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Due remembers all the things that you need so you don't have to.

Because it repeatedly reminds you of items that are due until you act on them, it‘s impossible to forget anything with Due.

Fast, simple and effective. There's no account to create, no start or end date to set, no need to prioritize, tag nor categorize.

What there is however are what that matters: what you'd like to be reminded about, and an alert that is set up in seconds.


◆ Updated for iOS 11
◆ Optimized for iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus
◆ Apple Watch support with Complications
◆ Never miss any reminders with auto-snooze. Repeatedly* notifies you of missed reminders until marked done or rescheduled (every 1, 5, 10, 15, 30 and 60 minutes)
◆ Set due dates and reschedule existing ones *fast* by tapping on any of the 12 preset and customizable times. No need to scroll through the time picker wheel. Or, use…
◆ Natural date and time parsing. Set due dates by typing or dictating them directly
◆ Reusable countdown timers. Precise to the second, perfect for making the perfect soft-boiled eggs, brewing your coffee and more. Set them up once and reuse them forever
◆ Keep track of outstanding tasks with Smart Badges
◆ Powerful recurring reminders. From the simple daily and weekly reminders to the complex every-3rd-Wednesday-of-the-month kind of reminders
◆ Time zone shifting. Receive timely reminders no matter where you are in the world
◆ iOS Reminders integration: auto import reminders created with Siri
◆ 59 great sounding alerts of varying lengths to choose from
◆ Universal app, looks and works great on both iPhone and iPad
◆ Keep reminders in sync** across your iPhone, iPad and Mac with iCloud or Dropbox.
◆ Undo and redo. Never worry about making mistakes again
◆ No internet connection required
◆ Full VoiceOver support
◆ Full Dynamic Type support (for smaller and large text sizes)
◆ Localized for 17 languages

* In iOS 10, auto snooze repeats 5 times, and can be configured to repeat up to 10 times. Whenever you launch Due or act on any of its notifications, Due can then auto snooze any overdue items indefinitely.
** For iCloud syncing, Due must be launched for sync to take place. Due can sync in the background with Dropbox. Sync on Mac requires Due for Mac (sold separately)


If you purchase Due from version 2.0 onwards, there is *no* additional in-app purchase required. You get to use *everything* in the app.

That in-app purchase is meant for customers who have purchased Due before 2.0, and would like to unlock the extra goodies in 2.0 at a discounted rate.


Due requires an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad running iOS 10 or later.

OS >= 10.3


Allgemein (12.08.17 - 15:42)
Alarmed is the best free alternative for this expensive app
(27.11.17 - 19:49)
В AppStore есть 2 приложения Alarmed и Alarmed-reminded-timers. Вы какое имеете в виду?
(30.11.17 - 09:57)
Sorry didn't see your msg.
I'm talking about Alarmed by "David Mandell" it's in version 5.1.1
Allgemein (03.08.17 - 13:50)
لا يستحق أن تقتنيه فتطبيق التقويم في الأيفون يفي بالغرض

