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Plex is a streaming powerhouse for all your content needs. Organize, access, and stream your media on any device, anytime, and anywhere. Now featuring customized, trusted video news from local and global publishers. There’s never been a better time to cut the cord!

• Plex organizes all of your media collections—movies, shows, music, photos, and videos—and streams them to any device, anytime, anywhere.
• Cut the cord! Go premium with a Plex Pass and use Plex Live TV & DVR so you can watch and record free over-the-air HD TV, like NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX, with any supported digital antenna and tuner.
• Plex is packed with tons of free features, like remote access, sharing, security, and casting, and it makes your media beautiful with rich descriptions, artwork, ratings, and more.
• Stay up-to-date with Plex News: a free personalized newscast with trusted local, national, and international news sources, like CBS, Euronews, IGN, AJ+, Sky News, and more.
• Enjoy premium features with a Plex Pass subscription: Live TV & DVR, Mobile Sync, Premium Photos, Premium Music, Parental Controls, and so much more.

Want to use Plex on all of your devices, any time, anywhere? Visit for more information.

The app offers (but does not require) a Plex Pass In-App Purchase. Plex Pass is available for the equivalent of US$4.99 charged monthly to your iTunes Account, charged yearly for the equivalent of US$39.99, or as a one off lifetime payment of equivalent of US$149.99. Subscriptions automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off in your iTunes Account at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, charged at the same rate for renewals. Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. The Plex Privacy Policy and Terms of Use are available at:

OS >= 9.3


Allgemein (16.12.16 - 21:49)
Lifetime plex pass reduced 20% to 119 16/12/2016
Allgemein (04.10.16 - 16:43)
So the IAP's are $6.99 just to be able to use IOS streaming and then $6.99 a month? Wow! That's expensive for FREE.
Allgemein (19.03.16 - 17:42)
На ps4 всё абсолютно бесплатно. Сервис не идеален, часто вылетает с ошибками. Лучше поставить air video hd. Вот он очень и очень неплох
Allgemein (24.10.15 - 18:54)
А моего посадили.

