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Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
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Stop emailing yourself notes, links, photos and documents! Stop fumbling with that tiny keyboard! Get myPhoneDesktop and see What You Have Been Missing. myPhoneDesktop - the easiest way to work with iPhone or iPad directly from your desktop.

Whether you need to make a phone call; simplify sending long SMS; save photo; copy Text; get long and complicated to retype URL; or send file to your iPhone - myPhoneDesktop streamlines your workflow!!!

"myPhoneDesktop transforms the way you move data from a Mac to an iPhone, simplifying the process along the way"

Have you ever tried to type a long SMS on your iPhone? How about entering a long URL where even a single mistake would render it unusable? What about typing a half page of notes?

The shortest way to complete a task is usually the most comfortable way. See how easy it is to send content to your iPhone: Select a URL you need to open on your iPhone. Drag it to the right edge of your desktop screen and drop it to the "virtual" iPhone. In less than a second see this URL opens on your iPhone. That’s it! myPhoneDesktop even smart enough to recognize type of copied data and perform appropriate action with it. Try to select a phone number, press Cmd+C+C and now your iPhone dials that number. Isn’t that easy?!

myPhoneDesktop highly praised by the world-renowned websites like Lifehacker, Gizmodo, TUAW, MacStories and many others as well as really appreciated by its users. Sounds interesting? Stop fumbling with that little touchscreen. Download myPhoneDesktop now and see what your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can really do!


— Send content to your iPhone or iPad simply by dragging it to the right edge of your screen and dropping them to a popped-up "virtual" iPhone or iPad
— Call any telephone number from any application or Web browser
— Initiate direct Calls and send SMS through Google Voice
— Auto-Complete and Quick Dial for Phone Numbers
— Open complicated URL with Map’s location or route on your iPhone in seconds
— Open URLs in alternative browsers - iCab Mobile, Atomic Web Browser, Perfect Browser, 360 Web Browser and Sleipnir Mobile
— Simplify sending long SMS to your friend, colleague or a client
— Bring your notes or any amount of text with you in seconds
— Save Images or Photos to your iPhone from any application or Web browser
— Send files and comments to your iPhone
— FREE Desktop clients (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux) or a Web Client
— Works with multiple accounts and devices
— Handy global keyboard shortcuts (i.e. Cmd+C+C) and automatic content type recognition
— Plug-ins for popular desktop applications like Alfred, LaunchBar, Quicksilver, Dropzone, Apple Address Book and Google Chrome
— Integration with popular iPhone apps – Skype, Google Search and Map, Todo (by Appigo), Stanza, Instapaper, GV Connect, GoodReader and WolframAlpha
— Bookmarklet to send any content from any Webpage to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
— Universal application works with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
— Works over 4G, 3G or WiFi (requires creation of a FREE account)
— Complete iOS 6 support with ability to run in background for up to 10 min after leaving the app
— Uses Push Notifications to simplify workflow

What if I already have apps like Dropbox or Evernote? Do I still need myPhoneDesktop?
Yes! Absolutely! myPhoneDesktop is different. Use myPhoneDesktop to immediately send content to your iDevice and to perform chosen action on received content – call that phone number, open map route, save image into Photo album, and many more...

We love your positive feedback! Please post or update your app review to tell others about benefits of using myPhoneDesktop. Stay tuned for new cool features.

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OS >= 9.0


Allgemein (15.02.14 - 20:19)
Все правильно, удалил данную программу как мусор.
Vik Tor
Allgemein (29.01.14 - 02:25)
Мало того, что происходят какие-то странности с регистрацией, так ещё и десктоп версия требует установить "Java SE 6 runtime". Опять вопрос к разработчикам: Почему нельзя было написать это приложение на COCOA или же на каком-то другом языке программирования, который не поддерживает установку дополнительного ПО?
Vik Tor
Allgemein (27.01.14 - 19:35)
После провальной попытки регистрации, мне на почту пришло уведомление о регистрации этого приложения. Мистика, да и только. Вопрос к разработчики: - Зачем нужна регистрация??? Не уже ли нельзя было сделать это приложение без регистрации? Все вы уверяете, что "ваша информация для нас конфеденциальна", а потом на нашу почту приплывает как из прорвавшейся канализации, огромная куча СПАМа.
Giaccomo Kamehame
Allgemein (27.01.14 - 18:13)
couldnt create account.... useless
Allgemein (27.01.14 - 09:38)
Это дерьмо требует регистрацию и не регистрирует-мегаминус
Mark Jefferson
Allgemein (27.01.14 - 08:14)
It is bs, registration does not work. Description is poor. Try it as long it is free otherwise do not waste your money.
Allgemein (27.01.14 - 04:30)
well Does it work? it has low ratings
Julie :)
Allgemein (26.01.14 - 08:24)
It's FREE now...
Vik Tor
Allgemein (26.01.14 - 01:47)
It's not free.
Allgemein (26.01.14 - 01:17)
Judy Doe
Allgemein (06.12.13 - 06:17)
Could anyone owning this app add a comment on it, please?;)
(06.12.13 - 07:44)
@Judy Doe:
You are the first owner :)
Judy Doe
(06.12.13 - 07:51)
Nope, only considering becoming one :)
(27.01.14 - 00:17)
@Judy Doe:
It's free now - try out ;)
Judy Doe
(27.01.14 - 03:18)
Thank you! Downloaded it already ;)
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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: jProductivity, LLC
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Version: 2.3.2
Größe: 3 MB
FSK: 4+
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