Version: 8.3.7
Größe: 23 MB
FSK: 17+
Gesamtbewertung: 4,5
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

Mehr von: Ilium Software, Inc.


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