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  • Task Eater - Simple ToDo Management

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Attention: This is the last version of Task Eater, as it's not in active development anymore.
The app will remain in the store for whoever want to use it in it's current state.

Task Eater - Beautiful and simple to-do management.

It helps you to stay organized and reminds you about important things that need to be done.

- Beautiful category icons to classify your tasks
- Due dates with optional alarms
- Highlight tasks with different colors
- Send tasks by mail and import the ones you received
- Import own images and use them as category icons
- Add notes
- Timeline view for a fast overview
- Supports Local Notifications, so you receive alarms even when the app is closed
- Snooze alarms
- Several notification sounds to choose from
- Free sorting
- Create and restore backups (can be copied to the computer with iTunes)
- Send backups by mail, and restore them by opening them in the Mail app
- The font for notes can be switched between Marker Felt and Helvetica

What others are saying about Task Eater:

"Highly recommended, the app is only $.99 (hard to believe) and is available now" -

"I really like Task Eater. It’s smooth, well-designed, and simple." -

OS >= 4.3


Allgemein (24.02.16 - 15:31)
Олдскул. Няшный интерфейс. Может еще выйдет обнова?
Allgemein (15.02.16 - 07:59)
Нет синхронизации,но поставил лайк,за симпатичный интерфейс
Allgemein (14.02.16 - 09:16)
Ma....di tante lingue internazionali manca L'italiano ??????
Ma mi faccia il piacere !!!!!!!
Cambi mestiere...........

Allgemein (13.02.16 - 11:10)
Letztes Update = Januar 2013 :(

Zur Zeit sind alle Apps des Entwicklers gratis, vermute mal Ausverkauf und würde bei allen seinen Apps mit keinem Update mehr rechnen, da überall die letzte Aktualisierung über 3Jahre(!) her ist.

Schade eigentlich um die ganz netten kleinen Apps.
Allgemein (13.02.16 - 10:49)
Very nice app
Allgemein (29.08.14 - 01:56)
This is gorgeous.
This keeps the simplicity of default notes App while enhancing it with pro features, like the great custom icons, custom reminders and backup via mail.
It's very likely you're going to use it, once you have download it.
I really like its iOs6 interface! Cute! ��
Allgemein (28.09.13 - 09:06)
Прикольная софтина. Особенно если учесть, что заметки на iOs7 полное Г
Allgemein (28.09.13 - 03:33)
Обычные заметки
Allgemein (28.09.13 - 02:11)
Allgemein (27.09.13 - 23:44)
Wow! 19 likes, 0 dislikes (at the time of writing).

Impressive indeed!
Allgemein (27.09.13 - 22:27)
Зручність у простоті!
Allgemein (27.09.13 - 03:30)
Simple and pretty. Well done.
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240,00 €

für iPhone


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Was ist Neu in dieser Version

- Fixed startup screen for the iPhone 5
- Other small bugfixes

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Tobias Wiedenmann
Rubrik: Produktivität
Version: 1.2.2
Größe: 4 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 5
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

Mehr von: Tobias Wiedenmann


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