Allgemein (01.10.15 - 22:15)
У меня от этой хуйни брат умер.
(09.03.16 - 12:15)
От голода видать)))
Арт Мор
(29.08.16 - 22:08)
Roma Eremenko
(03.10.16 - 21:26)
Allgemein (02.09.15 - 22:34)
Not free
Allgemein (28.08.15 - 16:24)
Plex is free on mobile! Sweet, now I can play the first 15 seconds of any of my media on my tv! The joke is on them, 15 seconds is all I need ����
Allgemein (27.08.15 - 21:04)
Бойкот на скач у таких мудаков!
Allgemein (13.08.15 - 04:16)
Надеюсь не сделают "бесплатным" приложением недели. ��
Allgemein (13.08.15 - 02:12)
Allgemein (12.08.15 - 09:33)
Не ведитесь, не бесплатно! После всех установок, авторизаций и т.д. вы сможете на планшете смотреть видео созданной вами медиатеки не более 1 минуты, пока не совершите одноразовую покупку за 200 с чем то руб., так называемая одноразовая авторизация приложения!
Allgemein (12.08.15 - 07:21)
В чем,по сути, отличие от iTunes ?
Allgemein (11.08.15 - 20:50)
This is why ppl crack apps...
Fake "free" advertising..
Allgemein (11.08.15 - 05:42)
(11.08.15 - 06:49)
"кидалово жопошники" сказала крыса осознав что всё таки придётся заплатить!!!!
(11.08.15 - 06:54)
Тут заплати, на телике прогу купи.
Это называется отъем денег у населения.
А крыса сидит и подсирает из-за угла
(11.08.15 - 12:36)
Аааааа!!!!! Так значит задело!!!!!������������ и кто то считает себя крысой!!!!!!
(11.08.15 - 12:42)
Эх, школота...
Allgemein (11.08.15 - 03:09)
Don't get this app it's a bait. They will ask you to download and once you open it, it will ask you to register and pay. Its free to download but you need to pay to use it.
Allgemein (11.08.15 - 01:51)
Fake! In order ro activate we need to pay
Lelik Az
Allgemein (11.08.15 - 00:37)
Кидалово. Пробный период и единоразовая покупка за 279₽
Allgemein (10.08.15 - 22:20)
Активация приложения платная! Они перенесли покупку внутрь приложения, Карл!!!
Allgemein (10.08.15 - 22:12)
Fake announcement , not for free , you have to activate it for 4,99 euro to be able To use it with your pled server. Good try. Not fair
T͜͡i͜͡f͜͡a͜͡ -͟͟ w͟͟w͟͟w͟͟.͟͟t͟͟i͟͟f͟͟a͟͟s͟͟p͟͟a͟͟g͟͟e͟͟.͟͟n͟͟e͟͟t͟͟
Allgemein (10.08.15 - 22:00)
Now free ��✨
(11.08.15 - 20:40)
@T͜͡i͜͡f͜͡a͜͡ -͟͟ w͟͟w͟͟w͟͟.͟͟t͟͟i͟͟f͟͟a͟͟s͟͟p͟͟a͟͟g͟͟e͟͟.͟͟n͟͟e͟͟t͟͟:
(04.11.15 - 17:17)
@T͜͡i͜͡f͜͡a͜͡ -͟͟ w͟͟w͟͟w͟͟.͟͟t͟͟i͟͟f͟͟a͟͟s͟͟p͟͟a͟͟g͟͟e͟͟.͟͟n͟͟e͟͟t͟͟:
T͜͡i͜͡f͜͡a͜͡ -͟͟ w͟͟w͟͟w͟͟.͟͟t͟͟i͟͟f͟͟a͟͟s͟͟p͟͟a͟͟g͟͟e͟͟.͟͟n͟͟e͟͟t͟͟
(04.11.15 - 17:48)
I didn't say free of IAP or anything ��
Ryan Schuster
Allgemein (28.11.14 - 04:37)
If you got a Plex media center, you gotta have this app. I use it to control my Plex Media Server and Plex on Roku, and the offline sync is great for road trips. And it is frequently updated.
Arnab Das
Allgemein (24.11.14 - 07:26)
Buy a NAS drive instead. Saves money, comes with iOS apps for remote access and much better software. Plex is something people would use if this was 2004.
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
(25.11.14 - 18:11)
@Arnab Das:

Possibly for you, that is a solution that works. For me, it's not. My NAS does not have any interface other than running a DLNA server. You still need a DLNA client. Granted, if you have fairly new gear, most TV's and similar have this built in. I have a 32" and a 64" HD TV, and neither have it, though. They're about 5 years old, that's why. You can do this for cheaper, but for most people, also with a trade off of convenience and simplicity, such as my case. If you'd like to read my opinions or uses of it, check out the comment replies I left to the one or two down from this one. I left a better reply regarding why I personally find it useful.

It's $1.99 (USD) right now for the app, and the server software is free. You can download Plex server for NAS, but only a very limited selection of them. The rest rely on the "server" computer to do this work. This isn't a problem for me because I run my computer 24/7 anyway. So, to address your comment: for some people who are more technically inclined, that might be a solution (given you have a compatible NAS) or a NAS interface but there are a lot of things you can do with this software that 90% of NAS servers cannot do. See that post if anyone is further interested in those "things".

So, again, maybe it's that simple for you, but for others it's not always as simple (given incompatible hardware & esp if they're not very "techie").

Technically you could stream to something that uses Apple's proprietary AirPlay using only this software, but I have terabytes of content that one simply could not physically store on their phone bc of capacity. That's all. This software is optional, but a good compliment to have — especially if you have a subscription to Plex's premium services. At the sale price, $2 is worth it to me, in case I want to browse my collection, etc. It's not totally useless by any means. Infuse is, though. Nobody waste your money on them, recharging customers ~$8 with each new feature added!?
(25.11.14 - 18:51)
@Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D.":
Hello Brad, can you list your use cases for the Plex solution, please?
I am in a similar situation such as yourself ;)
(10.08.15 - 23:05)
@Arnab Das:
That's an ignorant statement, you've obviously either never used Plex or didn't use it long enough to see all the reasons it's so great. You're an idiot.
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
Allgemein (09.06.14 - 00:23)
Ok, for someone who knows what they are talking about (someone who is very experienced with a lot of media servers):

What makes Plex outshine any others that I might throw at you? Discount the garbage ones.

