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Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren

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LastPass ist ein preisgekrönter Passwortmanager, der Ihre Passwörter speichert und Ihnen sicheren Zugriff dazu von jedem Computer und mobilen Gerät gibt. Mit LastPass müssen Sie sich nur ein Passwort merken - Ihr LastPass Masterpasswort. LastPass füllt Ihre Anmeldungen für Sie aus und synchronisiert Ihre Passwörter überall, wo Sie sie brauchen.


Synchronisieren Sie alle Passwörter und Anmeldungen zwischen all Ihren Computern und Geräten
Speichern Sie Nutzernamen und Passwörter für alle Ihre Onlinekonten und füllen Sie sie automatisch aus.
Verwenden Sie die Kreditkarten und Shopping Profile, um das Onlineerlebnis zu verbessern
Erstellen Sie sichere Notizen, um Ihre Mitgliedschaften, Kreditkarten und andere sensible Daten zu speichern.
Suchen Sie nach Nutzernamen und Seiten in Ihrem Tresor
Seiten in Ordnern organisieren
Aktivieren Sie die mehrstufige Anmeldung und PIN Abfragen, um Ihr Konto abzusichern
Teilen Sie Anmeldedaten mit Freunden und Familie
Offline-Zugriff auf ihre Daten über die Browsererweiterung und Apps
LastPass hat Ihren Schlüssel nicht - nur SIE können auf Ihre Daten zugreifen

Unbegrenzter mobiler Zugriff von allen Smartphones und Tablets
Freigegebener Familienordner, um einen Ordner mit Anmledungen und Notizen mit Freunden und Familie zu teilen.
Zusätzliche mehrstufige Authentifizierungsoptionen
Offline-Zugriff auf ihre Daten über die mobilen Apps (Sie müssen sich mindestens einmal anmelden, um Ihre Daten zu sichern)
Kürzlich integrierte LastPass Safari Erweiterung
LastPass und TouchID verwenden, um Anmeldungen im Internet auszufüllen

Vorteile der Verwendung eines Passwortmanagers:

Vergessen Sie nie ein anderes Passwort
Erstellen Sie starke Passwörter, an die Sie sich nicht erinnern müssen
Passwörter werden automatisch eingetragen, wenn Sie Ihre Webseiten besuchen - weniger Tipparbeit!
Teilen Sie Passwörter sicher mit Freunden und Familie
Machen Sie sich nur noch Gedanken um ein Masterpasswort

OS >= 10.0


Allgemein (22.01.16 - 09:45)
From a security point of view, there always is the question how safe it is to store your passwords on someone else's server and if you can really trust the company's assurances that they couldn't get to the data even if they wanted to. So, if you're paranoid about that, or your laws don't allow using Lastpass, create your own infrastructure with Keepass.

I myself have been using Laspass Premium for over a year now, and really wouldn't want to miss it. I have over a hundred passwords of which at least 20 I have to regularly enter. Finally I can afford to choose different passwords as Lastpass is doing the entering for me, or at least reminding me of it.

It would be great if I could use Lastpass with Safari but I guess that's not just up to Lastpass.
Allgemein (12.08.15 - 22:11)
Lastpass for mobile devices becomes FREE!
August 12, 2015 at 2:57 pm

We’re excited to announce that new users can get started with LastPass for free, on any device, including mobile devices! You can then upgrade to LastPass Premium to enjoy unlimited sync across all your devices.
Now, if you get started with LastPass on your Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone, you’ll have completely free access from your smartphone, and can even sync across smartphones for free. The same is true for tablets, if that’s where you get started.
We want to ensure that LastPass is accessible for all users, including mobile-only users who need help managing their passwords and apps. Wherever you get started, you can use LastPass on that device, and any others of the same device type – desktops, smartphones, or tablets – for free!
For the convenience and peace of mind of unlimited sync, you can then sign up for Premium and access your passwords on any device, at any time, including all desktops, smartphones, and tablets.
Current free and Premium users can continue using LastPass without any changes, while new LastPass users can choose where they want to get started for free. If you’ve just signed up for LastPass from your smartphone or tablet, and therefore started a Premium trial of the app, the trial will be cancelled and you’ll be able to continue with a free account on that device and any other device of the same type.

Allgemein (15.06.15 - 23:35)
June 15, 2015:
We want to notify our community that on Friday, our team discovered and blocked suspicious activity on our network. In our investigation, we have found no evidence that encrypted user vault data was taken, nor that LastPass user accounts were accessed. The investigation has shown, however, that LastPass account email addresses, password reminders, server per user salts, and authentication hashes were compromised.

We are confident that our encryption measures are sufficient to protect the vast majority of users. LastPass strengthens the authentication hash with a random salt and 100,000 rounds of server-side PBKDF2-SHA256, in addition to the rounds performed client-side. This additional strengthening makes it difficult to attack the stolen hashes with any significant speed.

Nonetheless, we are taking additional measures to ensure that your data remains secure. We are requiring that all users who are logging in from a new device or IP address first verify their account by email, unless you have multifactor authentication enabled. As an added precaution, we will also be prompting users to update their master password.

An email is also being sent to all users regarding this security incident.
If you have a weak master password or if you have reused your master password on any other website, please update it immediately. Then replace the passwords on those other websites.

We apologize for the extra steps of verifying your account and updating your master password, but ultimately believe this will provide you better protection. Thank you for your understanding and support.

CEO Joe Siegrist
& the LastPass Team
(15.06.15 - 23:40)
This is not the first time Lastpass has a so-called security breach on its networks. This last breach made me realize how insecure my passwords are, if remained on the hands of Lastpass Co.

