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Powerful Photo Editor for your iPad, the App that allows you to be creative with your photos.

You will find all the tools that you will need to enhance or decorate your photos.

Like on iPhone, PhotoWizard for iPad also comes with it's powerful masking feature. Using masking you can selectively edit your pictures; apply filters and effects only on the parts of your photo that you want to modify. This alone gives you enormous power to be creative with your photos, achieving unique effects.

In addition to working with single image, you can also blend two photos with 8 different blending modes and using mask on the foreground image.

Feature list...

• 22 photo correcting filters. (listed below).
• More than 100 instant special effects.
• Crop.
• Straighten.
• Rotate/Flip.
• Add text.
• Clone Stamp.
• Selective Copy/Paste/Blend two photos with 18 blending modes and transparency.
• Masking tool, 8 of them.
• Supports both landscape and portrait modes.
• Export upto 21 megapixel on iPad 2 and 8 megapixel on iPad 1.
• Unlimited Undo/Redo.
• Auto Save Session.
• History viewer and jump history.
• Export images to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr, and mail.

Filters include...

➣ Brightness, Exposure, Contrast.
➣ Hue, Saturation.
➣ Shadow/Highlight recovery.
➣ Color Balance (separately for highlights, mid-tones or shadows)
➣ Sharpen.
➣ Unsharp Mask.
➣ Gaussian Blur.
➣ Motion Blur.
➣ Zoom blur.
➣ Curves of Value, Red, Green and Blue (with option to save/reuse your own curves).
➣ Histogram of Value, Red, Green and Blue.
➣ Auto Level.
➣ Auto Equalize.
➣ Temperature.
➣ Auto White Balance.
➣ Auto Contrast.
➣ Auto Color Enhance.
➣ Channel Mixer.
➣ Soft Focus.
➣ Adjustable Sepia.
➣ Colorize.
➣ Gradient (linear, rectangular and radial) with 18 blending modes.
➣ Red Eye Reduction.
➣ Selective Heal.

In effects section, you will find large collection of effects and also things like adjustable border, vignette, reflection, drop shadow etc.

If you want to see the app in action, you can watch the following YouTube videos...

OS >= 4.3


Allgemein (05.12.16 - 05:03)
Last Update 30.08.2012!
Allgemein (01.07.16 - 06:31)
Does anyone know if this abandoned app works in iOS 9.3.2
(01.07.16 - 07:46)
Yes still works on Air 2 latest iOS version.
Max save resolution is 4096x4096 for 1:1 ratio images, a 4:3 saved at max 5020x3839.
Lots of filters and effects, filters are not adjustable but textures, light leaks, bokeh etc are adjustable for intensity but not rotation or flipping.
Complete exposure settings and includes curves or modification by colour channel.
You can blend images together with masking.
Overall a pretty good app.
Concern of course is no updates in about 4 years and probably will break at some point with little hope of a fix.

There are other full feature apps out there.
(01.07.16 - 07:48)
Thank you so much for your information����. Much appreciated ��
Tara L Conklin
Allgemein (18.08.12 - 17:06)
This app has become my go to app for processing photos for my blog. I like that I can add layers and the adjustments make my photos look amazing. See some of them on my blog
Allgemein (07.06.12 - 05:03)
Из фоторедакторов выбрал этот.
Allgemein (03.06.12 - 23:29)
De mis apps favoritas. Es la leche para hacer capas y combinar imágenes. No hay nada iwal ni mas sencillo y eficaz. Bajaaaaaaaa
Allgemein (03.06.12 - 23:26)
A ver si se animan y lo sacan también para el iPhone!!!
(04.06.12 - 20:48)
Yo la tengo en el iPhone Akira, míralo bien seguro que la encuentras, aunque la tengo desde hace bastante tiempo. Es de mis preferidas.
pitu moni
(05.06.12 - 00:11)
La hay si miras todas las apps del vendedor hay una versión para iPhone (de 1'59) y otra para iPad
(05.06.12 - 00:58)
Gracias chicos! Pero gratis no la encuentro...cuando estuvo a 0,79 se me escapó obstante, ya puse alerta de precio ;) saludos y gracias de nuevo!!
(05.06.12 - 01:00)
Aaaaah ahora me doy cuenta de mi comentario principal jeje quise decir que a ver si se animan y la sacan también para iPhone, pero gratis!!!
Allgemein (03.06.12 - 23:21)
Coole App. für etwas Spaß auf dem iPad optimal.
Allgemein (16.03.12 - 13:57)
La facilidad para hacer mascaras es la osss. Puedes guardar png con transparencias
(06.12.13 - 23:17)
What is the maximum output resolution ?
(06.12.13 - 23:34)
More than 21 MPX this is the top of my reflex. XD
(07.12.13 - 00:05)
When you get to the save section you are given choices on how large, 1024, 1600, 2048, 3072, 4096, 5120 and max. Max or 5120 for example saved my 4600 wide test image at 4600.
Some really nice effects and intensity sliders. Quite a good app.
It does take longer to save as it re-renders each applied effect. I did one with 3 effects and it took just short of a minute. More effects would take longer but it does a good job.
I would like to see you able to rotate light leaks, textures etc so you can get them right where you want but it's a small quibble.

Be sure to check out their YouTube page under Photowizardtutorial some 90 videos showing how to do almost anything.
(07.12.13 - 01:58)
Cant you move and rotate layers ?

The thing is - i have Leonardo and its great - but it has limited resolution ... (I think less than 4MP ) - so i am now thinking about this as a masking/cropping/layering tool ...
(07.12.13 - 02:57)
Effects and Light Leaks could be rotated but it is not straight forward. Effects and Light Leaks are tracked by the app but not treated as an editable layer so while you can mask part of an image and not have the texture there it can't be moved or rotated.

