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Death Rally is an action packed COMBAT RACER with GLOBAL MULTIPLAYER, STUNNING VISUALS and more than 10 HOURS of CARS, GUNS and EXPLOSIVE FUN. NUMBER ONE in 84 countries with more than 20 million gamers worldwide!

Race against incredible boss drivers like DUKE NUKEM. Upgrade and level up you cars and guns in a thrilling single player career mode or compete in global multiplayer! Lock & load and enter the Death Rally, humiliate and destroy your opponents or sabotage the race. You choose how you win, NO TRICK IS TOO DIRTY!

Brought to you by REMEDY, renowned developer of MAX PAYNE, ALAN WAKE and QUANTUM BREAK! LOAD YOUR GUNS, START YOUR ENGINES... It will blow you away, LITERALLY! This is no Sunday Drive. This is DEATH RALLY.

▸ Selected for Apple's iOS Hall of Fame
▸ Mashable: #1 Racing Game on iOS
▸ Winner of Pocket Gamer Award
▸ IGN: "Death Rally Hits the Target"
▸ Toucharcade 5/5

▸ Massive single player career mode, unlock and upgrade cars, weapons and race tracks.
▸ Global real-time online multiplayer races.
▸ Private multiplayer races for just you and your friends.
▸ A number of control and camera options, and also support for physical controllers.
▸ Featuring guest drivers – DUKE NUKEM, BARRY WHEELER, JOHN GORE
▸ Runs silky smooth 60fps even on the high resolution Retina display devices

• • • IMPORTANT • • •
Death Rally v4 should only be run on iOS 8 or later!
All older versions are not locked, but the optimal experience is not guaranteed below version 8.

If you have a pre-version4 installation of Death Rally, you will automatically unlock the full game in version 4. Also, if you have a Game Center account with achievements from older versions of Death Rally, the full game will automatically unlock using that same Game Center account. If it does not automatically unlock, please tap the 'Social' button in the main hangar view and then 'Restore Career'. You will then also get your progress restored according to what data is in your Game Center account.

Multiplayer requires a Game Center account!

Follow us on for updates!

Death Rally is an original Remedy Entertainment game, developed in partnership with Mountain Sheep and Cornfox & Bros.

OS >= 4.3


Allgemein (04.06.15 - 15:45)
Очень крутые заезды в стиле Смертельной Гонки (фильм).
Мне очень понравились, сначала не обратил внимание на разработчика, Remedy - это компания, подарившая нам Макса Пэйна!
Однозначно рекомендую ознакомиться с данной игрой! Покупкой очень доволен.
Elijah Nur
Allgemein (26.05.15 - 04:27)
Прошёл за один вечер, мультиплеер любопытен, но это уж больно на любителя) только ради мультиплеера скачал)
Allgemein (21.05.15 - 09:56)
На мой взгляд, скриншоты отталкивающее. Скачала по рекомендации. В игре все поприятней, чем показалось на первый взгляд.
Изначально игра действительно затягивает, особенно когда, прокачав машинку и оружие, начинаешь побеждать. Но и наскучивает довольно быстро. Хоть тут и много уровней разной степени сложности, с разнообразными задачами, всё равно получается как-то однообразно.
Для любителей гонок, совмещенных со стрелялками, очень достойный вариант. Большинству ребят, думаю, понравится.
Так или иначе, попробовать советую всем. Пока бесплатно :)

Allgemein (21.05.15 - 05:44)
Allgemein (22.04.13 - 04:02)
Управление слишком чувствительное! Сделайте опции сенса.
Allgemein (13.04.13 - 00:12)
I killed him, killed the cubt u know before u d born
Allgemein (27.03.13 - 00:24)
awesome... like twisted metal

