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*** 600000+ HD wallpapers, you can always find what you like
*** We do have lots of exclusive wallpapers, come and fetch
*** Use Themes to make you lock and home screen match
*** Everyday we update 200+ new wallpapers
*** Similar wallpapers are organized in one album, easy for you to find your favorite ones

Awesome Features:

• Full support for the latest iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus! Modern and up-to-date flat style iOS 9 design!
• Retina Display High Resolution 1080x1920,750x1334,640x1136 wallpapers
• Intuitive and FAST navigation through a beautiful wallpaper gallery.
• Browse through over 600,000 awesome photos and add the ones you like to your Favorites!
• Search for images with multiple tags, multiple colors, and multiple categories.

Categories for easy searching in our Wallpaper application:
Quote, Quotes, Joke, Jokes, 3D, Abstract, Animal, Anime, Architecture, Artistic, Baby, Car, Chat, Chats, Christmas, Color, Comedy, Cute, Effect, Effects, Facebook, Fantasy, Festival, Flags, Flickr, Food, Graffiti, Halloween, Holiday, Horoscope, Image, Images, Insects, Landscape, Miscellaneous, Music, Nature, New, News, Pattern, People, Photo, Photos, Photography, Plants, Quotes, Religious, Scary, Skins, Space, Sports, Star, Stars, Thanksgiving, Theme, Themes, Tumblr, Twitter, Universe, Valentine

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (04.11.16 - 21:48)
Почему-то после последнего обновления обои стали нечеткие, хотя миниатюры выглядят как супер HD :( очень жаль, это было моё любимое приложение для поиска обоев, и картинки на любой вкус :(
Allgemein (08.06.14 - 00:08)
This was the first app i got when i first used an ios device, and its still my favourite after so many years! This is by far the best wallpaper app on itunes!
(08.06.14 - 05:15)
Totally agree! Using this since I had iPhone 3g and it is still my favorite.
Allgemein (07.06.14 - 18:17)
Nutze ich schon seit einer kleinen Ewigkeit und habe immer schöne Backgrounds auf allen Geräten!
Auch auf dem iPad!
Hier lohnt auch der Kauf des Upgrades!
Allgemein (04.02.14 - 16:24)
Finally a wallpaper you can use in landscape mode and you can buy the pro version for $1.99 as so worth it. Photos are nice and clear.
Allgemein (16.08.13 - 14:29)
Now I don't have to search for wallpapers for my ipad. If i feel like a change then this app always has something good to offer
Allgemein (01.08.13 - 23:02)
Хрень, пользуетесь гуглом
Allgemein (14.06.13 - 07:39)
Sehr gut! Hier gibt es schöne Hintergründe für das iPad4.
INSTAGRAM: @anna_muravyeva
Allgemein (04.02.13 - 22:24)
Allgemein (18.07.12 - 02:07)
Best out there.
Muratcan Gümüs
Allgemein (23.03.12 - 09:33)
Kullandıgım en iyi wallpaper programı, en önemli özelligi baktıgınız fotografların geride kalan ve telefonda boşa yer kaplayan geçmişini temizleyebilme özelliği..
Allgemein (24.10.11 - 23:34)
If you change your backgrounds regularly you need this app. The upgrade is definitely worth it too.
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für iPhone + für iPad


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Come and explore the brand new UI, you wont' regret it!
1000+ themes: now your lock screen will be perfectly match with you home screen.

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Yin Yu
Rubrik: Unterhaltung
Version: 5.6
Größe: 63 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 3,5
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Mehr von: Yin Yu


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