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If you’re learning guitar and can’t get over the hump, Rock Prodigy is for you.

Learn guitar with us: Rock Prodigy app puts you in the band to learn guitar. You'll hear what it sounds like to be in a band, helping you learn faster, stick with it longer, and get you over the hump.

Unlike boring books, gimmicky games, or random tips and tricks, Rock Prodigy's patented method combines lessons, exercises, challenges, riffs, songs, videos, photos, diagrams, descriptions, and more all in a personalized learning path that tracks your progress.

Welcome to Rock Prodigy. Welcome to your new life with guitar!

It's fun, sometimes challenging, but always awesome. You'll be playing guitar sooner than you think.

Rock Prodigy is proudly featured by Fender, the world's premier guitar maker.

See what others are saying:

• "WINNER" Appy Awards, Education
• #1 Top Grossing Music App in 20 Countries
• "GREAT" MacObserver

For guitar input you need one of the following:
• If you are using an acoustic guitar:
• An internal or external computer microphone

If you are using an electric guitar:
• An adapter like Fender Slide
• OR a small, clean amp that is loud enough for the device's microphone to pick up

Headphones are recommended when using an acoustic guitar.

OS >= 7.0


Allgemein (05.07.14 - 20:22)
Thanks developers, i got the paid version for free a while back. It changed back to paid, with all the lessons available.. Now its free, but with in-app for more than 2 lessons.. Where are the lessons that i had access to before it went to in-app purchase?
Allgemein (01.06.14 - 19:44)
Only the first 2 lessons are get access for the others you have to pay
Alex Surkov
Allgemein (28.05.14 - 18:06)
Цена космос 50$ не знаю какой дурак купит без акции
Mark Jefferson
Allgemein (28.05.14 - 16:31)
This app is useful but yet not user friendly, interface needs to be improved. I removed it. Definitely it is not worth the regular price. You may grab while it is free and give a try. I do not recommend it though.
Allgemein (28.05.14 - 13:33)
OMG amazing now free A 200$ SALE get this awesome app the quickest possible b4 its too late ����
Allgemein (28.05.14 - 06:57)
Registrierung erforderlich
Needs registration :-(
T͜͡i͜͡f͜͡a͜͡ -͟͟ w͟͟w͟͟w͟͟.͟͟t͟͟i͟͟f͟͟a͟͟s͟͟p͟͟a͟͟g͟͟e͟͟.͟͟n͟͟e͟͟t͟͟
Allgemein (28.05.14 - 06:39)
Momentan wieder kostenlos ✨
(28.05.14 - 07:38)
Genau !!!! Dank !!!
Oh oh Rock-Tifa ��������
T͜͡i͜͡f͜͡a͜͡ -͟͟ w͟͟w͟͟w͟͟.͟͟t͟͟i͟͟f͟͟a͟͟s͟͟p͟͟a͟͟g͟͟e͟͟.͟͟n͟͟e͟͟t͟͟
(28.05.14 - 22:47)
@Astrocat ����:
Gerne für Astrocat ☺��������
(28.05.14 - 22:51)
Glückliche Tifa, ein Lächeln von Astrocat
Sagar Manglani
Allgemein (11.09.13 - 22:23)
This is ultimate. 200$ to 100$ sale +inapp???? Suck it **%^*>^$
Allgemein (04.08.13 - 16:15)
Once again, there has to be the assholes who give an app thumbs down, who haven't even tried it! You're just pissed off that it costs so much, well, for your information, this dev gave people over 6 months to download this app for free and for very reasonable prices, just because you missed their specials isn't their fault! QUIT GIVING GOOD APPS A BAD NAME BY GIVING THUMBS DOWN WHEN YOU'VE NEVER EVEN USED THEM! There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with this app, so get over yourselves!!!!��
My apologies to everyone else, who had to read this. ��
(12.02.14 - 08:40)
and really expensive so much, but what sense does it make a discount so high and then discover that some do have it for free, you are a bit confused, but I will never take an App so expensive without even a lite version of the test, and the question of principle :))))))
(28.05.14 - 07:50)
So, you don't like an app and immediately you are an AssHole!!?? You must have a problem dude ��!!
(28.05.14 - 08:31)
Wow. That's quite a bit of projecting though. Unfortunately, downthumbs do not reveal what the intention of the reviewer was. Still, in lieu of sufficient information one shouldn't rely on a hunch of hiveminded selfishness. There are plenty of reasons to dislike an app. The fact that there are people who want everything to be free for themselves doesn't magically confer sacred cow status to an app which happens to feature IAPs no matter how good it may be or how generous the dev is.
(29.05.14 - 10:01)
This fake account has a mild point, if his assumptions are correct.

I, on the other hand, dislike the app not only for its incredible initial pricetag that I would regret if it wasnt just curiosity that got me to buy it before it went on sale, but because it is incredibly buggy; the audio mixer rarely works correctly, the reference track cuts out constantly, the feedback system is a non working gimmick, and despite the huge entry fee to the basic app, the actual content is still hidden away behind more IAPs. Not to mention the fact that, except for the youtube videos embedded in the HTML, the whole app looks like a website from about 1998.

The actual content seems decent.. I've been giving guitar lessons for about 10 years, and I like what I unlocked, and what I didn't unlock sounded like it would make for a good progression of skills. Unfortunately as buggy as the features in the app are, I would just learn off of youtube altogether instead of dropping hundreds of dollars on this.
Allgemein (10.05.13 - 14:28)
This app is awesome...but I got it for free. Price is a bit steep, but so are guitar lessons.
(02.06.13 - 19:06)
I also got this app for free, but i deleted it because you needed to buy the lessons via in-app purchase. Now i'm downloading it again to see if its better now.
(04.08.13 - 15:13)
Yes, my son takes guitar lessons (I also got this app for free), and they cost $100/mo just for four lessons!

On this app, it looks like each song costs $3.99/ea, but I'm not sure if that includes the lessons? Does each lesson cost also, do either of you know? I should hope not, due to the cost of the app!
(04.08.13 - 16:33)
Heh...'93-'96 my bass guitar lessons cost 150 per session...usually every other week.
(05.08.13 - 16:19)
You get a bunch of lessons included...this isn't a scam app. The tech is quite amazing,frankly.
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Much faster, easy-to-use interface and navigation
More videos
More photos and diagrams
Even more fun lessons, tips, exercises, tunes
Minor bug fixes

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Entwickler: The Way of H, Inc.
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