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Do you want the most features? the best reading experience? Comic Zeal 9 has them both. It was the first comic reader in the App Store, it’s still the best.

• Organize your collection how YOU want. Put series inside series, use dividers to manage long lists.
• Automatically sorts comics into their series.
• Super fast reading view with two-page mode and assisted panning.
• Page position lock so you don’t see the same borders page after page.
• Does the right thing when you rotate your device, many comics have a mixture of portrait and landscape pages.
• Lightning fast search, by comic title and tags.
• Parental lock for individual series.


For a very reasonable price you can also unlock
• Comic Finders, create smart series that show you unread comics from all over your library.
• Seven new, gorgeous themes.


• WI-Fi using a web browser on a PC or Mac.
• Drop Box, iCloud Drive, etc using iOS document sharing.
• AirDrop from a Mac.
• iTunes via USB or Wi-FI


Comic Zeal features the innovative slider, it's a pointer, a container and a toolbox, all in one. You can push stuff into it, then go anywhere in your collection and drag it out. It's an incredibly fast way to organize your comics.

With the slider you can:

• Reorder comics, put them into the slider in the order you want them, then drag them out.
• Create reading lists (by making copies of comics that don't take up any space on your device)
• Create series and dividers right in the app. Dividers are lists that can hold comics, series and even other dividers.


• Tap the ‘i’ info icon for comics, series and dividers. You can rename entries, sort a series or mark items as read or unread.
• When zooming, hold the gesture for half a second. Comic Zeal will lock that zoom and position when you turn the page, it's a great way to hide borders.

Comics used in the screenshots:
'Escape from Planet Nowhere', © 2010 Otis Frampton,

Please note, there is a problem with Google Drive’s iOS extension that doesn’t allow you to open comic and other files that they consider to be ’non-standard’. You can read more about it here: and here . You can open Comics from the Google Drive app itself using the 'Open in ...' option, just not directly from Comic Zeal.

OS >= 8.2


Allgemein (24.05.16 - 02:02)
It has been my favorite and almost only unique in my two iPads for more than 4 years and a half. Seriously, don't wait for something better.


Maybe is not perfect, but is the closest to be ��������������������
Allgemein (17.11.15 - 17:30)
It was one of the best comic readers in the App Store. But for the iPad I recommend you check out Chunky Comic Reader. When set up right, smarter controls and more intelligent zoom. The upscaling makes lower quality pictures really look much better in Chunky. And it is free without ads, but with some optional IAPs.
Allgemein (13.09.15 - 13:13)
Неоднозначное обновление. Появились inn app даже для ранее купивших, но они необязательны и не всем нужны — несколько тем и быстрый поиск комиксов. Несколько тем для old пользователей остались бесплатны. А так да по прежнему лучшее приложение для просмотра комиксов imho. ��
Sergey Korchukov
Allgemein (20.02.15 - 22:44)
Взял это приложение лишь для того, чтобы все выпуски Ходячих мертвецов почитать на работе,ибо сериал надоел своей болтовней:)
Allgemein (26.11.14 - 11:14)
Что ж так дорого то?
Отдайте за 33₽
Allgemein (22.01.14 - 21:24)
Best comic app ever! Wait...the only one! Love it!
Allgemein (04.12.13 - 11:30)
Бесполезная покупка. В comic zeal даже не реализована возможность копировать комиксы с Dropbox (или другого облачного сервиса) изнутри приложения. А это было бы гораздо удобнее, чем синхронизация с iTunes через USB.

Если вы сомневаетесь в бессмысленной покупке данного приложения, то обратите внимание на Comic Book Lover. Оно может все тоже, что и comic zeal и оно бесплатно.
Allgemein (20.10.13 - 12:37)
The best comic reader for ios.
Allgemein (27.08.12 - 19:37)
Does what it's required to do and even more.
Who'd knew this app is fantastic PDF-reader?
With locked view and few enabled options it brings seamless reading experience without constant info popping around and accidental page switching.
Allgemein (17.07.12 - 19:04)
Looking at the history, it's clear this app is never had a price drop before. But the quality of this app compared to other reader makes it worth the price. Highly recommended!
Allgemein (03.05.12 - 21:12)
I thought this app was a bit overpriced, but after trying all other car readers, I finally caved and bought this app. I have no regrets. It's simply the best.
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5,49 €

für iPhone + für iPad


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One big change in this update and some bug fixes:

- Imports now happen completely in the background.
- Fixed a couple of crashing bugs.

Comics are imported super quick now, can you let me know if you need some kind of download queue display? @bitolithic on twitter.

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Bitolithic Pty Ltd
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Version: 9.1.3
Größe: 37 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 3,5
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