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Final Fantasy III -- jetzt für iPhone und iPod touch!

Das 1990 erschienene Final Fantasy III schaffte es als erster Titel der Final Fantasy-Reihe zum Millionenerfolg und legte damit einen wichtigen Grundstein für die Erfolgsgeschichte von Square Enix' epischem RPG-Klassiker.
Das 3D-Remake aus dem Jahr 2006 verdoppelte den Erfolg des Originals mit über einer Million verkauften Exemplaren.

Final Fantasy III war ein innovativer Meilenstein für die gesamte Reihe, vom Berufssystem, das es dem Spieler ermöglicht, jederzeit die Klasse seines Charakters zu wechseln, bis hin zu der Fähigkeit, mächtige Kreaturen wie Shiva und Bahamut zu beschwören.

Als die Dunkelheit über das Land hereinbricht und alles Licht erstickt, berufen die Kristalle vier Gefährten, um die Welt zu retten ...


Besondere Merkmale

- Vollständig neue 3D-Grafik und eine überarbeitete Handlung für iPhone/iPod touch

- Einfache, intuitive Steuerung per Touch-Panel für die bequemste Handhabung aller bisher veröffentlichten iPhone-RPGs von Square Enix

- Schnellere Suche in der Monsterfibel und in anderen Spielinfos

- Neue Berufs-Meisterkarten

- Optimiert für die 4-Zoll-Retina-Display.

- Unterstützter Controller:
Logitech PowerShell Controller + Batterie.


Beim Durchführen eines Software-Updates auf iOS 7, bitten wir zu berücksichtigen, dass schnellgespeicherte Spielstände verloren gehen. Es wir daher empfohlen, vor dem Software-Update einen Spielstand anzulegen. Ein solcher Spielstand kann im „Menü" über den Menüpunkt „Speichern" angelegt werden.

OS >= 6.1


Allgemein (03.04.15 - 12:07)
Если графика как скриншотах, то за что деньги?
Смотрю и удивляюсь... Как будто игра из 80-х., а платить надо как за игру из 2020-го
(31.10.15 - 14:57)
Это игра примерно 87-го года лол
Allgemein (20.12.13 - 07:27)
Даешь русский.
(22.12.15 - 01:22)
Сказал хохол с петухом на аватаре. Лол
(22.12.15 - 05:59)
Написал ДО того как вся эта хрень с Украиной началась, прошу заметить.
(22.12.15 - 08:47)
так я ж не против, просто ситуация забавная
(18.09.16 - 09:03)
Сделаю вид, будто не заметил твоего оскорбления.
Да, я и сейчас будучи украинцем хочу видеть для этой игры русский.
Neszis SWansdziss
Allgemein (11.01.13 - 18:41)
Mahal sangat
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
Allgemein (08.12.12 - 12:36)
$16 cut to $9. Hm. Half the price once more and I'll get it. This isn't even the "real" FF3 aka FF6 Japan. What is this actually? New game? It looks like something made for Nintendo DS, and the jump from the iOS FF2 to "FF3" is a bit to far of a stretch graphically to be a successor… 8/16-bit to 3D modeling and spacial perspective?

Why name it FF3 if it is indeed new(er)? Just name it FF6.5 and 1/4 and call it a day?

Anyone have an explanation?
(09.12.12 - 03:09)
Dunno but they announced FF 4 due on Dec 20th
Allgemein (27.10.12 - 05:56)
Yay, more fake sales from Square! Good thing they reminded me that this game exists, their company is so relatively unknown that I easily forget about them.

*Looks at price chart, not just "last price"*

Oh yeah, that's right.... we're not stupid, Square. Stop pretending to be having a sale when you clearly aren't. Not all press is good press.

Wouldn't you rather have reviews be about your games than about your company's poor ethics?
(07.12.12 - 01:30)
You're a moron
(07.12.12 - 19:13)
Yup but by the time I realized this was Apple's fault, the damage had been done. Bought this game and it's good, but have also overpaid for alot of iOS crap simply because it said Square.
Tresor Berlin
Allgemein (17.09.12 - 22:42)
Ich liebe final fantasy einfach^^ ich würde für teil 7 und 8 auf iphone sogar 50€ zahlen
Allgemein (31.05.12 - 03:32)
Allgemein (28.05.12 - 07:41)
Allgemein (31.03.12 - 06:56)
These Final Fantasy games hold up surprisingly well considering their age.