A good contender might be XBMC.

It's got a similar clean interface that's skinnable, it does all the transcoding, it does 24.10 channel DTS SUPER HYDREX HD ULTRA BIT-SEDUCER THX+++ certified audio — I make a big deal of that last one because I have *two* speakers and they're both *in* my damn tv. Surround sound is great, but how many channels do I need?! I lied. I have 5.1 but I hook 3 of them up and I'm like there's too many fucking wires already, that's enough.

Right now, I use PS3 Media Server and I am satisfied after trying all of the others. It does all that I need it to, using the least extra shit I don't need.

Back to XBMC. So it can do all that you want, it's pretty, it has metadata and reads everything, I think they just came out with v13 that does stuff that I won't have the tech to utilize for 20 years. It's totally free/open source, so development is always active and bugs and features are always getting taken care of.

Then we have to mention plugins which allow for all of these things I heard people speak about Plex. I can make XBMC access my torrent console on my computer. I can have it get my email. I can have it wake me up with a BJ every morning at 9am. It can read ISO files (single ISO file). It can blah, blah, blah.

I tell you it's not my personal choice, so I'm not biased or arguing *for* it. It has way too much stuff I don't need— like more than 2 audio channels. I don't need all of the extra bling and super features. I'm apparently poor because I only own a 1080p television, and it's not even over 80". The TV, I mean. The monster in my draws is 80" after I get out the pool in February, at minimum.

Strictly zero-bias, objective argument, what's Plex have or do better than XBMC or any other media server?

I just have to "get" the hype…
(14.07.14 - 10:50)
@Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D.":
Ano ano! XBMC je opravdu SUPER! Škoda jen že není v AppStore, ale funguje pouze na JB. Někdy s ním mám problémy - často se přehrávání zastaví a načítá do paměti (cache). (iPad mini a iPad 3). Netuším proč :-(
Zkoušel jsem už všechno možné, WiFi mám taky OK. Dokonce i na iPad Air mi to někdy dělá. V.13 (i v.12).
Ale všechno mám na NAS Synology 213j.

Plex na NASu je asi nepoužitelný.
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
(14.07.14 - 11:16)

Recently, XBMC 13.1 was released with major improvements and 13.1 fixes several problem bugs in the original 13.0 release. Are you upgraded to this latest version?

Also, in the US App Store XBMC has a free controller app which is official from the developing team. It was recently updated for iOS 7 look and feel and it works very good.

I also finally installed Plex and I feel that it is OK, but nothing special. It is like XBMC with less options and less ability for user control. After ages, last night I finally decided to pay the $4.99 for this Plex iOS app and surprise! The next day (today) the app drops in price to $1.99. Ahhh! I was angry. At least wait for a few days before making the price so low!! Now I feel like I got cheated, but it was just bad timing, I suppose. It still makes me mad, though!

Overall, the interface and the options in Plex, I feel they are OK, but no better than XBMC. I think Plex is easier maybe for less experienced users and XBMC for more advanced users who want more customization abilities.

One thing I am very pleased about Plex is that I installed the special connector PlexConnect, which for those who do not know, allows me to use my non-jailbroken Apple TV generation 3 to be a receiver/browser for my Plex Media Server (running on desktop). This is unique and only can be done so far by Plex, I believe, because it is a small bit of a hack (it replaces the Trailers feature with Plex). A fair trade, I'll say! Now I can stream my entire media collection from my NAS / network HD to Apple TV directly, at gigabit speed. Much much faster and smoother streaming than using wifi and AirPlay. I don't even know if Plex the iPhone app can use AirPlay to stream movies? Even so, it would still have to be streamed over wifi and would likely have to be stored on the iPhone. With this setup I just did, I can stream hundreds of GB or TB of media over gigabit Ethernet. All around better. So for this ability alone, I think Plex is good!
(14.07.14 - 11:51)
@Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D.":
Ano. Mám XBMC v.13.1 i XBMC free controller.
Bohužel to někdy opravdu zlobí.
Přehrávám na iPadu mini pohádky malému synkovi (4 roky) - abych se já dostal někdy k TV. Takže bohužel pouze přes wifi (wifi only). Synek si podle obrázků vybere pohádku sám - a to je pro mě asi to nejdůležitější.