you can get paid apps for free via gift card on this site for 50 points headstart
Evgeniy Ch
Allgemein (23.03.13 - 13:45)
Спасибо за игру. Отличный геймплэй и графика!
Allgemein (23.03.13 - 03:02)
Очень хорошо! Реально классная игра.
Allgemein (22.03.13 - 21:32)
Das war mal richtig gut. Seit dem Multiplayermodus ist es leider nur noch Abzocke.
Schade, so kann man ein gutes Spiel auch kaputt machen.
Allgemein (22.03.13 - 20:40)
Allgemein (22.03.13 - 15:00)
Freemium cr@p
Allgemein (28.12.12 - 14:07)
This game is by far the best in its class
Allgemein (27.12.12 - 21:18)
Modalità on line deve pagare....
Allgemein (27.12.12 - 21:17)
Modalità in line scarsissima....
Allgemein (23.09.12 - 02:45)
Love this game!!
Allgemein (17.09.12 - 19:06)
Was anderes. Geht schon
Allgemein (08.09.12 - 16:44)
Игрушка затянула, есть в ней изюминка, которая не дает оторваться на долгое время.
Allgemein (14.05.12 - 09:25)
One of the best games on OSi -if you haven't tried it yet, do yourself a favor and download it now...
Allgemein (12.05.12 - 00:04)
This game is golden. Don't be discouraged by the difficulty of the controls at first. Practice makes perfect.
(12.05.12 - 00:23)
I concur. Also, it gets a lot easier after a few races when you have some upgrades.
(22.03.13 - 01:09)
Thx. I'll try it now.
Jessica Winters
Allgemein (10.05.12 - 11:09)
Good game, though the controls are tough for me
(12.05.12 - 00:02)
Yeah they're tough; that's the challenge though. Practice helps… and choose your preferred location/operation of the controls in game options.
Jim Patamia
Allgemein (09.05.12 - 17:54)
This game easily sets the bar for this type of racing!
Allgemein (09.05.12 - 13:12)
Impresionante gratis hoy. !!!
Allgemein (09.05.12 - 08:49)
Игра просто отменная))) И не очень сложная в управлении))
Allgemein (09.05.12 - 01:56)
Мне понравилась) играю с удовольствием
Allgemein (08.05.12 - 20:38)
Allgemein (08.05.12 - 20:36)
Warum gratis??
Allgemein (08.05.12 - 18:56)
Foncez! en plus il est gratuit actuellement ;-)
Dаrth Vader
Allgemein (08.05.12 - 18:44)
Epic ����
Allgemein (16.04.12 - 06:19)
Jugarlo en línea es lo máximo
Emrah Altun
Allgemein (06.04.12 - 11:21)
Tam bi bagimlilik yapiyor, 2 hafta oldu bitiremedim :)
Allgemein (02.04.12 - 16:27)
I had this game since release and I'd like to say something.

After release it was great game and I was asking for multiplayer and looking forward to it.

Multiplayer came but there is EVERYTHING FOR REAL MONEY

I deleted this crap (before multiplayer it was realy good game).

Developers. Why do you paid games to freemium without reward for buyers. I invested some money into it and now they want even more from me? In case of 1000heroz when it came freemium game, that people who bought it before cutting it's price got full game upgrade for free.
(03.12.12 - 13:12)
In the multiplayer nothing but the flame thrower is only playable for money, you only have the choice if you wanna buy it or wait, untill you unlocket it...
Алексей Михайлов
Allgemein (14.03.12 - 20:18)
Не люблю гонки, но в эту поиграл с удовольствием! И по стрелять можно и по гоняться, а главное очень простое управление! Качайте смело!
Allgemein (27.01.12 - 06:12)
Ничошная гама, тока управление напрягает, никак не освою.
Allgemein (25.01.12 - 08:18)
Super Steuerung!

Josua14.08 lügt!!!!
(17.02.12 - 14:24)
Die Steuerung ist einfach scheiße ich verstehe nicht warum und wo diese Steuerung verflixt nochmal gut sein soll!!!!!!!!!!
(07.03.12 - 00:21)
Nein, du lügst!

Alles super!
Allgemein (24.01.12 - 17:53)
Die Steuerung ist SCHEISSE einfach nur absoluter MÜLL mit Steuerung verbessern sonst aber schönes Game und außerdem sehr gute Grafik!!!

