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**Legacy Compatibility Update**

This update is for customers who previously purchased iA Writer Classic, which was removed from sale last year. New customers should purchase the new iA Writer with the “iA|” icon instead of this version.

OS >= 7.1


Allgemein (20.11.14 - 13:02)
What I want to know is, where can you find the Pro? Or do you have to first buy this and upgrade to the Pro?
(20.11.14 - 13:19)
You'll find the *iA Writer Pro*-App under the Developer: iA Labs GmbH
directly or set an price drop; there's no need to get the normal version first.
(20.11.14 - 13:26)
Ok so it does exist because it don't show here on AppZapp.

Thank you!!!
(20.11.14 - 13:42)
Ok now things are freaking me out because the Pro won't show on AppZapp and the none Pro won't show at the App Store.

I think they just discovered a new way to steal our money, I guess IAP's is not enough for them!
(20.11.14 - 16:05)
Hi, at this time if I do a search in AZ I find! The version-pro , But I was thinking, this App was initially about 20 € and then it became so obvious it is worth? I would think ������
Allgemein (18.11.14 - 02:53)
Program offers very primitive support for files stored in Dropbox. You must be online in order to access your notes. It doesn't keep any copies locally.
I will stick to PlainText instead. It offers local storage of notes from Dropbox and it queues updated notes to upload them once network is available.
(18.11.14 - 19:57)
Thank for hints. I'm aware of iCloud functionality but I don't use iCloud for notes creation and easy access (PC and web).
PlainText seems to be good enough for me :)
(18.11.14 - 20:27)
Byword??? Nemohu nic takového najít. Nějaký odkaz?
EDIT: aha, není dostupný v Czech Store :-(
(18.11.14 - 20:52)
Thank you. Děkuji :-)
(19.11.14 - 05:28)
And what's exactly is the problem with using iCloud and Windows?
(19.11.14 - 08:47)
The reasons I asked is because the iCloud works just fine on windows 7, I don't know anything about windows 8, also what happened to your Mac?
(19.11.14 - 09:28)
Sorry my mistake.
Just read the whole thing, don't know how I missed it!
Thanks for correcting me.
(19.11.14 - 21:20)
Thanks for info about iCloud for Windows.
I'm still using Windows Vista so this option is not available for me. I have to use Dropbox.
(18.06.15 - 01:57)
How do you use iCloud on a Windows PC?
If you mean to use it via a web-browser at -- your answer would look funny... :)
Ewa Nilsson
Allgemein (17.11.14 - 22:33)
I really feel cheated !!! ���� It says the app s price cut but when I open the app, I get a statement that I can download the PRO app ... for the same price that was before the price cut. So deceived and disappointed ... money back should it be. There was nothing in the text that informed me that I am inside the app could make the purchase!
(17.11.14 - 23:07)
@Ewa Nilsson:
Hi Ewa, I understand that you feel taken for a ride, but in fact are two apps and IA Writer Pro is now discounted to € 4.49 instead of € 8.99.
And then in the IA Writer gives you the opportunity to go to the pros.
Do you need advice? Please note that you have taken to € 0.89.
The deal did you really ��������
(18.11.14 - 19:07)
Achtung bei der Begründung, soweit ich gelesen hatte werden fälschlicherweise gekaufte Apps nicht zurückerstattet. Funktioniert sie nicht, oder entspricht sie nicht der Beschreibung ist es etwas anderes.
(18.11.14 - 21:56)
Thanks Piet did not think it was possible to recover, it never happened, but in this case no effect is strange because the Pro version has the same discount on the price of the normal version at full price, I can understand why she was angry Ewa, however, as I always love the transparency and perhaps this case should be managed in a better way !!
Ciao Piet ����
(18.11.14 - 22:48)
Hello @Astrocat,
What is the main difference between this and the Pro version?
(19.11.14 - 08:07)
I only have the normal version, the Pro seems that the main difference is the synthax control. But it makes you think it has gone from almost € 20 then € 8.99 and then € 4.99.
I think the heart is the normal version �� then embroidery is the pro version. For the writer or the app is very Semice for writing notes and more.
Or if you need a comprehensive tool should be organized and studied for it. For example, I use Storyist, maybe you know it really is a complete tool for those who love writing, screenwriting, or simply to take notes. Ciao Apptime ��✨��

You must first buy these writing app, see the language that supports it seems trivial, but it is not.
(19.11.14 - 10:25)
Ich glaube auch das Ewa sich wehren kann.