دعمه للغة العربية سيء للغاية وخاصة في إظهار القوائم

His support for Arabic is very bad, especially in showing lists

Allgemein (22.02.17 - 09:38)
��Too complicated, Beep me is a much more simple reminders app ��
(06.03.17 - 15:22)
Or take a look at Alarmed from yoctoville. Also so much better than the overhyped Due.
(07.03.17 - 02:31)
Before I buy the upgrade, do you think the developer will continue with this app ( no update in 16 months)?
(07.03.17 - 12:09)
Yes. He is working on an update. He works slow, but is a dedicated dev. Quick to respond on Twitter and by mail. I use the app 5 years now and still happy with it.
The dev of Due keeps saying that some nag features cannot be implemented, but Alarmed has them.
You can import all Reminders or a dedicated Reminders List so you can add things through Siri if you want.
If you use x-callback urls: you can start them, when you put them in a note. The same goes for phone numbers etc, they are tappable.
Also quite handy is the checklist feature in the notes.
(07.03.17 - 18:23)
Thanks appels
Allgemein (23.12.16 - 15:44)
Why not turkish language?
Allgemein (21.10.16 - 03:23)
Нет виджетов для 10 iOS
Allgemein (25.01.16 - 08:52)
La mejor de su tipo !!!
Allgemein (20.01.16 - 10:27)
Очень понравилось! Никогда не пропустишь! Напоминает каждую минуту пока не отреагируешь. Можно откладывать на заблок экране. Куча настроек. Цикличность любая!!! Есть несколько прикольных звуков. Много тестил разных тудушек. Остановился на этой. Рекомендую. Особенно тем, кто любит часто откладывать свои дела ;)
Allgemein (29.11.15 - 23:05)
А чем отличается от многочисленных ToDo приложений?
(30.11.15 - 02:02)
Саму программу не покупал, жду распродажи. Но основные ее отличия, то есть фичи: это таймеры и интеграция со стандартными напоминаниями ios (можно через сири добавить напоминалку). Ну и для полного счастья еще русификация и удобный интерфейс.
(30.11.15 - 02:04)
Спасибо большое. ��
(30.11.15 - 17:56)
Все-таки не удержался и купил. Понравился принцип, что напоминает пока не выполнишь задачу. Довольно удобный интерфейс. Также затестил добавление задач через сири. Но автоматом импортирует только задачи с датой напоминания. Покупкой доволен. Буду использовать для небольших задачек ковремени. Также можно использовать, чтобы вырабатывать полезные привычки.

Еще видел отзывы, что ухудшили юзабилити по сравнению с 1 версией. Причиной стал переход от тапов к свайпам, но для новых пользователей это не особо заметно.
Allgemein (02.09.15 - 09:27)
Allgemein (15.01.15 - 14:10)
Terrible. Actualizan la app (para bien), pero le añaden extras de pago, que no sé si alguien pensará pagar, pero yo no. Un abuso.
(08.02.15 - 19:43)
Todo lo que estaba en la versión anterior está en esta gratis. El pago es para tener las nuevas opciones que han añadido. No veo dónde esta el problema. Es un ejemplo a seguir de cómo deberían actualizarse las aplicaciones cuando hacen un cambio grande, así monetizan solo si quieres pagar por lo nuevo, o por ayudar al desarrollador.
(08.02.15 - 21:05)
Si no digo que este mal que pidan dinero por trabajar, estoy de acuerdo contigo.
Mi opinión: Si quieres usar esta app al 100% paga, si no (como yo), usa otra.
Miguel Santes
(11.05.15 - 02:23)
Los que la compran por primera vez no pagan por la integrada, pero los que tienen la primera versión para actualizar es donde les cobran la compra integrada es que menos de lo que cuesta la App, no le veo el problema
(11.05.15 - 09:14)
@Miguel Santes:
Si las mejoras me gustaran mucho, no me importaría pagar (incluso con cada cambio de iOS). No es el caso. Cuestión de gusto personal O_o
Allgemein (15.01.15 - 02:16)
Nice app to help you reminder just about anything. Well worth the price. Syncs nice to the iPhone.
Allgemein (04.07.14 - 13:21)
Ждем это приложение бесплатно!!!!
Allgemein (04.07.14 - 11:07)
Друзья подскажите лучше ли эта прога чем Alarmed? На алармед сижу давно и она бесплатная. А у этой есть преимущество?
(15.09.14 - 11:23)
@Vladimir :
I have been using Alarmed for several years and use the Extra features. I am very happy with it except for some Cloud syncing issues. I bought Due to see what the hype is about. But I have not changed to it because it has only a few sounds. Alarmed has lots of sounds and I use different ones for different sort of reminders.
A reason to switch may be the use of back-url features. There are a lot of apps that can automate tasks (Launch Center Pro, ITTT, Drafts) that work with Due, but not with Alarmed.
A second reason may be syncing with Mac. Alarmed does not have an app for that and Due does.
If Alarmed found a way to integrate into the custom Reminders app in iOS8 I'll probably never leave it.
Allgemein (04.05.14 - 09:11)
Viel zu teuer für das bisschen Funktionalität. Bug beim Eingeben eines Termins: Zeit wird nicht übernommen, man muss nochmal rein und editieren. Testen die das überhaupt mal?
Allgemein (12.04.14 - 08:37)
Es el mejor. Sin lugar a dudas. Su rediseño es muy bueno. La programación, impecable. Y supera a todos con sus funciones de tareas y recordatorios en modo "hazlo ya o no pararé hasta desesperarte"
Allgemein (21.12.13 - 16:24)
Если есть важное событие/дело которое надо не пропустить/не забыть это лучшая напоминалка. Имхо)
Krishna Agarwal
Allgemein (21.12.13 - 14:22)
Gave it a try but will be sticking to I dint find it more useful compare to
Allgemein (21.12.13 - 12:45)
La seule qui m'oblige vraiment à faire ce que j'ai enregistré tellement le rappel est insupportable. A installer sans remords ! J'en ai essayé d'autres mais celle là est la meilleure.
Allgemein (06.12.13 - 08:56)
Есть ли тут возможность выставленя напоминания по таймеру в днях ?
Allgemein (15.07.13 - 04:52)
Too expensive. Load too long. Goid design tho
Allgemein (13.06.13 - 19:17)
Allgemein (05.01.13 - 14:06)
Allgemein (11.12.12 - 19:45)
Лучший в своей категории!!! Ничего лишнего. Своих денег стоит!
Allgemein (25.07.12 - 20:48)
Wow, what a pretty UI. I like the looks of this app better than another app that I've been using for the past six months to keep track of when to take out the trash and recycling and washer/dryer times. Due is CUSTOMISABLE!!! The timer-alert app I've been using thus far isn't as customisable.