How you could do it would be to open a white blank image, apply the Effect, Texture or Light Leak etc and save that as an image, then you can use layers to load the original and the new texture etc to blend the two images. In that part of the app you can move or rotate the images if you wanted to.

I would like to see rotation at least incorporated into the effects so that they could easily be done.

I do have Superimpose, another of this developers apps and I use it a lot rather then using the in-app blending of PhotoWizard. I do make my own textures or I did make a black white photo some time ago so I could get textures out of other apps.
(07.12.13 - 05:05)
Leonardo saves at max 2592x2592 or 6.7mp so a decent size.
I like how Light Leak works in this app, wish PhotoWizard had the same.

That said if you have Leonardo there is no point to getting PhotoWizard unless your going to need the larger saved images. Other thing you could do is use Big Photo
(07.12.13 - 12:28)
Thats the point for me - i want the ability to edit large photos (and am STILL on the lookout for great advanced masking and "cropped image" fx for layering features (i would love to find an option to add "inner glow and shadow and stroke to cutouts ... Dont know if this does it but it can save png ;)

I love Leonardo - but the dev said he didnt see it upgrade to full res in the near future :/

I wanted to get superimpose initially but it is iOS 6.1+ so i cant run it.

I have blender now for full-res blending - but the masking tools in it suck ....
(07.12.13 - 16:10)
Hmm ... Dev said this :
"Both Leonardo and Superimpose should be able to handle up to 16MP (max resolution is 4096) of size on iPad 4. You just need to go to settings and set the highest resolution available."
(07.12.13 - 16:45)
I'm back IN LOVE with this program (and Dev ;)
(07.12.13 - 17:06)
SuperImpose save settings are under info, max 4096x4096, 16.77mp
Leonardo save settings are under help, max 4096x4096
PhotoWizard save settings are on the request or for saving (makes the most sense to me), max 5120x5120, 26.21mp

I had never gone looking for save resolution in either SuperImpose or Leonardo before, mostly working with smaller ie up to about 8-10mp and posting to MobiTog it is limited to 2048x2048 so that's about what I have been using.
(07.12.13 - 17:13)
Yeah - i didnt find the resulution settings in Leonard by myself ... (I suggested switching the icon from help to gears ...;)

In my version it doesnt list the resolution - just "high" - "very high" ... (Which is how i feel when using this app ;)
(07.12.13 - 17:19)
Very high is the 4096x4096
The 2592 that I mentioned earlier is default size setting before I found where it was hidden ��

Would be nice if it was consistent in location and wording.

But I do like his apps a lot!
(07.12.13 - 19:59)
The best app is Laminar. Is just like a mini photoshop
(07.12.13 - 20:22)
Who is the author of Laminar?
(07.12.13 - 20:29)
Ohhhh my god. I can't find it !!!

Laminar PRO by Pranav Kapoor
Pink Lady
(07.12.13 - 20:37)
@NeoCroma: My copy on iTunes lists the developer as Pranav Kapoor.
But, you are right, the app does indeed appear to have vanished from the AppStore.
(07.12.13 - 20:39)
@Pink Lady:
Yes. Thanks. Ventessa is the web page.

I'm investigating. May be a problem with de 2.0 version. I hope the app will be in the AppStore soon. Is the best app I known.
(08.12.13 - 16:37)
Yeah - i read that there were some problems with laminar and iOS7 so they pulled it off the Appstore until they fix it ... Was also curious about it ...;)
(08.12.13 - 16:41)
Does photowizard have extra masking tools that leonardo doesnt have ? (Except the option to save mask?)

I'm loving Leonardo and iColorama ... Photoforge is a little slow (full res "previews") and i need to check out photofusion - it sounds amazing in the desc. (But no ipad version ...;)
PS touch is nice - but somehow i find it lacking in exotic functionality ;)

Need to try laminar too ....
(08.12.13 - 16:49)
The best tool of PhotoWizard is the fast way to create mask layers. Is the app with better border detection of the AppStore, but you only can work with one layer. You have all the options to bend this layer.

Photoshop Touch is a fantastic tool, but it has the limit of 12MPX, but with a lot of layers. You can do all you want with this app.

The best is Laminar. I hope come back to the AppStore soon. Laminar has all in one, and all work fine.

(08.12.13 - 19:01)
Interesting ... I am looking for a good "automask". - the best one i found so far that i liked was in afterfocus ....

As for photoshop touch - i also remembered a res limitation - but i have just used it with 16MP (4k x 4k) and full res output (although because of the size - you are limited to only 2 layers ... Same as in procreate btw ...)

Set a price alert for photowizard - but i might just purchase - i feel i need to support this dev a bit ;). Still - i dont want to purchase something i wont use because i have Leonardo (or the others i mentioned ... Plus photofusion + imageblender .... ;)

Will wait to try laminar ... ;)
(11.12.13 - 21:44)
Laminar come back and now support saves in PSD format via Dropbox. Yujiuiiu
(12.12.13 - 10:10)
But iOS7 only :(
Allgemein (15.03.12 - 12:36)
Отличная программа, спасибо за распродажу! Даже я, новичок в этом деле, разобралась в инструментах. Видео очень наглядное, все понятно.
i Faisal
Allgemein (12.03.12 - 01:38)
ممتاز لكن فيه عيب مايكتب على الصور باللغه العربيه
(03.06.12 - 19:16)
English please, otherwise use a flag appropriate to your language.
(28.08.12 - 00:21)
He's sayin that he isn't able to write in arabic on pictures
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✭ Fixed a bug in PopArt effect.

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