Anyone vaguely interesting in RPGs shouldn't hesitate at the price, the game is very deep and lasts long and fully justifies the price and for me is much better than more modern RPGs like Zenonia / Inotia etc
(03.04.12 - 13:05)
Is this game better than chaos rings III ?
(03.04.12 - 16:55)
I haven't bought Chaos Rings 2 yet, but chaos rings 1 and omega were brilliant.

FF and chaos rings are quite similar although final fantasy is an old port and chaos rings is a fairly new game built for ios.

I'd say chaos rings is better graphically but Final Fantasy has such great pedigree and reputation its hard to say which ones best in terms of gameplay, both are great RPGs from Square Enix.

So i'd say if you like oldschool RPGs go with Final Fantasy but if you prefer a more modern experience go with Chaos Rings.

(03.04.12 - 21:13)
Ok thanks ;) I think i buy me final fantasy III because i like more old school RPG's and final fantasy is in german and chaos rings II only in english and japenese :D
(03.04.12 - 21:15)
No i buy me final fantasy III and than chaos rings 2 :P
(03.04.12 - 21:21)
Enjoy! You wont be disappointed, its quite a long game
(04.04.12 - 13:09)
Thats good ^^
(03.08.12 - 16:12)
The only issue with Square's pricing is that many of their games are ports, and some of us have bought them at least once already. Take FFT, for example; I own it on PS1 and PSP already. Great games, would love having them on my phone, not excited about paying cartridge prices for a port with no box art though.
(03.08.12 - 21:17)
Who cares about boxes anymore though really, the benefit of having it on your phone instead of a separate device should be influential enough
(03.08.12 - 21:23)
I'm good without the box, but the point is that that's an expense the developers no longer carry. Lower development cost should mean lower consumer cost. (Not that I blame Square for raising prices if the market allows them to.)
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
(04.08.12 - 08:17)
This might be my favorite game of all time… is this FF3 US or JPN? I should've looked first, haha…

I love FF3/US aka FF6/JPN.

It's a tie between that or FF7. Chrono Trigger was good, as well… just not AS good as the FF series.

I played 13 which I thought was fun, and I'm actually playing through 13-2 as I get time; I like it a lot, too.

So my list is:
FF13 & 13-2
Chrono Trigger

I really haven't strayed far from that, actually. I think I played halfway through The Secret of Mana and what was that weird RPG game that was based on aliens and people getting possessed by them?? Agh! I can't remember the name. It had magic names based on Greek letters… and was called "PSI". It was very different from the typical RPG's in that there was no Japan influence on it at all.

Anyone remember the name? I need to know only because I can't remember and it'll drive me insane. It was on SNES/FAMICOM. Big credit if you can name that game.

Also, are there any current generation games that even come close to touching the FF series on PS3? Games that are like it, at least? It'd be cool to find some more to play.

I'm so old I remember when NES hit the shelves with Duck Hunt, LOL. Do the math and you'll get about age 30. Haha… yep. I'm elderly. I'm still a kid though, so it's cool!
(04.08.12 - 10:19)
You spoiled brat. Back in my day we had a Phillips G7000 and we LIKED it (uphill both ways).
(04.08.12 - 10:21)
Damn you. You made me do math to remember how old I was. ��
(04.08.12 - 12:21)
Good to see you commenting again Brad. ��

Have you played FF X? Was the 1st FF game on ps2 and 1st to have voice acting and real quality cutscenes.

I loved the story in that and clocked up over 100 hours played, you should check it out if you Haven't already, totally worth dusting off the old ps2 ( unless its on PSN? Haven't checked).

Regardless, its so good they are making a remastered HD version that should be due out next year.
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
(24.08.12 - 07:23)
Flare— I think I started to play that one and it seemed pretty fun, but I was using an emulator, I want to say, and didn't get too far. Isn't that the one with the little mage guy where you can only see his eyes below the hat? He gets lost or left behind at the story's beginning in this village or at this parade/carnival type thing. Might be a different one but I have FF-XII for PS2 and the battle system blows so hard it ruined the game, IMO. It's still sitting there with my other old PS2 games.