Jinak mám u TV Xtreamer Ultra 2 (mmc) + 1Gbit/s LAN - tady taky běží XBMC - vše OK bez jakýchkoliv problémů.

Plex jsem koupil asi před rokem a dosud jsem jej nerozjel. Protože mám všechno na NASu synology a ten nemá výkon pro nasazení Plex. Navíc nepodporuje jiné databázové servery jako nebo (snad jen, takže mi nedokáže načíst spousty obrázků = pro malého je to velký problém. Zkoušel jsem Plex na svém iPadu 3.

Navíc moje angličtina je velmi špatná - používám jen Google Translate, takže ani nemohu komunikovat s autory Plex.

P.S. Kdyby mě XBMC občas nezlobilo, nemusel bych asi hledat alternativu - jako třeba Plex.
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
(14.07.14 - 12:03)

Ah. I understand, I believe. I must use the translator also. It is not perfect and some things are strange (incorrect translations) but I can understand most.

Forgive my ignorance, but what language do you speak? Is that some kind of Czech or other? It doesn't look familiar to me as German would or languages similar to English (Spanish, French)!
(14.07.14 - 12:08)
@Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D.":
:-) Ano, správně ! :-)
Mluvím česky (czech).
(14.07.14 - 12:19)
@Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D.":
Co se týká Plex, potřeboval bych najít někoho, kdo mě pochopí a byl by ochoten "tlumočit - přeložit" autorům mé prosby o přidání možnosti jiných databází ( a do možností nastavení Plex.
Sám jsem to zkoušel v jejich fóru, ale bezvýsledně.
Google translate to zřejmě nepřeložil moc slavně, tak se jim nad mým příspěvkem nechtělo moc přemýšlet. :-(
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
(15.07.14 - 00:56)

I would be glad to help you. I can help to be sure that the translation is easily understood/written in natural, native English. Send me a direct/private message and we can get it done.
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
(15.07.14 - 01:24)

Haha, yes, I should have been! I love to write and write and write. When I get bored, sometimes I will just write something for myself (I will type it up but never post it anywhere or show anyone).

Unfortunately, I'm already "too" grown up to decide what I want to be! ;) Time has already decided that for me...

Though, to be honest, I have considered writing a book or two, not as a professional, but just as free eBooks (ePub, mobi) for anyone to read. That is, if anyone would ever WANT to read them, haha... ;)

I suppose I will know that I was never meant to be a writer if I cannot even give away my work for free, right? Haha... When people would rather pay you to NOT have to read your books, that is bad. Hey! That's a great idea! I keep writing and people will be tortured by this so much that they will pay me to please stop writing!

I think I could make a nice amount of money using that method! I expect "not" purchases / bribes will be more lucrative than purchases / audience of fans. That is the secret to life. You have to know how to turn disadvantages into advantages! Weakness into strength!

Here is a bit of wisdom for you... I just made it up. It is custom advice; I just thought of it, only for you:

"It is easy to be a failure at success. It is much more difficult to be a success at failure."

It means absolutely nothing, I believe. It sounds wise, somehow, though. That, in itself, is an example of the advice! I made a stupid quote appear to be very intelligent!

Treasure from trash! Haha... Yes!
Pink Lady
(30.09.14 - 03:47)
@Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D.":
It's never to late to change course... ;)
Basel Hussein
(24.11.14 - 06:45)
@Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D.":
I think the matter here is to apply xbmc on unjailbroken iOS devices , which I assume but not sure that plex will help here.
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
(25.11.14 - 17:51)
@Basel Hussein:

Thanks for the reply. Actually, I have converted to Plex totally now. As you spoke of, if you have the Plex app and an Apple TV (jailbroken or not) there is (for those who don't know) a "patch" that allows you to stream content to your Apple TV, with Plex Connect (look on the official Plex forum for this section and the download/instructions to install). For those that are semi-techie, they can install this easily. It runs on Apple TV (I have a gen 3B, not jailbroken). Despite, it runs the little (Python) script quite nicely and now I don't even have to touch the phone, I stream many TB of content directly from computer to my Apple TV and it works great.