I am quickly removing all of my data from their servers and finally delete my account with them once and for all. In fact, I may pull of my data from the cloud to offline as well..

I've been their premium member since 2006, but I no longer want to trust them a single bit of my data.
FCUK #Lastpass and their stupid security system! They killed my hope and interest into such services!

(16.06.15 - 12:40)
»We want to notify our community that on FRIDAY…«

That was June 12, for goodness sake!
How many days do they need to inform their users about probably loss of email addresses and to better change their master passwords?!
(16.06.15 - 14:29)
They claim the hackers didn't obtain the encrypted vaults, where the users' password are stored, just the hashes of the vaults. But can we trust this claim?

(16.06.15 - 14:32)
Instruction on how to export your passwords and import them into Keepass:
(16.06.15 - 15:19)
I usually tend to trust them. But a developer who needs four❕days until he forces himself to inform his customers in such a sensitive and safety-relevant domain gambles away a lot of confidence.

Well, I don't use LastPass anyway, but at least it could affect everyone and every key storing App. So it's a good idea to have an eye on how developers deal with similar situations.
Allgemein (29.01.14 - 01:59)
Ненужная программа. В основном для защиты неких секретных данных. Придуманная уловка. Есть аппаратура, которая считает не только все засекреечные пароли за несколько минут, но и всю информацию на планшетом компьютере. Такие программы для незнающих лиц. Они думают, что их информация очень нужная и секретная. Но по сути она никому не нужна. За исключением тех лиц, которые нарушают закон. Все пароли и облачные системы хранятся на информационных носителях.
Krishna Agarwal
Allgemein (24.09.13 - 10:14)
Those who have complain about inbuilt browser with this app, please check out iCab browser. They have recently integrated lastpass and it works well.
Krishna Agarwal
Allgemein (27.07.13 - 04:56)
This app may not be perfect but lastpass as a whole is perfect. They support almost all browser and operating system. I am a premium customer and got to try the windows lastpass which is amazing. apart from website, you can also automatically fill the password for windows application. What else you want and it is just a buck for one month. Highly recommended!
Allgemein (31.03.13 - 12:17)
Lastpass is a fantastic service for organizing your passwords and making them more secure. You only have to remember your lastpass password, and it can generate long strings of random characters for your other passwords that are safely and securely stored. As mentioned below, this app is only worth it if you have the premium subscription. I love lastpass... I hate the app for iOS. It's butt-ugly and the interface makes no sense. Did you know there's a built-in browser where if you're signed in, lastpass can log you in automatically? A great feature right, especially with all the sandboxing apple requires that really restrict how apps can interact with each other (on the computer, as a browser add-on, it works great with any browser). So where would you find this special lastpass browser? Under "preferences". Huh? And where's the options to generate a new password for a site? Under "preferences"!! Seriously it's like the developers were smoking something when they organized it. Or they just threw darts at a wall. This app should win an award for the best functionality in the worst possible package ever.
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
Allgemein (17.09.11 - 21:32)
[continued from below]

Anyway. Give both browsers a shot, you may end up switching as they're both far superior in options/functionality than Safari.

I use both LastPass and XMarks (free versions) and have long considered paying, but then I realized their bookmarklet they provide to autofill does exactly that, even in mobile Safari. If I can use a simple bookmarklet that likely will work in my iOS browser of choice, $20 seems a little much, probably because I am not the richest guy in the world and like a lot of people these days can't just drop $20 here, $15 there, $25 for this service... Which is easy to do considering all the subscription content on the Internet today (Netflix, Hulu Plus, Spotify, etc). For $20 I could score me some rock to smoke instead! (Just kidding.)

If you've got an extra $20 burning a hole in your pocket, then I would definitely recommend getting a premium subscription. There ARE other features available only to paid accounts, but most of those I likely would never use anyway. Their site shows a good showcase of the suite of products, a comparison table showing free vs. premium feature sets, and a very in-depth and helpful manual/help section. Both fantastic products. Is it worth $12-$20 to you to upgrade? That's up to you to decide for yourself.
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
Allgemein (17.09.11 - 21:06)
hawry was correct, don't even bother downloading this app unless you already have purchased a premium subscription.

you will be prompted immediately with a login screen, and using even an existing free account's credentials it'll just tell you it's only for premium subscribers. A year's subscription is $12.

Those who are familiar, you already know the service "XMarks". It was a great service, but went under due to financial issues.

Lastpass ended up purchasing and taking over XMarks, saving it; but now both programs work under the "freemium model" — free services with some limitations, and premium versions that give the paid versions full functionality and a few extra goodies. Among those are the iOS apps (as well as other mobile platforms).

You can purchase a year subscription for each product individually for $12, or both products together as a package for $20.

Now, from what I understand, these mobile apps, once you login, basically force you to use the embedded browser for it to function. I'm sure it's just a slimmed safari control, but there are other, better browsers that I mostly use, like Dolphin Browser and a "found/tried it by chance" awesome browser called simply "OneBrowser". Great products, both. Both free still I'm quite sure.
Allgemein (12.09.11 - 03:43)
It needs a little work but it's the best solution available for mobile devices. Please note that you do need to have a premium lastpass account to use this.
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für iPhone + für iPad


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We’ve been working hard to improve the LastPass app on iOS! This release includes support for global never URLs, as well as minor improvements to error logging, drag and drop, and a few other minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

Keep the feedback coming! You can contact us through the Settings page in the app, by selecting Help and Support.

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