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Imagine the next step up from a todo list app. It has todos, sure, but it also lets you take notes, organize them into outlines, make projects from them and track your progress. It keeps questions, and their answers, together. It lets you make up dashboards, import documents and images, put all this stuff into pages, and the pages into notebooks. Sounds good? That’s ThinkBook.

I promised a lot in that first paragraph, here’s how ThinkBook does it:

- It has lots of note types: text, todos, questions, projects and attachments.
- Notebooks and pages, they behave just like other notes, move and organize them however you like.
- You can organize anything, all the note types can be indented and collapsed using gestures.
- Finder notes, put some together to create dashboards.
- The slider, it brings it all together, make new notes, re-order them, move, copy and delete. It IS a little different though, so please watch the built-in video tutorial.
- Tags, tag everything you can see. They're inherited, tag a notebook with 'work' and every note in it will be treated as work.
- Attachment notes let you store PDFs, documents and images right in your notebooks, including spreadsheets, music and video.

ThinkBook's interface is very fast and efficient but it IS a little different. This is what you need to know:

- ThinkBook uses gestures to indent and move notes. The left and right sides of the screen accept different gestures.
- On the left of the screen you can drag a note left and right to change the indentation.
- On the right of the screen you can drag a note right to push it into the slider.
- Tap on the slider to see all the things it can do.
- To delete notes push them into the slider then select ‘Delete’ from the slider actions.
- Import attachments from other apps using their 'Open in …' option, the clipboard or iTunes file sharing.
- If you open up ThinkBook with images on the clipboard, ThinkBook will offer to turn them into attachments.

I don’t like trying to work out what other apps have in-app purchases, so here is what ThinkBook offers:

- iCloud transfers. Use iCloud to update your notes between devices.
- More notebook covers. ThinkBook comes with two, you can buy ten more.
- Dark themes. ThinkBook comes with three themes with a light background, you can buy three more with dark backgrounds.

I hope you try ThinkBook out and enjoy it!

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OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (11.05.15 - 00:28)
Etwas gewöhnungsbedürftiges, aber durchaus durchdachtes Konzept. Auf jeden Fall eine der wenigen empfehlenswerten Note Apps und derzeit kostenlos (In Apps sind zu vernachlässigen, da für die wesentlichen Funktionen der App nicht notwendig).
Allgemein (22.04.15 - 11:41)
Отличная программа, аналогов нет. Давно искал что-то подобное.

Позволяет удобно вести досье или создавать базу данных на iPad. Поддерживает включения файлов - фото, видео в формате мр4, музыку в МР3, документы из офисных пакетов. Мгновенный поиск и удобнейшая сортировка информации, создание дерева вложенных заметок одним движением пальца. Каждый абзац текста помещаем в отдельную заметку - потом очень удобно дополнять и сортировать.
Подойдет, например, для сбора кулинарных рецептов, информации об предметах коллекционирования, сбора деловой или научной информации, досье на любимую футбольную команду или рок-группу с музыкой, фото и видео тут же в программе, "под рукой" и т.п.

Плюс: вставка вложений происходит через системный буфер обмена. Например, в браузере iCab Mobile долгое нажатие на фото в интернете. Выбираю "скопировать в буфер", а не "сохранить в фотопленку". Захожу в программу - фото уже в слайдере. Перемещаю слайдер по тексту, одним движением пальца вставляю в нужное место. Нет избыточного копирования файлов.

Минусы: программа давно не обновлялась, заброшена разработчиками. Нет опций форматирования текста - выравнивания, выделения жирностью, цветом. Вставка вложений только через системный буфер обмена, в любой другой программе выбираем для файла опцию "Open in..." и выбираем Thinkbook, опции прямого импорта в меню программы нет. Но вложения потом также можно открыть из Thinkbook в любой другой программе через Open in..." Версия только для планшета, нет версии для телефона.

Очень рекомендую попробовать. На iPad 4 IOS 7.1.2 работает отлично.
(22.04.15 - 17:02)
Спасибо за развёрнутый комментарий: +
Теперь задумаюсь о применении :-))
(25.05.15 - 14:03)
Ну вот и обновилась, до восьмерки. Не попробуешь уже
Allgemein (13.04.15 - 19:35)
Pulled out from appstore. Temporary?
(15.04.15 - 00:44)
Back now in the U.S.
Allgemein (13.04.15 - 09:17)
Обновлено 4 сентября 2013 года... Разработчик отличный — лучшая программа для чтения комиксов и манги на iPad Comic Zeal создана им. Надеюсь эту не забросил окончательно.
Allgemein (06.09.11 - 23:30)
The best notebook in AppStore IMHO
Allgemein (15.05.11 - 15:01)
Dringende Kaufempfehlung
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Hi all,

It’s been a VERY long time since ThinkBook updates. I’ve continued to work on it throughout but haven’t put it all together in a release till now.

Let’s have a look at what’s happened since the last update:

- The look of iOS has changed dramatically. Gone are all the things that looked like things, now everything looks flatter. ThinkBook 1 was definitely old-school! so I’ve totally re-jigged the user interface. It looks cleaner, flatter, it looks like it belongs in the new iOS. You’ve probably already seen the screenshots, if you haven’t, prepared to be pleasantly … shocked.

- The iPhone has changed. The old iPhone wasn’t well suited to an app like ThinkBook. It was too small, too slow, and what’s more (and this was my fault), the way ThinkBook was laid out made it even MORE difficult to fit it into an iPhone. The tools on the left took up too much screen, the iPhone is a lot taller than it is wide. The history bar at the top would have only fit a couple of entries on the iPhone. Now, with the 5 series iPhones, and the iPhone 6+ it’s a very different ball game. So I’ve made ThinkBook a universal app. The toolbar is moved to the bottom, and the history bar is now a menu. It’s a much more intuitive interface, did you know you could bookmark entries in the old navigation bar? no? most people didn’t. Now there’s a ‘bookmark’ button next to each entry, you won’t miss it.

- Cloud services. When ThinkBook first came out it was lauded because it had built-in Dropbox support! Now iOS provides apps with the document picker, it lets you connect to any service that provides an app extension, DropBox, iCloud Drive,, Google Drive, whatever. So the old Dropbox integration has been replaced with the document picker. The downside to this is that we are at the mercy of the extension providers and they are a little hit and miss. Unless you need to change I recommend sticking to Dropbox, or iCloud Drive, but the interface is nicer on Dropbox.

So here are some more things that I’ve added for this update, they are available as in-app purchases:

- iCloud transfers. Use iCloud to update your notes between devices.

- More notebook covers, there are now two default ones, and you can buy ten more.

- Dark themes, there are three default themes, they have light backgrounds like the old ones, and you can buy three more with dark backgrounds.

There are also a LOT of other little improvements all over the place.

Thank you for reading this far, I hope you like your new ThinkBook!

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Bitolithic Pty Ltd
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Rubrik: Produktivität
Version: 2.0.1
Größe: 38 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 3,5
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