Speaking of that mage dude… isn't he dangerously close to the ghost guy from He-Man? Or was that She-Man? Was that really a character or am I totally making that up? She-Man? LOL… what's the difference? Both have dicks!? Maybe it was She-Rah. Hey, don't ask me, why would I get the trannie one when He-Man had that gnarly-ass tiger with the face mask and all that? What's *she* come with? A roll of duct tape?

Haha, I don't suppose you used the FF wiki to pull that synopsis? You quoted it nearly verbatim, haha… busted! I also see it gave way to FF-X2. How was that by comparison? I finally finished FF13-2 and I thought it was really good.

I noticed recently on their site that Square is doing all this stuff because this year marks the 25th anniversary of the FF series. It also happens to be the 10th? 15th? Anniversary of FF-VII, which as I said, is one of my top 3 of all time. But speaking of HD remakes, do you remember how huge the rumors of them remaking FF-VII for PS3 were? That was a huge bust (Tifa's bust, that is, haha) and it later turned out that the whole time their "teases" were actually alluding to what became the PSP game with Cloud in it. I forgot the name off the top of my head. So I really have to ask (of Square)— if you were to remake ANY past FF game for PS3, what would be the overwhelming popular vote, and ultimately a no-risk major cash cow, guaranteeing more sales than they could keep up with? Naturally— FF7. I'm sure 10 was a good game but it surely doesn't top 7 in the public's eyes!

What they opted to do instead was release the same FF7 for PC that they did 10 years ago, but with purportedly *horrible* sound quality, passing it off as a new release. Either way you cut it, while at the time, the graphics didn't bother me much… when I try to play it today, the graphics are just a deal-breaker. I mean, the backgrounds and music are fine; just make the characters more than 3-5 unshaded polygons! Even the PSN digital release was untouched, and they released the PC version again just like a month ago at crappier quality than the original PC release?! What's going through their heads, I wonder? They are definitely missing a massive success in popularity and profit. I can only imagine that there's some red tape or something preventing an HD remake of 7.

I'm disappointed their constant failure to make any improvement to any newer versions of 7, to date, but if it is true about 10 going to PS3, then hey… I'm cool with that. Better that than nothing. They're also going to release a reworked FF Dimensions for iPhone/iOS any day now… but that's old school.

I forgot what's still in the pipeline— Final Fantasy Versus, which is gonna be badass, of course… though, with their typical spacing between FF releases, I am hoping to even see it in 2013. That's cool though. Thanks for letting me know about the 10 re-release. I do recall that being a pretty solid one in the series, after 7 & 8 on the PSX, and FF3/6 on SNES. Some really like FF1 and 2, originally for NES, but those are ported to iOS now; just kinda steep in price. The FF3 in the App Store is not the original, it's Nintendo DS-like quality… better than NES/SNES, but nothing orgasmic. I got it, actually but I've yet to even run it. Isn't that what this thread is under? Haha… I didn't even look for a *second* time. Crap.

So much to say… but then again, there's a lot of ground/history to cover. I'll read up on the FF-X remake. Hope to see it soon (or at all, for that matter).
Allgemein (31.03.12 - 02:09)
Who recommends this game??!!
(31.03.12 - 06:45)
Its a no-brainer if you like RPGs, I have all 3 FF's
(31.03.12 - 22:07)
Thanks I'll give it a Try. ����
(31.03.12 - 22:10)
You pay ca. 12$ for a game you dont know?
(31.03.12 - 22:12)
Lol. Am going 2 try the Free version!
(31.03.12 - 22:14)
Allgemein (18.03.12 - 21:46)
Ich weiß nicht was ich mir holen soll !:D final fantasy III oder chaos rings II !? Beide spiele finde ich laut youtube richtig gut. Welches spiel empfiehlt ihr mir ? Bitte um schnellst mögliche antwort :)
(13.08.12 - 22:14)
Final Fantasy III auf jeden Fall! Lohnt jeden Cent. ��
Tresor Berlin
Allgemein (24.01.12 - 02:45)
Beste überhaupt! Warte sehnsüchtig auf Teil 7 oder 8 wäre dafür sogar bereit 50€ zu Zahlen!!!!
Gamer 👾
Allgemein (20.12.11 - 06:50)
Overpriced crap
(03.08.12 - 16:15)
Not crap, and not overpriced if viewed as a handheld release. You're missing the manual and box art, but the game's still all there. I am surprised they get away with charging more than $10 for a port, though. That alone ought to tell you something about the quality of the game.
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