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App Store Editor’s Choice Selection

Featured in the App Store’s Best of 2012

Among’s Best Strategy & Defense Games of 2012

It’s a battle of wits against friends or strangers! Take turns maneuvering your troops through the fog of war in 1 on 1 or 2 vs 2 battles. The first player to destroy the enemy base wins. Four races are at your disposal, each with a unique special unit to master. Will you fight alongside a hermit crab cannon, a brainwasher, a creeping thorny octopus, or a troop-teleporting narwhal?


• Take turns asynchronously, or pass the device
• 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 mayhem!
• Battle players of similar skill with league placement & matchmaking
• New seasons arrive to shake up the leaderboards
• Use your Game Center account and friends list
• Cross-platform play
• A universal app with retina support

OS >= 6.0


Allgemein (18.02.17 - 22:45)
Внутри херова туча покупок.
Allgemein (18.02.17 - 22:35)
Das bereits dritte Update diesen Monat! Ich würde mir wünschen, dass andere Entwickler sich gleich gut um ihre Spiele kümmern würden, zumindest um die wirklich Guten.
Denn nur weil ein Spiel schon älter ist, muss es nicht schlecht sein!
Allgemein (18.02.17 - 22:31)
The third update this month, I'd like other developers to take good care of their good games.
Because just because a game is older, it does not have to be bad!
Allgemein (17.02.14 - 01:43)
I am playing this for two weeks or so now. I never had to wait for a match and most players are very commited. It is like uniwar but with a cartoony theme.
Allgemein (12.12.13 - 16:09)
I like this game a lot, sucks for the developers if I recall correctly they didn't make money off of it, or not much anyways.

It's a well polished game, easy to understand strategy but still has challenging gameplay..

Here's a negative part of the game.. When you start a few games you'll notice a lot of people will drop or just not take their turn.. After a few games have finished and once you get your rank that starts to go away and you'll have more active opponents.. There is also their forum if you ever wanted to challenge someone from there.

Awesome game should give it a chance.

Allgemein (04.03.13 - 02:16)
Lots and lots and lots of IAP's!
Allgemein (20.11.12 - 18:45)
Disagree w Mario. Looks fun, but takes forever to find a match. I guess that's why it is free
Allgemein (20.08.12 - 19:23)
Excellent game love it! ��
Allgemein (06.07.12 - 16:32)
WTF?! alone in the game?
(08.07.12 - 17:38)
INSTAGRAM: @anna_muravyeva
(10.12.12 - 17:35)
(04.03.13 - 02:17)
Don't think anyone knows what you mean by "alone in the game?" Including myself - what does this mean?
(14.07.13 - 03:35)
do you mean you couldn't find an opponent in multiplayer?
(30.05.14 - 00:23)
Guess we'll never know? Lol! Maybe that's what "wtf?" meant all along? That they didn't know "wtf"?!? �� Lol!!
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für iPhone + für iPad


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Version: 2.0.15
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Version: 1.0

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- bug fixes

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: One Man Left
Rubrik: Spiele
Version: 2.0.15
Größe: 439 MB
FSK: 12+
Gesamtbewertung: 4,5
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

Mehr von: One Man Left


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