Und ja genau, die Formulierung meinte ich. Wählt man die, wird die Reklamation (so wie ich es gesehen habe) - automatisch - abgelehnt und mit einem Passus aus den AGB's begründet.

Mag sein, dass Andere, eine andere Erfahrung gemacht haben. Für mich sah es jedoch nach Automatismus aus, daher dachte ich (wie du gesagt hast) ich Weise rasch darauf hin.

Wenn man ja schon mal einmal eine App reklamiert, möchte man sich ja nicht gleich noch über eine Ablehnung, ärgern. ��

In meinem Fall musste ich es dann nochmals versuchen, 'andere Gründe' oder so ähnlich wählen, beschreiben, und nach einem hin und her per Mail, wurde der Betrag dann (ausnahmsweise) erstattet.

(19.11.14 - 12:20)
Genau. �� Ausprobieren, sehen was passiert. Ist den meisten schon mal so gegangen, dass sie daneben gegriffen haben - und nun 'erfahrener' sind. ��
(20.11.14 - 13:00)
I bought Apps and then pressed on refund many times before had no problems doing so.
(20.11.14 - 16:06)
I believe you that. I've experienced if you hit 'accidentally bought', you'll get an automatic rejection and that's why i've recommended not to use this reason if you want to get a refund.
Allgemein (14.11.14 - 19:52)
Фигня, 30 руб цена.
Allgemein (06.11.14 - 08:55)
Купил бы, если бы был уверен что оно мне необходимо. А так брать за 4,50€ я не стану. Жду скидки.
Allgemein (15.09.14 - 12:29)
Простой, удобный, функциональный. Пишу тексты только в нем.

Allgemein (01.01.14 - 06:00)
这么久不更新,在IOS 7下bug一大堆,开发出一个贵极了的writer pro,我看了一下大家的评论,都说太贵了不值,我想你正在消耗用户的忠诚。
Allgemein (17.11.13 - 03:33)
Сделайте пожалуйста 0,89€ не успел купить на распродаже.
(17.11.13 - 10:45)
Вам бесплатных аналогов не хватает? :)
(17.11.13 - 10:55)
Добрый день!
Посоветуйте пожалуйста бесплатную альтернативу. Интересует возможность копировать выделенный текст из статей, форумов на компьютере с последующим прочтением на айфоне и наоборот. Принцип как в " pocket", вот только мне не нужно всю страницу сохранять.
Евернот не предлагать, жадность разработчиков зашкаливает и дизайн не нравится.
(17.11.13 - 19:57)
Судя по хотелкам, вам нужен настоящий комбайн, чтобы и скриншоты делал, ссылки сохранял, заметки. Увы, но я такой программы не встречал.
Взамен, могу посоветовать OneNote и StampNote для простых заметок. Хотя, приложение от микрософт полностью решает все мои аналогичные задачи, имеет синхронизацию со своим облаком, стабильную онлайн версию, также полноценный клиент для Мак и ПК.
(17.11.13 - 20:26)
Также советую Outline+, полный аналог Onenote.
(18.11.13 - 23:32)
Еще как вариант: My Webnotes от Crew Designs.
(18.11.13 - 23:39)
Спасибо, сейчас все гляну.
Allgemein (08.09.13 - 01:29)
С какого перепугу такую цену поставили? Обычный текстовик. Не видно чтобы разработчики пахали над ней. 33 руб ей цена не более!
Professor Snape
Allgemein (04.07.13 - 09:35)
Daedalus MUCH better and with iCloud and Dropbox integration.
In app navigation and filing system is much faster than the tree directory protocol!!
Allgemein (20.02.13 - 01:16)
Great with its mac companion. Using iCloud I can switch easily between devices and the text is always the most recent version (no need to save & sync)
Allgemein (19.02.13 - 23:14)
Bad update, they made the landscape font small, on the mini you'll need a magnifying glass to read your text lol, thanks for this crap iawriter team
Allgemein (28.11.12 - 16:21)
About the only good thing that sets this app apart from other simple text editors is it's great Dropbox integration, which allows you to browse and edit notes right where they are - Dropbox, without a need for constant loading, uploading, syncing etc. Another bonus is an iPhone version of the app. Feature wise iA Writer has got a lot to learn from the likes of iWriter or Enso Writer (in turn, these apps could think over their Dropbox support which is seriously lacking).