Plex will take care of everything you want and my revised opinion of it is there is little difference in the two software, other than Plex has a pay option, but most of that (besides this app) I find I wouldn't use and Plex is my buddy now.

I got an email saying there will be a sale on Plex for Thanksgiving, so, for anyone that reads this and it's before Thanksgiving still, you may want to wait a day or two for it to go on sale (if it's not already, I forgot to look).

Overall, great software and the guy that left the latest comment said "just buy a NAS and forget this"— not entirely the story. Most NAS servers don't have much of any interface; maybe just DLNA. I only have a PS3 that will pick that up and let me watch things on my TV. No real GUI for itself, just a DLNA daemon to serve content.

Also, Plex provides artwork, trailers and other info for movies/TV shows and is an elegant solution for me to stream my NAS content right to my Apple TV (much faster and easier than PS3).

End opinion: good software. I've left XBMC behind (which has or is about to change its name).

Plex on phone + server + Apple TV = good stuff— at least for my needs. Few problems, if ever. It also auto downloads posters/art, movie details, plot synopsis and even theme songs for TV shows. Few NAS servers do all that!
Allgemein (17.03.14 - 19:57)
I used air video HD for a Long while now. I had tried Plex before and couldn't get it working properly, but now coming back to it I like it a lot more. The main thing over air video HD is the fact that it can be watched anywhere, not just apps on smaller devices. I can watch on any PC laptop through the web app and the quality is 1080p (obviously u need fast internet). Sharing isn't too difficult, but could be easier. It's cool that my gf can just log in and have a simple interface to go through all my movies, TV shows and music (better selection than Netflix!). The interface is very nice and even puts things like backgrounds and adds information to items it matches to make your library look clean and professional (I do this basically anyway, but it's nice). Also there are some cool apps like tHe Daily Show and some others. I think I'm gonna be staying with Plex. It's a bit pricey but I just bought lifetime as my server has been up a long time now and don't foresee it going down within two years.

All in all, if you want a clean interface, watch anywhere ability and you have some networking/server knowledge +money go for Plex.

If it's just for you and don't care mind less organization or looks Air Video HD is plenty.
(14.07.14 - 10:58)
Air video HD je super, ale bohužel funguje jen na pc. Škoda že není žádný plugin pro Synology NAS - zrejmě je potřeba vyšší výkon procesoru, to ale NAS takový výkon nemá.

Plex je asi na NASu taky nepoužitelný.
Allgemein (10.02.14 - 21:25)
Plex Media Server, although have too many bugs, lacks playlist support etc. is THE NEXT BIG THING if you are only aware of it. I can't compare it with any other products, apps..
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
(08.06.14 - 22:19)

Everyone always has been using this shit for so long. They're like "oh it's so fucking awesome you need to get it". Then I'm like sure, hell yes, let's do this! Then they say "oh the server only runs on a Mac". Well, I don't have a Mac, ass. "Well it runs on Apple TV". Ok! I have that! Yes! "Oh wait this is Apple TV generation 3, it only works on 2".

So, here's what I know about Plex...

a) Plex is the good shit
b) I will never be able to use Plex
c) Chances to get laid in the future once the word gets around? 0%.
d) I should hang myself today
e) Or buy a Mac instead, unless I don't have that kinda cash (I don't), then refer back to D.

This is the way I see things, my friend. Can I not be saved? I have two boots up my ass here with this software. I feel like the guy where everybody else gets to do cool things like fireworks and get laid and smoke drugs... use Plex after they're done with all of the above, right? And instead, all I can do is get on AppZapp and be a troll. Am I considered a troll if I'm not like... saying mean things or provoking you? I probably irritate some people, I'm sure. Mainly people who have no sense of humor are the problem issue. The ones that can't tell what I'm saying is only me purposely acting like a stupid asshole so they will hopefully be entertained by reading it? Is that like, at least a "troll of good intentions"? Or is it all just the same thing? Like you're just an asshole regardless; by default when you talk, you're trolling...

If I had Plex, they'd be calling me trill instead of troll. Nobody's ever called me one that I know of, so I'm just curious. Surveying popular opinion. And since you're running Plex, you must be popular, so I want your opinion.