Meine Sterne Bewertung sind aber trotzdem nur 3 Sterne!

Also das Game ist umsonst OK aber man sollte es auf gar keinen Fall kaufen dafür ist es einfach zu schlecht!!!

Also auf jeden Fall nicht kaufen aber wenn es umsonst ist kann man es sich Laden dafür ist es gut!!!
Allgemein (23.01.12 - 23:12)
Und mal wieder werden Änderungen vorgenommen.
Allgemein (23.01.12 - 22:17)
it would be nice to download this for free like its saying on the app store but once again its a company that says an app is free but every time you try to download it it just says its being modified thats like buying a cookie for you kid then flipping him off and not giving it to him if u make it free actually let people download it
(23.01.12 - 22:21)
Wait a few hrs. It takes a while for the AppStore to modify things all over the world.
(23.01.12 - 22:34)
The same situation here!
(23.01.12 - 23:11)
In Germany same situation!! -.-
(24.01.12 - 02:39)
Dude u gotta wait a few mins, or hrs 4 it it 2 download, cause that lets them know it will B free, NOT A RIP OFF.
(10.05.12 - 00:52)
Funny analogy. But it's not the dev's fault really — just a common app store glitch. Granted it feels like someone is hatching an evil plan when it happens. Try again later… you have a full day (usually) to download.
(10.05.12 - 11:43)
Yes, chill out, have a beer/ smoke/ milk and cookie and (like any other work) put it off for a while. Come back later and all should be good - the world is a big place and it takes 24 hours for everyone to catch up you know. And if it is not on sale, and you want it so badly that you are making yourself upset... then do the right thing and pay for it ��
Dаrth Vader
(11.05.12 - 17:38)
I had this with city racing earlier today, i went as soon as it went free and it said is being modified, about 1min later it let me get it.
Allgemein (23.01.12 - 21:41)
One of the best game which i played on iphone.
Allgemein (06.01.12 - 14:15)
Клевые гонки
Allgemein (17.12.11 - 17:33)
Hammer Update und Super MULTIPLAYER
Allgemein (08.12.11 - 22:07)
Allgemein (19.10.11 - 14:57)
Ein Hammer Game und sehr zu empfehlen! Der Preis von nur 0,79€ ist ein Witz für den heftigen Umfang des Games!
Allgemein (05.09.11 - 04:59)
One of my "hall of fame" games. I found it hard to put down! :)
Allgemein (17.08.11 - 13:23)
Macht richtig Spaß! Steuerung ist bissl gewohnungsbedurftig aber sonst toll!
(19.10.11 - 14:57)
Du bist einfach nur Klasse!
Allgemein (29.07.11 - 01:19)
Durchgespielt, duke match, coole strecken, topdown, waffen und upgrades, praesentation. Gefaellt mir sehr!
Allgemein (22.07.11 - 21:22)
Troppo forte!
Allgemein (18.07.11 - 17:36)
Must Have!!!
Allgemein (13.07.11 - 22:25)
Awesome!! A must get!
Allgemein (26.06.11 - 17:47)
Molto carino! Difficile il giusto! Comandi migliorabili!
Allgemein (08.06.11 - 20:18)
Super Game! Wenn nicht das beste im Appstore! Regelmäßige Updates (alle 2 Wochen!) erweitern das Spiel ständig!
Allgemein (24.05.11 - 18:14)
Allgemein (09.04.11 - 08:30)
Ein super Game!

Viel besser als Recless Racing
(23.07.11 - 18:40)
Reckles Racing ist besser!
(19.10.11 - 14:58)
Auf gar keinen Fall!
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Was ist Neu in dieser Version

New in v4.0.2:
* A single purchase for the full game, no endless micro payments
* Polished for iOS8, iPhone 6 and 6+
* Game controller support

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Rubrik: Spiele
Version: 4.0.2
Größe: 220 MB
FSK: 12+
Gesamtbewertung: 3,5
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

Mehr von: Remedy Entertainment Ltd.


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