If anyone knows of a plain (and I mean plain, no fancy stuff like Nebulous Notes) text editor that is similar in features to iWriter, but has a proper Dropbox integration, please, let me know :)
Allgemein (08.10.12 - 19:53)
Diese 4 bzw. 5 Euro (wenn man sich auch die Mac App gönnt) sind bestens investiert. Manchmal aber selten mag ich es auch mal schlicht, somit ist diese App nicht nur was für Puristen, sondern überzeugt auch Leute wie mich, die in der Regel mehr Funktionen brauchen. Ohne Schnick Schnack schreiben und alles in der iCloud sichern und Zuhause einfach weiter im Text. Die App läuft flüssig, ohne Abstürze auf allen Apple Systemen. So stell ich es mir vor.
Für Studenten ideal. Da kann man seine Notizen nach der Vorlesung, wenigstens noch lesen! Auch für schnelle html Notizen bestens geeignet.
In Pages, OpenOffice o.ä. kann man das Geschriebene immer noch mit Layout aufpeppen, wenn man es präsentieren muss. Ich persönlich editiere das Layout selten unterwegs, ich schreibe lieber nur. Darum hat sich die Kombi Mac App + iPad App hier sehr gelohnt.
Allgemein (01.10.12 - 16:19)
Allgemein (19.09.12 - 23:44)
Finally the iA Writer developers have listen to their customers.
Update 1.7 is out today, the iCloud and Dropbox bug is fixed and markdown preview is included plus some useful features like export as html and more.
5 stars :)
Allgemein (16.08.12 - 10:37)
Scam app, they selling it couse of the name and everyone think its like the Mac app but its not, not even near like the Mac app. Markdown preview is fully missing. Read the complaints in their forum. Dont know why this app has good reviews, every free editor can do the same and even more like Arrow Note, Enso Writer or Nebulous Notes light.
(28.11.12 - 16:06)
Not really. Arrow notes does not have Dropbox support, iWriter's (which I assume you're referring to) Dropbox sync is a joke (you have to download, then upload, then changes do not sync properly if you happen to mess with the file in between), Enso writer also has just a rudimentary DB support which is not very useful and again, iWriter does not have an iPhone app. So don't tell everyone it's a scam app, it's not exactly fair. That being said, iA Writer could implement some of iWriter's features - for example night/day mode, fonts etc. Or iWriter could use proper DB browse/sync. I currently use both which is a nuisance.
(30.11.12 - 12:28)
Hey Pola, i wrote this comment for a old version of this app, i m using it on my ipad and the new version works great for me, cant find any bugs and the synchron for icloud and dropbox works seamless, the old version of iawriter was really a joke compering it with the mac version. I had posted a updated comment one post above this.
Allgemein (15.08.12 - 20:23)
Simple... And I love it!
Allgemein (04.06.12 - 10:11)
Классный текстовик!!! Лекции в универе пишутся и падают сразу в Dropbox или iCloud , никуда ничего не денется!!! отличный текстовый редактор с функцией синхронизации в известные облака!+++
Allgemein (02.05.12 - 21:57)
This is totally worth it, I got the mac version and I love it, its really good for writers.
Allgemein (10.03.12 - 12:40)
You can find similar apps for free.
Sergey Manvelov
(12.03.12 - 22:10)
Какие например?
Aday Fleitas
(21.10.12 - 11:37)
(21.10.12 - 12:56)
I take Cool Writer on sale for 0$
But anyway. IA Writer and other writers on ios use unwillingness people to read the documentation of iOS.

Can't find exact place on manual, but here the link:

So native Notes application can made the same things.

BTW iA Writer use mono spaced font!!!!! Like in console! And it not have ability to chance font stile!

Useless application for me.
(21.10.12 - 14:01)
А по-русски не судьба написать? Будет наверняка понятнее, англоязычным пользователям в том числе. ��
(21.10.12 - 14:13)
(21.10.12 - 17:33)
Тогда подучите английский. А то стыдно, знаете ли.
(21.10.12 - 18:32)
Grammar nazi? ( ̄Д ̄)ノ
Allow to correct my sentence! Peace! ����
Allgemein (04.11.11 - 15:25)
Schade, dass es keine deutsche Version gibt!
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5,49 €

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