That part and the answer to "will I ever be able to run Plex or is my ass just doomed from the start"? Thanks!

Also have you noticed increase in popularity, sex, strength or penis size since you began using Plex? If so, I might have to start saving money up.
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
(08.06.14 - 23:31)

Oh— and btw, not trying to question your credibility or anything but they said the exact same thing about bath salts and look where *that* got us...

Just saying. But I've heard from too many other people that it's good so I believe you. Also because you look like you might could beat my ass... but mainly because I actually believe you.

But if Plex starts causing people to run around ass-naked and eat other peoples' faces off, I'm pulling support on you. Or— no wait. That one was just bad news. There's better ones. Here, I loved this one... was this you? I feel this could've very well been you:

A 19-year-old West Virginia man claimed to the court that he was high on "bath salts" when he engaged in non-consensual sex with a neighbor's pygmy goat before realizing what he had done. He was discovered walking down the road, holding the dead goat, dressed in nothing more than women's panties.

He was instructed to put the animal down, whereupon the officers, to their shock, realized the man was "being indecent" with the animal. The goat was later determined to have been stabbed "at least 90 times" by the appointed examiner.

After being arrested and allowed to come down from the drugs, he was interviewed regarding the incident. The young man admitted that he had taken bath salts at some point that evening. A short time later, he described being overtaken by "intense sexual urges" of a strange nature. Abruptly ending his telling, pulling himself together, he leaves the packed courtroom with a cliffhanger: "I don't remember much, I mean, I just... I don't recall, to be honest with you.'

Unfortunately, the two officers that responded to the bizarre call told a different story... "unlike the suspect, I think [we] remember far more than we wish we did. Let's just hope this drug doesn't become too popular around here. This wasn't a typical domestic [disturbance] call. This isn't like a routine traffic stop. This is takes our duties to a whole new level..."
(09.06.14 - 00:22)
@Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D.":
I have both a Apple TV 2nd gen and the latest iteration of it named Apple TV3.
Now, how can I "install" the flex software onto the Apple TV2?
I mean how to use flex aside from changing a dns settings here, installing flex streaming software there..
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
(09.06.14 - 00:29)

Oh, there's plenty of guides and tutorials on the web and even videos on YouTube that go all through it, but essentially it requires you to jailbreak your Apple TV just like you would your iPhone.

That's not hard to do either, and similarly has more than plenty tutorials that will explain it to a person of any experience level. Then once it's jailbroken I think you just install it from an App Store like Cydia or something? I don't know since I've never owned one of the older models, but that's the reason why Apple TV 2's sell for 2-3 times the cost of a brand new Apple TV 3— it's because the 2nd generation ones can be jailbroken and 3rd generation ones can't be. That's a huge selling point or turnoff point: can the device be jailbroken? If yes, and the current models in stores can't be? The value of the older model doubles or triples.
Allgemein (10.02.14 - 21:13)
Best investment I ever made in software. I got in early & paid $75 for a lifetime plex pass so no subscription for premium features for me ever again!!! If you haven't, you should. If you don't then you are losing out in the best thing since the iPhone....
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
(08.06.14 - 23:47)

Holy shit! The last time I was excited about paying only $75 was on a $350 traffic ticket. Plex is that good, huh? When I pay $75 for things, I expect it to be great, if you know what I mean...

Lifetime Plex. That's a lot of Plex. I want to have Plex now after hearing how great it is. But I can't. One day I'll have Plex, though. Like when these people jailbreak the fucking Apple TV 3. What the hell is the problem that's taking them years and years?! People jailbroke the iPhone in a few weeks! Every time! Though I saw some dude do a trick where he changed his DNS to manual and entered the Plex server IP then went into movie trailers on the Apple TV and Plex came up. It was rad.

Then I wanted to die again when I realized that I didn't have a Mac to run the fucking Plex server on. So I'm back at square one. Getting to hear people talk about how damn awesome Plex is rather than *talking* about how awesome it is.

I don't want to hear bragging, I want to brag!

