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Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren

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Für den Heim-E-Mail-Einsatz und ältere Geräte. Weitere Benachrichtigungen und erweiterte Funktionen finden Sie in unserer anderen neuen "AltaMail" -App.

Inbox Zero!
√ Die neue/nicht gelesene E-Mail-Aufzählung antippen, um umgehend alle neuen/nicht gelesenen E-Mails in den gesamten E-Mailkonten zu überblicken.
√ Schnell E-Mails durchziehen, für die Beantwortung anhand einer Vorlage, für das Ordnen des E-Mails in die Ordner „Smart Folders", für die normale Beantwortung, sowie für die Mail-Einstellung Erinnerung und für vieles mehr.
√ Erstellen von Regeln für die automatische Ablage oder Beantwortung und demzufolge für die automatische Reduzierung an E-Mails in der Mailbox.

√ Schnelles und einfaches Gestalten von Serienbrief-Vorlagen
√ Aussenden von individualisierten E-Mails an Kontaktgruppen oder Kundenkreisen
√ Verwendung von Vorlagen für die automatische Beantwortung

OS >= 5.1.1


Allgemein (01.04.16 - 14:40)
So far my favorite email application. Nice ui and customization with beuatifull colors and themes and not that ugly white native apple mail.Recommended
Allgemein (07.01.16 - 02:10)
I don't agree with earlier negative comments.

I started using AltaMail after problems in the initial iOS9 release's native email client caused my sent emails to be trashed irrecoverably, something verified by innumerable forum postings from iOS device users worldwide. Previously, I had been happy with the native iOS offering and I expected to use AltaMail only as a stop-gap until the iOS problems were fixed. However, the further I delved into AltaMail's options the more I discovered worthwhile features that were not available in Apple's email app which make AltaMail so much more useful and productive. They are too numerous to mention here and I would caution purchasers of this app (or users of the free trial version) to be prepared to spend some time checking out settings and experimenting with options. Such time will be well spent. There were momentary frustrations when I misunderstood things, but my queries to the developers were answered as promptly as they claim in the app's description.

I recommend this app to anyone who wants much more power than is offered by the iOS email client and who understands that some effort will be required on their part setting everything up to their satisfaction.
Allgemein (23.02.14 - 00:46)
No es gratis. Tiene IAP: reclama el pago de 4,49 € para poder utilizar más de una cuenta de correo.
Ni me molesto en instalarlo, para eso sigo utilizando la App de Mail.
(29.11.17 - 00:18)
Allgemein (20.02.14 - 23:07)
Купил встроенную функцию и понял, что программа не отвечает профессиональным и элементарным техническим стандартам. После того как аккаунт (email) настроен, программа показывает, что все ales gut. Через пять минут выдает ошибки. Похоже из покупателей данного программного мусора сделали подопытных кроликов. При этом была доплачена встроенная покупка. Но это никак не помешало исчезновению наличия грубых множественных дефектов в программе. Данная программа не стоит того, чтобы ее приобретать. Проверено на опыте. Возможно студенты, ее разработавшие лет через 10 смогут найти силы и знание ее усовершенствовать.
Allgemein (17.02.14 - 20:47)
А чем оно отличается от встроенного клиента ipad?
Allgemein (08.02.14 - 19:36)
Не пойму, зачем все эти почтовые приложения. Стандартной программы не хватает, что ль?..
Allgemein (08.02.14 - 18:52)
Хотите увидеть старые письма - купите про за 169р. Спасибо, удаляю.
Allgemein (08.02.14 - 15:51)
Отличная программа. Полезная, многофункциональная. Удобная в использовании. Достойное приложение.
Allgemein (08.02.14 - 08:25)
Kein "Deal" und keine Free-Version!!! Nur eine Testversion die per InApp freigeschalten werden kann... Sowas sollte rausgefiltert werden.
Alex Surkov
Allgemein (07.02.14 - 17:12)
Хлам, проходим мимо
Allgemein (07.02.14 - 07:07)
Not good, you must pay to' view more than the last three emails! Suddenly deleted!
Professor Snape
Allgemein (01.09.13 - 06:54)
Damn, down to .99!!!
They can't GIVE this shit away for free, can they? LOL
Victor Frankenstein
(27.11.15 - 13:00)
@Professor Snape:
Allgemein (30.08.13 - 13:09)
Скачал. Возможность добавления любого вида почты,процесс добавления очень комфортный. Возможность создания папок в каждом ящике. Колоссальное количество опций для работы с почтой. Но это же и минус,наварочено так,что разбраться как все работает очень сложно. Качество русской локализации в этом не помогает,перевод очень некачественный. Очень не понравился дизайн приложения,он ужасен. Названия почтовых ящиков не помещаются в левой части экрана,а в режиме настройки видна вообще только первая буква каждого ящика. Расположения кнопок не очевидны. Дизайн правой части,там где непосредственно письма,очень смахивает на Windows 98, Вообще видно,что разработчики большую часть своей жизни делали приложения под windows и решили освоить новую нишу :))) Не думаю,что буду пользоваться данным приложением
(30.08.13 - 23:13)
Да,все-таки удалил. Не смог пользоваться
Allgemein (29.08.13 - 22:45)
I just bought it for 0.89€. It looks full of interesting features (converting a mail to PDF is not something many apps do, and it can be useful sometimes). But I'm confused. Why do I need to create an account to set up notifications?
Professor Snape
(31.08.13 - 06:08)
Since Apple will not allow the app to "dial out" to do it's pop3/SMTP stuff on it's own when the app is closed like a traditional desktop application. They circumvented the problem with a server-based, off-device notification tool returning as a "notification".
Clumsy at best. In short, Apple is to blame for this b.s. just to give the devil his due.
I have this app and do not like it solely because of it's poor architecture and lousy interface that looks like it was created in a bar fight. If you have more than 3 accounts, it's about as organized as a box of cereal with few options for display.
(31.08.13 - 09:09)
@Dick Nixon:
Thanks, I suspected something like that. I would have been happy with the normal notification system, but OK.

