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Pen and Paper is perfect for hand-written notes on your iPad or iPhone. You can even import and write on PDFs.

Draw ink with your finger. Resize, recolor, and move your doodles.

Add text and text boxes. Change alignment, fonts, color, and even install additional fonts. Perfect for adding comments to PDF.

Add geometric primitives, arrows, and polygons Use the built in diagram elements and arrows to create diagrams. Create clip art of portions that you wish to reuse.

Include photos. You can crop and rotate photos.

To share your notes with the world, simply email them as PDF. You can also extract individual pages as JPEG images.

Dropbox, Box and WebDAV integration enables you to upload/download notes to your online accounts, so you can easily continue with a note you began on your iPad on your iPhone. You can even import PDF clipart, and photos onto a page from your accounts.

Import and annotate PDFs from Dropbox or "Open In". Use any of the built-in "Slide Note" templates to annotate presentations. When you are done export as PDF again.

Pen and paper comes with a variety of page styles, but you can also create your own. Import a PDF of your favourite page style and store it as a "page style" in the app.

Documents, clipart and page styles, can be synchronized via iCloud to all your iDevices.

Are the built-in fonts not interesting enough? Install extra Truetype fonts from sites like FontSquirrel and Blambot within the app.

Zoom more than 10 times to edit and draw even tiny details.

• iCloud support
• Smooth pan and zoom
• Pen and marker tools with color and thickness
• Multi-page notebooks
• Insert text, arrows, photos, rectangles, circles and polygons easily
• Area selection, for moving and resizing large areas of your note
• PDF import and export (email or other accounts)
• Dropbox, Box and WebDAV support
• Install additional fonts (Truetype)
• Various page styles and add your own.
• Supports iPen and iPen 2 styluses
• Fullscreen mode

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (21.07.16 - 15:47)
I've not been able to download the app from app store since it went free due to "The item is currently being modified. Please try again later".
Could iOS10 beta be the reason? (No issues with other apps however).
Allgemein (08.06.15 - 23:11)
This is a comment, about this app, that I've copied from the Over photography app. It was written by AZ member, morsit:

For the Pen and Paper app you just need to have the app that's all. Inside the app, create a new book or document then press on the settings button( gear button, top left ) and there's an option that says 'mange installed fonts' a window will appear you just have to press the plus (+) button and gives you five options to add a font source ( fontsquirrel, blambot,, google search and Dropbox ) you just have to select the source and search for the font file (TTF or OTF) and download it. That's it.

The Inkpad method you need the font files inside your Dropbox account first and then inside the Inkpad app press import, will take to Dropbox and then select which font files you want to import to your Inkpad app and that's pretty much it.
Note. Inkpad only support TTF font for PC files.

You can search the font on google or for example my favorite free font source: fontsquirrel

If you require more info please respond this comment ��

Allgemein (06.07.14 - 17:42)
Из "нового"заметил только новую уродскую иконку.
Если кто заметил улучшения в функционале - отпишитесь, буду благодарен за инфу.
Allgemein (06.07.14 - 16:22)
Ich arbeite gerne mit OmniGraffle, doch in der iOS-Version ist mir das Programm zu überladen und zu bedienungsintensiv. Nun habe ich durch Zufall diese App entdeckt. Ohne viel Schnickschnack, aber sehr funktionell, erlaubt mir diese App grafisch anspruchsvolle Folien auf pdf- Basis herzustellen. Jedes Textfeld lässt sich individuell designen und überall auf dem Blatt platzieren. Grafische Elemente und Bilder lassen sich ebenso problemlos integrieren, - und dabei kostet es nur einen Bruchteil von Omnigraffle. Von mir gibt es dafür eine uneingeschränkte Empfehlung.
Aber: Der Titel der App ist etwas irreführend. In der Tat ist die Arbeit mit dem Stift noch nicht sehr gut gelöst. Die App ist eher etwas für Leute, die bevorzugt mit getipptem Text arbeiten.
Allgemein (15.11.13 - 19:21)
I can't believe such a good app only have 3 comments. It really worth it, now you can download and install custom fonts from the web!! A very unique app
Allgemein (06.08.13 - 22:48)
If you like to get rid off notebooks this is one of the best options to do it. I have all my class notes. Also have stylus support
Allgemein (03.04.13 - 18:55)
Super, sehr innovativ!
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Version: 1.0

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• Updated for iPhone X support
• Rename collections
• Lined paper without margins

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Vivid Apps
Rubrik: Produktivität
Version: 1.8.9
Größe: 27 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 5
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

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