I am such a snob when it comes to an app's appearance. To me, how an app looks DOES matter. And this one is pretty. And now I want it.

(25.07.12 - 22:50)
You reckon these apps are better than apple's bulit in reminders app?

Never seen the need to buy a new/different one tbh it does the job
(26.07.12 - 02:12)
Well, I like this app cuz it's PRETTIER than the iPhone's native reminder app. I am less likely to use a productivity app if it's not especially memorable to me (meaning: pretty, beautiful and/or well-organised).

The iPhone's native reminder app is simple, basic, and gets the job done. But I don't feel compelled to WANT to use it. It feels bland to me. I want to use a reminder app that is beautiful and is visually pleasing. And this one looks much nicer, IMO.
(26.02.17 - 16:49)
Allgemein (16.07.12 - 22:06)
Una de las mejores apps de recordatorios. Solo un fallo, pocos tonos de alarma. Imperdonable.
Allgemein (01.07.12 - 20:17)
Pour moi, indispensable car c est tellement énervant ce rappel toutes les minutes que je fais ce que j avais programmé !
Giulio Magnifico
Allgemein (08.05.12 - 23:52)
Ottima app, da avere, probabilmente per me la migliore per i reminders!
Allgemein (24.03.12 - 21:04)
Leider ziemlich teuer, aber sehr gut!
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Was ist Neu in dieser Version

Fixes bugs where:
• Reminders created from search bar are wrongly modified on the next search attempt
• Search not working properly after creating a reminder from search
• Portions of search results underlapping the keyboard
• Reminders/Timers may sometimes not be scrolled to top on launch
• Visual glitches on iPhone X
• “Delete Imported Reminders” button not localized and styled correctly

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Due Apps LLP
Entwickler Support:
Rubrik: Produktivität
Version: 2.6.1
Größe: 48 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 4,5
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

Mehr von: Due Apps LLP


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