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Wer kennt schon noch die alten Super 8-Filme. Wir möchten dieses ausgestorbene Filmformat fördern und der jungen Generation näher bringen. iSupr8 ist zudem ein perfektes Instrument für Filmemacher, die den klassischen, authentischen Super 8-Look in ihren Filmen benötigen.

Neu in Version 2.0
•12 / 18 / 24 Bilder pro Sekunde wählbar
•Kratzer im Film, Vignettierung, Körnung und mehr manuell wählbar
•Sets mit Einstellungen können gespeichert werden
•Film Burn, Vorspann und Frames als Option
•Neues vordefiniertes Filmmaterial
•Erweitertes iSupr8 Sharing und Community

•Professionelle Tru8™ Verarbeitung
•Sharing auf Facebook und Twitter
•Import aus dem Album
•Versand per E-Mail
•Speichern im Album
•Sharing von Geo-Tagged Videos bei Snapr
•Kompression des Films für Sharing wählbar
•Grosser Sucher
•Gedrehte Filme können erneut entwickelt werden
•Unbegrenzte Aufzeichnungszeit in HD ¹
•Einfach zu bedienendes User-Interface
•Aufzeichnen mit 360p / 480p / 720p Auflösung ²
•LED-Blitz beim iPhone 4 wählbar
•iSupr8 Community: Browse, Share & Follow
•Unterstützung von AirPlay

¹ Maximale Filmlänge variabel, je nach Speicherkapazität des Geräts
² Abhängig von der Hardware des Geräts

Entdecke den klassischen Look von Super 8-Filmen. iSupr8 ist eine App für Videoaufnahmen, die jeden Pixel des Bildes anhand der Belichtung bewertet und verändert, sowie Effekte und Farbstiche hinzufügt. Der Film wird dadurch zu einem echten Retro-Kunstwerk.

Bei der Entwicklung von iSupr8 haben wir grossen Wert darauf gelegt, eine möglichst authentische Licht- und Farbabstimmung zu realisieren und keine Filter oder simple Überlagerungen im Licht- und Farbgebungsprozess verwendet.

Sehen Sie das Video

OS >= 5.0


Allgemein (20.12.15 - 00:23)
СтОринный?��разраб,ошибка стОрик
(20.12.15 - 21:02)
(20.12.15 - 22:09)
Сторинный от слова store, неужели не очевидно?��
Professor Snape
Allgemein (19.12.15 - 20:42)
App has what seems like hundreds of IAP's.
It is not any better than the other full featured 8mm app simulators that are $1.99 - with all features included.
Sergey Yudin
Allgemein (19.12.15 - 19:57)
Oh no, too big
Allgemein (30.12.14 - 12:18)
File size too big
Allgemein (18.09.13 - 09:06)
Professor Snape
Allgemein (16.08.13 - 00:24)
I have used the app AND dislike it. It has the resolution of the same shill filters of other apps used over, over, and over again.
8mm (NEXVIO) and Vintage Scene (JIXIPIX) are very believable and even have the sound over-dubb of an 8mm project if you wish to include that!
Allgemein (26.05.13 - 14:11)
All you idiots giving this apps thumbs down need to pull your head out of your ass!!! First of all, thumbs are only for having USED the app and disliked it. Second of all, this is by FAR one of the best photo apps in the AppStore! If you knew a single thing about photography you'd know that and wouldn't have idiotically given it a thumbs down!
(26.05.13 - 17:12)
So true...I do wish the app was smaller though...I feel like I've been lustily gazing upon it in iTunes, all the while knowing it won't be with me for long...I just don't have the space right now!
Chris222 GR
(18.09.13 - 09:52)
I personally liked that app but how do you know the people that disliked it haven't tried it? OMG! And, finally who are you to tell people what to do and what don't do? Last time i checked it was a free world, stop doing this in every app you THINK doesn't worth the dislikes. You should know that there is a thing called 'personal taste'.
Chris222 GR
(18.09.13 - 10:01)
P.S. i used to read your reviews 'cos i found them really useful but these kind of comments are not cool
(20.09.13 - 19:03)
Is all that insulting necessary to state your point? People should be free to express themselves without the risk of getting insulted. Shame!
(22.09.13 - 03:12)
C'mon ppl, read her recent stuff. She has calmed down. A lot!
Jan de Draak
(08.10.13 - 15:47)
LoL. With such i reccomandation
i will have to try it!
(08.10.13 - 17:43)
You so truly rock!!! Thank you for saying that, Ota! That really made me feel good today!!!�� You are right, this comment was left almost a year ago. In explanation of my anger at the time, this was right about the time SO many people started using AppZapp all at once, and those of us using it for so many years, were very respectful of what our actions in the thumbs section had on an app. When leaving only a bunch of thumbs down, but no explanation, gives the impression there is something wrong with the app, not just that people may not like it in general. Well, this had begun to happen exponentially more around that time, people leaving thumbs down with no explanation. Actually, if you see other users leaving similar (but maybe less angry) comments, they're almost always those of us who've used AppZapp for so long. We got used to doing it in the way I've tried to explain here, and it really is a very helpful system, if used the way it was intended. As well, a lot of devs have started coming to AppZapp to check the status of their apps, and reading the comments, and from a dev standpoint, a bunch of thumbs down, and no explanation as to why, helps them even less than it helps us users. How can they improve their app without any helpful feedback as to why people are disliking it?

