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  • Resident Evil 4 iPad edition

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Thank you for your support of Resident Evil 4 iPad edition. The team has done its best to provide our users with the most enjoyable play experience possible. To avoid confusion in the marketplace and to make room for other titles in the series we will be removing Resident Evil 4 iPad edition from the App Store on August 24th. The team is working hard on future titles that will offer new features as well as fully support the latest iOS devices and operating systems.

Please note that application is not compatible with iOS 8 or later OS, if you upgrade the OS version or changed to new model, it may not work properly.
For operating support (compatible model / OS), please see 【Compatible support】 for details.

Our deepest thanks to everyone that played and enjoyed Resident Evil 4 iPad edition.

Important Notice:
Functionality is not guaranteed on devices that are updated to iOS 8.

Experience one of the most thrilling chapters of the Resident Evil saga. Featuring an all-new high-resolution art set designed to take full advantage of iPad’s larger display, the game captures the Resident Evil world in terrifying detail. Face an enemy quicker, smarter and scarier than any zombie and put your skills to the ultimate test.

It has been six years since the destruction of Raccoon City. Leon S. Kennedy, formerly Raccoon City Police Department’s idealistic rookie cop, is now a U.S. agent with a top-secret mission to rescue Ashley Graham, the President’s daughter. Leon begins his investigation in an undisclosed Spanish-speaking village in Europe, where he encounters a horde of unruly villagers who pledge their lives to Los Illuminados, the cult that perpetrated Ashley’s kidnapping. As Leon encounters unimaginable horrors, he must find out who or what is behind everything.

•High-resolution graphics optimized for the iPad’s larger display.
•“Visual Pad” control system makes gameplay a fluid and intuitive experience. Players can engage in running gun fights against crowds of enemies, climb ladders, equip binoculars and jump out windows.
•3rd person perspective camera for a panoramic view of the action.
•Shake the iPad to reload.
•Download alternate costumes for Leon as DLC.
•Play through “Story Mode” to unlock ”Mercenary Mode”, a separate game mode with pre-set goals, weapons and conditions.
•“Coin Shoot” shooting gallery mode where the where the goal is to destroy as many blue coins as possible within the time limit.
•A total of five difficulty levels: “Beginner”, ”Normal”, ”Professional”, ”Hell” and “Extreme”

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OS >= 3.2


François Buddy
Allgemein (31.10.14 - 20:21)
Même gratuit fuyez ce jeu..n'a rien à voir avec le mythique Biohazard 4... 0/10
Allgemein (31.10.14 - 20:10)
This is only parts of the full (GameCube) game, while the the iPhone platinum version on the other hand contains all the chapters of the original game. Anyone know of this is correct? Been a while since I had a look at these ports..
(31.10.14 - 21:20)
Any information if Capcom is going to port the original RE to iOS?
The one where the story starts at Racoon City incident. Never liked other series except that one, spent countless hours on PSOne playing it ages ago...
(31.10.14 - 21:22)
No idea. I'd like to see it get ported as well though.
(31.10.14 - 21:32)
Allgemein (31.10.14 - 15:38)
За 230 соток чё-то вообще дорого графика говно даже за 30 рулей подумал бы
Allgemein (31.10.14 - 14:53)
Time to get this now Ladies and Gentleman! I sure this game will not be cheaper than this! Sucks what it says about IOS 8 and it's functionality! Weak Capcom! Very weak! Still going to get it! I will let you all know how that goes! Lol!
Inle Bishop
Allgemein (05.04.14 - 23:32)
How to understand app size 94 Mb?
RE4 was a dvd game.
(31.10.14 - 13:59)
@Inle Bishop:
Just have a look to the screenshots... Bad grafix...
Leonid Enin
(31.10.14 - 14:35)
@Inle Bishop:
It's MOBILE game. It's cut
Allgemein (20.05.13 - 21:54)
Wen man das auf der Konsole schon durch hat macht das Spiel 100 Prozent kein Spaß wehem der Grafik
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- Fix minor bug

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: CAPCOM
Rubrik: Spiele
Version: 1.00.10
Größe: 94 MB
FSK: 12+
Gesamtbewertung: 3
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

Mehr von: CAPCOM


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