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  • Sentinel 2: Earth Defense

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***** Sentinel 4: Dark Star is now available! Get the series' latest epic installment here on the App Store! *****

It's war, and this time it's too close to home. The Martian mission may be over, but the aliens haven't finished playing space invaders yet.

Extraterrestrial eyes have turned to a new target: they want Earth, and you're the one that has to say 'no'!
Welcome to the future of TD.

Sentinel 2: Earth Defense expands upon the acclaimed gameplay of Sentinel: Mars Defense. The action takes place across varied, lushly rendered Earth environments, and the alien assault force has grown more vicious than ever. Luckily, human turret technology has also advanced, and the ship weapons system provides a spectacular new way to eradicate invaders!


• Unleash the Sentinel's incredible ship weapons system - if you've got the power to do so...
• Deploy mobile attack drones to harass the enemy and augment static defenses.
• Construct boosters to buff your offense, and upgrade to top-tier towers for devastating special moves!
• Pit yourself against previously unseen members of the star spawned horde.
• Mission mode provides quick tactical challenges. Beat a scenario to earn achievements!
• High score leaderboards and achievements using GameCenter
• Exclusive new music written by Specimen A
• OS3.0 iPod Music Player (OS3.0 or higher required)

• IAP for more custom maps!


• Specialised structures and units provide unique tactical gameplay.
• Use the landscape and destructible defenses to maximize the effectiveness of your weapons.
• Resource harvesting and interest system adds a new dimension of risk and reward.
• Assault mode provides hours of play; endurance mode is an endless challenge.
• Visually stunning environments, towers and enemies with fluid zooming and scrolling.

"A combination of fantastic graphics and multi-layered complex gameplay make Sentinel 2 the best tower defense game on the App Store." - EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD
"one of the highest quality games you’ll find on the App Store"
"If you're into tower defense games, both Sentinel and Sentinel 2 are games you should already own." - SILVER AWARD
"great value", "a fun, immensely playable game"

** Sentinel: Mars Defense features in Apple's App Store Turns 1 top games list!

** Dominate the universe with Space Station: Frontier! **

** Take the fight to the enemy in Sentinel 3: Homeworld! **

** Look out for Sentinel 4: Dark Star **

OS >= 4.3


Allgemein (05.08.14 - 16:25)
Allgemein (04.11.12 - 05:45)
Так как давно прошел Sentinel 3: Homeworld одну из лучших игр в жанре Tower Defense, то решил установить и вторую часть, тем более по акции ее отдают бесплатно :) все тот же ураганный геймплей и красивая графика, единственный минус очень мало карт, а остальные нужно покупать отдельно. Но все равно ставлю разработчикам 5 баллов и надеюсь на продолжение франчайза.
Allgemein (22.10.11 - 02:48)
The Sentinel series is one of the leaders in TD games. Sentinel 2 is my favorite so far in the a field off three great games.
Allgemein (13.10.11 - 09:25)
С такой тематикой игрушек много, бывают лучше или хуже - кому как нравится, но мне лично эта кажется совсем неплохой за бесплатно то!
Allgemein (12.10.11 - 23:23)
Very challenging (even on normal) but a good experience.
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Was ist Neu in dieser Version

- GameCenter added for leaderboards & achievements. This replaces OpenFeint (removed due to the service stopping)

- iOS 6 compatibility

- We hope you enjoy the Sentinel series as much as we enjoy making them. If you haven't already, check out Sentinel 3: Homeworld and coming in 2013 - Sentinel 4: Dark Star!

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Version: 2.0.0
Größe: 10 MB
FSK: 9+
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