At first sight I would agree that the interface is rather messy. But I am interested in two of the functionalities: converting an e-mail to PDF and setting up notifications depending on the time of day. I'd love to get notifications for my work mail only when I'm at work, and notifications for my personal mail the rest of the time.

So I will keep trying it for a while and see if I like it.
Professor Snape
(01.09.13 - 06:46)
It DOES do something I like.
** You can configure "delayed" email with this app. Set a time for it to be sent out. THAT is cool. Outlook used to do that. Apple Mail fails to do that (among many things).
** It is also possible to view message headers quite easily - without jumping through hoops in - YES, you guessed it, Apple Mail.
I swear to God, the Apple team that developed Mail is the "Apple Dumpling Gang" of coding. NO pun intended! LOL
(Who gets this reference?) LOL
My usage of AltaMail reminds me of a bad relationship I had with someone once. On again, off again... but the sex was good.
(01.09.13 - 08:18)
@Dick Nixon:
Yes, I'm getting more and more annoyed with Apple's Mail. But I'm a bit reluctant to use Altamail. It won't mess with my messages on the server, right?
Professor Snape
(07.02.14 - 21:38)
It should not. I can tell you that it has an internal storage area to which you can store files and email to it's cloud storage area. Good for file retrieval between devices, but for some odd reason, there are about 9 or ten emails it won't allow me to delete from cloud storage! I will delete them (for extra iCloud storage capability) and 10 seconds later, the pop back up again! And they are old mail templates I made not stored on any server. BIG storage and memory bugs!
Plus, the UI Configuration is about as organized as a box of cereal.
Krishna Agarwal
Allgemein (29.08.13 - 14:08)
This email client is functionally very rich but I dint like the UI. Having too many features in a app has its own downside. I will continue using mailbox but those who uses multiple email services, will find this app useful
Professor Snape
Allgemein (10.07.13 - 22:12)
How is $4.99 50% of $6.99??
They can't divide, I hope they can write code.
(14.07.13 - 22:21)
Apparently they can code just fine – but they do suck at basic arithmetic tasks! :-)
Allgemein (15.03.12 - 02:53)
Is it the only application to manage all 20 my email accounts?
(26.03.13 - 07:56)
I've never seen another as intuitive as this!!! This also has a "partner app" for Mac (I'm not sure if other PC-types have an app equal to it?) that is amazing! It allows you to set up notifications for certain types of emails you may be looking for or expecting that day/every day, and it the partner app allows you to set up when you DON'T want to receive these notifications; i.e., you're in a meeting and don't want notifications until it's over. That app allows you to set up keywords to search for in your calendar and will not send you notifications from the start to the end time of that particular calendar event. I'm not sure if I'm making sense, but this same dev makes it, so go down to the area, in this app, where it says "All Apps of this Seller", and it pulls up every single app this dev makes, and you'll find it in there. These guys make some POWERFUL apps that have been around since ~'09 - ALL of their apps have been! If you want stability, reliability, and near perfection, I suggest you stick with these guys! Lol! They're fabulous! I've had 2 of their apps for years and didn't realize until just now they were by the same dev, so I'm going to get rid of the 2 and use their one app that does it all (the Pro Printing versions). Good luck!
(29.08.13 - 22:57)
Sorry,you told about "partner app" for Mac. What's app? I could't find it
(30.08.13 - 00:49)
Which printing pro app did you finally buy? I wonder what to do since they have different apps apparently doing the same.
Thanks for the info! ��
Patti H
(16.09.13 - 18:35)
No, isn't the only one that handles multiple accounts. Search the app store (there's a search feature in the AppZapp menu) and read the descriptions for Mailbox, AltaMail, Mail Pilot, and... Darn...I can't think of the other one. Someone here will know. The most significant function is the ability to handle IMAP accounts other than gmail. Next issue of the mail apps is whether or not they provide for IMAP and POP and for me, the next-up function to check on in is the option to display mail in all inboxes at once.

Test each and check your mail accounts online to see if all is well with the data there. I don't know which app it was, but my screwing around with these (I found something intolerable with each) resulted in my online mail being cleared. Since the apps don't use IOS mail settings, and since I couldn't find any settings in the mail apps that established unique delete instructions, I dumped all of them and went back to using Mail, which has features I didn't know about.

Angidazee seems to have The Word on Alta Mail. I was busy writing this when she posted.


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für iPhone + für iPad


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• Better Exchange account setup detection • Use "iCloud Drive" to access Dropbox
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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: EuroSmartz Ltd
Rubrik: Produktivität
Version: 5.9.3
Größe: 44 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 4,5
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

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