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  • CameraSharp - Anti Shake, Burst, Time Lapse, Self Timer Camera

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No frills, no filters, and no Facebook: CameraSharp is all about taking the best photo. We’ve packed the iPhone camera with the advanced features you’ll need to take stunning pictures every time everywhere.

"CameraSharp is a full-featured, fast-loading camera that is all about super-creative control." -Jason Gilbert, The Huffington Post

"Easy to use, and lots of great features. What's not to like?" -Charlie Sorrel, Cult of Mac

"CameraSharp... contains just about any feature you can wish for in a camera app." -Hamza Khalid,

"The separate focus and exposure locks are super easy to use — among the easiest I’ve found." -Marty Yawnick, Life in LoFi

"a camera replacement app that offers all the features... but with out the extra bloatware" -Glyn Evans,

Core Features:

* Six modes: normal, anti-shake, sound shutter, continuous, big button, self-timer.

* ANTI-SHAKE steadies your camera and lets you take the sharpest pictures possible, free of blur.

* SOUND SHUTTER allows you to take pictures of you or your friends without touching the camera by simply whistling or clapping.

* CONTINUOUS MODE allows fully customizable burst or unattended time-lapse photos!

* BIG BUTTON MODE allows you to touch anywhere on the screen to snap a picture.

* Our exclusive TACTILE TIMER, the most intuitive self-timer in the app store, allows you to set a countdown with just a simple rotating gesture.

* Our exclusive Bubble Level measures tilt in all three dimensions and uses the built-in accelerometer and gyroscope to help you accurately capture the perfect angle for your photo -- and optionally even emits sound!

* Our Spot Focus and Exposure system gives you precise, independent control over the photo composition. Please note: due to hardware limitations, these two features are not fully supported on some cameras (e.g. iPhone 3G's back camera and iPhone 4's front camera).

* Separate focus, exposure, and white balance locks give you ultimate control while remaining out of your way.

* Simple, no-frills blazing fast picture taking with automatic background saving directly to the camera roll.

* Lightning-fast built-in album viewer lets you view, share, and delete your photos without having to leave the app. Now you can quickly multi-select photos using our unique selection gesture! (Some functionality is only available on iOS 8+.)

Extra Features:

* Full EXIF + geotagging (can be disabled in settings)
* Digital zoom
* Full front/back camera support
* Configurable resolution photos
* Flash control
* Rule-of-thirds grid

Want to try out all the features for FREE? Check out CameraSharp Lite, the ad-supported version of CameraSharp!

We take your privacy very seriously. CameraSharp NEVER sends any type of location, photo, or other sensitive information to Screensmudge or to anyone else.

Have questions or comments? Visit our website or email us at We hope you enjoy using CameraSharp!

OS >= 6.0


Allgemein (29.08.14 - 00:52)
Amazing? I don't understand why. It is not too special. Good mediocre. There are better alternatives in the AppStore.
Allgemein (11.08.14 - 17:38)
Ein Update ist mehr als überfällig, oder wurde die Entwicklung(wie bei sooooo vielen einst gekauften Apps) eingestellt?
Wäre schade, wobei es ja wahrlich mehr als genug sehr gute Alternativen gibt.
Allgemein (23.11.13 - 08:15)
Amazing App i mean one of the best actually on the app store
Allgemein (22.11.13 - 03:08)
Well it's easy to use coz it's simple n compact, it has all the functions I need, better than the one that comes along with the system, no complicated special effects, filters kinda thing. And it's really fast when shooting without a set button. I recommend it to those who looking for simple and clean cam.
Allgemein (21.11.13 - 06:23)
Compact , powerful shooting applications , voice recording mode can be hands free, easy to use high-resolution rear camera self-timer background , like a friend not to be missed timer , five-star !��
Allgemein (14.09.13 - 09:17)
Gute, brauchbare App, aber wer schon Pro Camera und/oder Camera+(für mich die beiden besten Camera-Apps,bzw. besserer Ersatz der Apple-Camera-App) sein Eigen nennt, kann getrost auf diese App verzichten,da kein Mehrwert und die beiden erstgenannten können das alles und noch mehr.
Allgemein (22.06.12 - 20:27)
You is sucks too, "American" person!

When you speeks gut Englizh, you come bak to creeteezi theirs effortes...

But seriously, ignoring the Chinese guy/gal for a second, this app is AMAZING. If you don't – I'll eat my hat (or learn Chinese).
(21.11.13 - 08:37)
Yes, but it's a Taiwan Flag.
Allgemein (12.03.12 - 11:48)
The Tranditional Chinese translation is sucks!
Allgemein (18.06.11 - 08:24)
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Was ist Neu in dieser Version

CameraSharp 1.5 is a free update bringing you several great new features:
- You can now select, share, and delete multiple items straight from the built-in photo viewer! (iOS 8 only)
- We've introduced a powerful new multi-select gesture for the photo viewer: When in selection mode, to select a range of photos, tap-and-hold on the first photo you'd like to select and then tap on the last one.
- A resolution option has been added to allow shooting lower-resolution photos. The default resolution is still full-size.
- A setting has been added to hide and show the zoom slider.
- The built-in photo viewer now shows all photos rather than only recent photos (iOS 8.1+).
- When using the built-in photo viewer to email photos, you can now choose to send the full-size or a scaled-down image.
- Bugfixes and performance improvements.

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Northnose LLC
Rubrik: Fotografie
Version: 1.5.1
Größe: 5 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 4
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

Mehr von: Northnose LLC


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