I thank you, again, Ota, for standing up for me, someone you don't even know other than from here! That's a great person, someone who would do that! ��
(08.10.13 - 17:54)
@Jan de Draak:
Thank you! My apologies to everyone for using the inappropriate language! I may have been having a bad day, and came upon this app and took it out there. I guess who knows, with the comment being left so long ago? It still isn't a good enough (if there evne is one?!) enough excuse to have blown up that way. My apologies to anyone who may have been offended?
(08.10.13 - 17:57)
@Chris222 GR:
Please see my two comments here under two other user's names. I didn't mean to offend anyone, but hopefully my explanations may help to explain why I reacted that way? My apologies for having offended you! ☺
(08.10.13 - 17:58)
You are correct, my apologies! Please see my other two comments here as well for more understanding? Thank you.
Chris222 GR
(08.10.13 - 18:10)
You're most welcome. No hard feelings :)
(08.10.13 - 18:33)
@Chris222 GR:
Thank you for being so understanding, I didn't mean to be so offensive! I generally don't talk like that!�� Must've been a REALLY bad day?!
Chris222 GR
(08.10.13 - 19:42)
Don't worry about it. We all have bad moments. Waiting for your next helpful review ��
Jan de Draak
(08.10.13 - 23:11)
LoL np. Didnt take offence. I thought u were probably the creator of the app or his/her gf or something :)

But i understand yr irritation. Internet is so full of lazy, talentless lozers who only critisize things others develop. U see the same thing with jail..brea..ks. People work there ass of to make this stuff for free and them bitches whine and shout when something doesnt work, mostly because they mess up themselfs.
(11.10.13 - 04:06)
How admirable is a person who acknowledges their mistakes! You're a valuable poster. Thanks for your response.
Have a great day!
(11.10.13 - 04:24)
@Jan de Draak:
Yes, that is a lot of where my frustration comes from - people whine and whine - I've seen some people throw a four year old tantrum over what an app's icon looks like because they don't like it! That's crazy to me!

I wondered if it was the same rude, mean reviewers in the jailbroken appstore? Why did I expect any better, I guess?

I appreciate your understanding very much! Have a nice day! ��
(11.10.13 - 04:29)
Thank you so much! I try to be what I teach my kids to be. It used to make me so angry and hurt, as a child, when my parents couldn't admit their mistakes or faults, so I try to show my children that I'm not perfect either, and that I not only know it, but am not ashamed to admit it, either. I'd like to think that has given them more respect for me? I have a 16 year old and 8 year old, and feel I have good relationships with both of them!�� They know I love them and I try very hard to be a good example. It's not always easy this day, but it never hurts to make one's best effort! I appreciate you acknowledging me! It means a lot! ☺��

You have a great day as well!
(11.10.13 - 04:34)
Yes, it does have a rather HUGE file size! I hadn't really noticed it until you pointed it out, though! I may have to make space on my device now that you've pointed it out! �� Lol! Guess I'd be the epitome of a true hypocrite if I did after my tantrum, though!? Lol! It is a good app, but there are others I've run across since finding this one, that are good, or even better, though, so save space and try one of the ones recommend in the other comments on this app first?

You know, you can "download" this app, even if you don't have enough space, it will say that you don't, and it still allows you to keep the app in your cloud? Just delete it after it attempts to download and it saves to your iCloud. Hope this helps!
Jan de Draak
(13.10.13 - 05:03)
GD now its not free anymore!!!
(13.10.13 - 05:31)
@Jan de Draak:
Lol!!!! Murphy sucks! ��
Allgemein (09.03.13 - 14:08)
Ça fait longtemps que j'ai cette application, très jolie mais, un peu lourde. Elle prend beaucoup trop d'espèce dans la mémoire, plus de 400MB
Ro Ni
Allgemein (08.03.13 - 09:01)
To much space for my taste but works fine
Pablo Espinoza
Allgemein (08.03.13 - 03:56)
Not free! Boohoo!
Allgemein (18.01.13 - 06:03)
Allgemein (18.01.13 - 04:02)
It's good.
Try "8mm vintage camera" too.
Both are top.
Allgemein (21.11.12 - 19:04)
Zugegeben die Ergebnisse haben einen nostalgischen Reiz; aber man muss auf jeden viel zulange darauf warten. Zu dem nimmt die App. mit 400 MB zuviel Raum ein. Die vielen IAPs tun ihren Teil wohl dazu bei. Hätte man bestimmt besser lösen können.
Die ganze App. errinnert stark an die "Hipstamatic" Foto App. �� Wohl doch der gleiche Entwickler?!? ��
Allgemein (19.11.12 - 23:31)
I really hate app with IAP especially when app is free
Allgemein (19.11.12 - 04:22)
It's not freeee
(19.11.12 - 20:21)
German App Store/19.11. = Free!
Neil Lee
Allgemein (09.06.12 - 10:00)
It's a big guy!
Allgemein (01.06.12 - 01:26)
Takes some time to fully understand how this app works, but when I did, I love it. This isn't like other videography apps. The videos produced have unique artistic effects. Can import videos from Camera Roll to be edited inside the app. There's some in-app purchases to extend the creative features of this app.
(01.06.12 - 01:28)
A caution - 'developing' can't be done in the background, means you have to have the app opens while it's processing videos.
(07.06.12 - 05:39)
Move revire, thanks
(07.06.12 - 05:39)
Nice review, thanks
Allgemein (25.05.12 - 16:27)
Über 400MB!?!?!?!?!?
Schon richtig heftig und eindeutig zuviel Speicherbedarf.
Nein, da brauche ich den eh schon knapp bemessenen Flash-Speicher für wichtigeres.
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3,49 €

für iPhone + für iPad


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