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See what these users are saying about Shakespeare Pro:

“It’s really great!”
—Kenneth Branagh, actor and director

“‘The app’s the thing.’ Hamlet was almost right. Great to see Shakespeare Pro superplaying with Shakespeare’s plays.”
—David Crystal, linguist and author of Shakespeare's Words

“The Shakespeare Pro app is simply terrific and filled with loads of wonderful information!”
—Ken Ludwig, Tony and Olivier Award Winning Playwright

Shakespeare Pro® includes the complete works of Shakespeare (41 plays, 154 sonnets and 6 poems, including apocrypha) and search the concordance to find the exact word or phrase you’re looking for (with “relaxed” searching to find words close to your search term).

Shakespeare Pro is packed with these impressive features:

••• QUALITY TEXTS are a top priority and our team spent years compiling and editing the best references available. In the updated editions, the text is even more clear and each individual character is uniquely identified.

••• FIRST FOLIOS AND QUARTOS in original spelling show the works as they were originally published in Shakespeare’s time.

••• AN INTEGRATED GLOSSARY, based on the bestselling lexicon by David & Ben Crystal, Shakespeare’s Words™ is included. Simply tapping on a word will display its definition in context (not just a general definition).

••• ADD YOUR OWN NOTES AND SHARE THEM with your friends and colleagues. Organize your notes into notebooks for use in the classroom, theatre, or just to remember key facts. Share them via email or AirDrop.

••• POWER SEARCH THE WORKS by customizing multiple parameters like gender, work, language, line form, stage directions and more.

••• CUSTOMIZE YOUR READING EXPERIENCE by choosing from a variety of color combinations, change the font family and size, display long or short character names, jump around to different scenes, and view line numbers (*read the note below about line numbering).

••• BOOKMARK YOUR FAVORITE PARTS in addition to remembering the last page you viewed. Even copy/paste that great line.

••• DETAILED SCENE BREAKDOWNS give you an overview of the scenes within each play, their locations, and the characters present in each.

••• CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS help you better understand the actions and motivations of every character.

••• GET THE FACTS by reading up on Shakespeare’s life, view data and chronology about his works, and an overview of scansion terminology. Character Arc Visualizers show individual character arcs or allow for comparison of multiple characters.

••• SHAKE YOUR DEVICE for Shakespeare himself to display a random memorable quote or insult. Or get a new random quote every day.

••• BROWSE THE GALLERY of famous Shakespeare portraits.

••• TALES FROM SHAKESPEARE, a series of 20 short versions of Shakespeare’s plays aimed at a younger audience, are included for free.

••• THE SHAKESPEARE PASSPORT® is your virtual ticket to events and exhibitions all over the world. Just show the passport on your device for great benefits at participating venues. More information at

••• BARDFIND™ is the easiest way to find a Shakespeare theatre or venue anywhere in the world.

These are just a few highlights of the great things in Shakespeare Pro. If you’re a student, professor, actor, or just plain love the Bard, this must-have app ensures you have the complete works at your fingertips.

Like the new features? Having trouble and need support? Let us know at, at, on Twitter @playshakespeare, or Facebook Read our FAQs at

*NOTE: Line numbers are NOT the same between different editions of Shakespeare’s plays, though they are relatively close. All editions all have slightly different line numbering due to the way each editor approaches the texts. See the Help section of the app for additional information.

OS >= 10.0


Allgemein (01.08.17 - 13:55)
Omg it's fascinating
Allgemein (30.04.16 - 09:29)
Allgemein (20.04.15 - 21:52)
Love. Love. Love :)
I have no words. Only emotions.
Great app about Great Master.
(20.04.15 - 22:19)
When I read a comment like that is all you need to say that it's nice, because it is worth more than words written with emotion! Thanks Orlandina ��✨��
Allgemein (20.04.15 - 19:23)
Обнаружил в своём загашнике... Всегда любил сравнивать переводы Шекспира таких мастеров, как М.Л.Лозинский и Б.Пастернак; увидеть параллельно оригинальный текст будет ещё интереснее. Когда попытаешься перевести сам, тогда оценишь труд и талант переводчиков. Сожалею, что мои познания английского так несовершенны...
Allgemein (18.01.14 - 05:44)
I missed the darn sale AGAIN! Ugh...
(09.01.15 - 14:48)
Well at least you'll be watching and informing us for the next sale ����
Marvin Waalboer
(09.01.15 - 14:55)
Lol your a app collector. How much apps do you have? How much apps do you have if you see the app number in AppZapp?
(09.01.15 - 15:50)
@Marvin Waalboer:
The local champion title for collecting apps belongs to AZ member Africano. Last I checked he had over 100,000 apps nicely stacked under different categories :)
You may find him in my friends list
(20.04.15 - 18:49)
Do not miss this time!
Pavel Kravchenko
Allgemein (16.01.14 - 20:05)
Качать или не качать вот в чем вопрос
Allgemein (16.01.14 - 11:49)
how to make this damn App not crash any more when you press the "back" button ,is a permanently question !!!
Allgemein (16.01.14 - 10:39)
FREEEEEE!��.....Avoid Readdle or not ? That is the question.
(16.01.14 - 13:36)
What's wrong with Readdle?
I love their "Documents" and their scanner app ��
(16.01.14 - 14:19)
Yes,Nice apps,I like these too,but only as free.Sometimes Readdle charge us old users again.Check the comments of PDF Expert 5 if you like. Since that we started to think twice before buy a Readdle App.��
Allgemein (16.01.14 - 08:06)
Two beer or not two beer? That is the question.
(01.08.17 - 13:56)
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Was ist Neu in dieser Version

In celebration of our 10-year anniversary on the Apple App Store, we have done a major overhaul of the most popular Shakespeare app.

• NEW! Updated interface to take advantage of the improvements in iOS11
• NEW! Unified search feature: search anywhere, anytime on one screen
• NEW! Unified Glossary: search it in the Search section
• NEW! Unified settings now only in one location and accessible anywhere
• NEW! New search parameters: Folios, characters, gender, current scene, and more
• NEW! More study materials (we also moved the Portrait Gallery and Tales from Shakespeare to this section)
• NEW! Graphs show play breakdowns for lines and more statistics
• NEW! Last page is automatically bookmarked for you
• NEW! Updated and combined Help & About sections
• NEW! New notebooks with commentary

Shakespeare Pro is still the best app to keep the bard at your fingertips.

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Version: 5.0
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