"Plex is the f— dude, have you ever had sex before? Ok, we'll imagine how awesome that was. What would you rate it? A 10? Ok now pretend that's on a scale of 100. Plex would be a 110, compared. It makes sex feel like you're doing court ordered highway trash pickup on a sunny July day in Texas. That's the difference."

You know why I can't say that? Because people are saying that to ME damn it! If I don't get Plex soon, I'm going on a hunger strike.

24 hours, absolutely nothing. And if I die, someone's gonna have some fucking explaining to do to my family. And my mom hits people when she's upset. So... yeah. Good luck. I don't know why it's all your fault but I think it's because you just bragged at me.
(09.06.14 - 00:17)
@Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D.":
You don't have to own a Mac to run Plex streaming software. Plex -was created from scratch to become a multi-platform architecture, meaning it can run on anything as small as Raspberry Pi with Linux on board, as well as on small footprint full-size PCs (mini ITX systems) such as Zotacs or take a look at the following link to read about "hackintosh":
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
(09.06.14 - 00:38)

Yes, I just found that out. I also just found out that I have been lied to about Plex only running on Mac... but it still costs money and XBMC is free. So WTF.

If there's two equally hot girls wanting to date me— one is a gold digger and the other is a cheapskate... which am I gonna pick? The one that wants money all the time? I don't think so!
Marianna Voytsitska
Allgemein (10.02.14 - 10:17)
Does it have subtitles?
Allgemein (06.12.13 - 04:35)
Ich habe "Stream to me", "Air Video" und Plex.
Das bei weitem am meist genutzte Programm ist für mich Plex.
Da mein Samsung Fernseher auch ein Plex Plugin hat, kann ich die Filme und Serien dort sehr bequem und in bester Qualität sehen. Am iPad kann ich dann auch gleich an der Stelle weitersehen wo ich am Fernseher gestoppt habe.
Den von Plex gebotenen Komfort, zu den Filmen und Serien die Bewertungen und Infos aus dem Internet zu holen, dann noch ordentlich darzustellen, möchte ich nicht mehr missen.
Videos auf das iPad zu synchronisieren habe ich nicht gebraucht - dafür ist der Platz zu gering.
Krishna Agarwal
Allgemein (29.11.13 - 05:40)
After seeing so many good reviews, I bought both plex and air video HD and after using them for sometime, I whole heartedly recommend air video HD. AVH is much simpler and usable than plex. The streaming quality was much better in AVH on both wifi and cellular compare to Plex. If you are looking for quality video streaming then go for AVH but if you also want to stream songs, photos then plex may be a better choice. Also note that, AVH gives you offline downloading but plex charges you whooping $4/month. Also, AVH media server app is so much easier to set up. I mistakenly downloaded plex home theater on my windows 8 PC and it just does not work. Even I tried uninstalling but that does not work either. So it is just lying around my pc without much of use. While setting up AVH media server was a breeze. Overall I am very much satisfied with AVH and won't be using Plex.
(29.11.13 - 09:42)
@Krishna Agarwal:
Nice review ��
(30.01.14 - 19:02)
@Krishna Agarwal:
Very helpful review. I own Plex, I will check out AirVideo thanks to your review. You should post your review in the iTunes reviews for Plex and AirVideo, to reach more people.
Krishna Agarwal
(31.01.14 - 01:05)
I used to write reviews in App Store but so many times I have observed that my reviews never appear when I go back after few days although they don't contain any bad language. It is painful for me to spend time writing review and it does not even show up in the list. But I do write sometime based on how much I love or hate the app.
Krishna Agarwal
Allgemein (26.11.13 - 09:36)
I wanted to buy this but apart from app cost, they also have PlexPass premium subscription for $4/month. Features like PlexSync which allows you to download files to your iOS devices for offline viewing is part of PlexPass and can't be used without premium subscription. They are also some cool features available only for premium customers. I already have Air Video but wanted to check this out before buying Air Video HD which also allows offline viewing. I guess I am going to buy Air Video HD as paying $4/month is way too costly.
(26.11.13 - 16:56)
@Krishna Agarwal:
Same here! I buy Air Video HD also
cos im able to watch offline movies.. I test Plex also because my friend buy it and the result: much higher cpu usage than AV HD server .... Bt of course have a lot of cool feature.
(26.11.13 - 18:55)
@Krishna Agarwal:
You got wrong information about this app.
It is one of the best streaming and real-time transcoding receiver clint out there.
Krishna Agarwal
(29.11.13 - 05:38)
I din't get anything wrong. After your recommendation, I bought both plex and air video HD and after using them for sometime, I whole heartedly recommend air video HD. AVH is much simpler and usable than plex. The streaming quality was much better in AVH on both wifi and cellular compare to Plex. If you are looking for quality video streaming then go for AVH but if you also want to stream songs, photos then plex may be a better choice. Also note that, AVH gives you offline downloading but plex charges you whooping $4/month.
Allgemein (25.11.13 - 09:34)
Bei Plex seit langem einen Preisalarm gesetzt und hätte sie mir auch dann jetzt gekauft, was ich aber doch nicht mache, da sich die Bewertungen im AppStore nicht gerade gut anhören.
Schade :-(
(25.11.13 - 17:31)
Egal, für den Preis jetzt gekauft.
Ist ja die offizielle Plex-App, daher wird die App bestimmt wieder flott gemacht, sollte sie aktuell nicht ganz rund laufen und gepflegt werden wird Plex bestimmt auch.
(25.11.13 - 20:33)
Unfortunately, I couldn't understand a thing from the Appzapp translation.
Can you describe in minimum words what is wrong with this app?
Krishna Agarwal
(26.11.13 - 08:26)
I think he is trying to say that reviews in App Store are not very good which is confusing him whether to buy the app or not. On second reply, he is saying that he is determined that app will be well maintained and he should not hesitate for the current price.
(13.12.13 - 16:34)
@Krishna Agarwal:
Exactly, Krishna, Thanks :-)
Allgemein (08.11.13 - 21:19)
Plex ist eine wirklich gelungene App wenn es um MedienStreaming geht. Ich nutze Plex regelmäßig um Filme, Serien oder Musik zu hören die ich aus Speicher gründen nicht auf meinem iPhone habe. Das UI ist super gemacht und es lädt cover automatisch. Ich Streame mit Plex auf iPad, iMac & PS3. Man kann sogar wenn man zB auf dem PC/Mac nen Video online anschaut es stoppen und "Plexen". Dann schaut man auf iPad/iPhone einfach ab der gestoppten Stelle weiter. Eine absolute kauf empfehlung!!
(13.08.15 - 19:53)
XBMC bzw nunmehr Kodi kann dies alles auch und sogar noch mehr. Zum Nulltarif. Wozu braucht man Plex?
Allgemein (10.02.13 - 18:24)
Air video it's really good, but plex can connect to a remote database and show info about a show or movies, also connects to iTunes, so you can listen to music, something that air video can't do.

Both options are good.
Allgemein (08.01.13 - 03:52)
Antes iba bien. Hoy en día sólo nos interesa a los españoles mucho más Air video, q ue permite selección de subtítulos sobre la marcha y además permite seleccionar las pistas de audio, cosa que Plex no.
Allgemein (14.04.12 - 10:22)
Awesome player. But the remote function could be better
(16.04.13 - 01:52)
Wheeler (`_´)ゞ✨
Allgemein (23.10.11 - 14:30)
Funktioniert super. Klare Empfehlung für alle, die Plex als Mediencenter nutzen
Wheeler (`_´)ゞ✨
Allgemein (08.04.11 - 19:44)
awesome !!!
Allgemein (08.04.11 - 19:17)
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- Updated minimum server version to 1.3.

- Camera Upload now allows you to pick a server that isn't currently selected.
- Available storage space for sync is now more accurate on iOS 11.
- Some Season/Episode texts weren't localized.
- The Continue Watching hub now correctly updates the title as you scroll quickly through its content.
- Fixed crash when trying to limit number of items synced in a collection.
- The app would look weird when an unreachable server is selected on iOS 10.
- Rename the Home Video library type to Other Videos to match PMS.
- News interface tweaks.
- Enabled skip forward/backwards controls in photo library video players.
- Improved readability of timed lyrics.
- Now the Playback Speed control will snap to values to make it easier to change speed.
- Properly fix issues with overscan compensation when connected to external displays.
- Fixed crash when switching to Seasons in List view mode.

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