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**Share the love by posting your shiny new photos to Facebook and Twitter **

Luminance gives you pro photo editing capabilities in a simple and elegant interface. Effortlessly add effects to your photos, choose from many built-in presets, crop the area you want, and copy edits you've made from one photo and apply them to multiple photos.

Buzz + Accolades
· Runner-Up Apple App of the Year!

· Apple App of The Week!
"Our pick pairs professional editing features with a friendly interface, putting extraordinary photos within everyone's reach."

· - App of the Day!
"Each effect—vignetting, tweaking exposure and white balance and so much more—is a layer and you can re-arrange them to see how the picture changes, delete them to see how it looks without the effect and do whatever the heck you want."

√ Create any look, with an infinite combination of adjustment layers.
√ Place your adjustment layers in any order to create unique effects.
√ Choose from many built-in presets.
√ Crop & Rotate
√ Copy edits from a photo and apply them to multiple photos.
√ Share photos to Facebook, Twitter, Camera Roll, Email, Copy, and Print.
√ View the history of any photo and easily jump back to a previous edit.
√ Export photos at full resolution (Small, Medium, Large, or Original)

· White Balance
· Exposure
· Brightness/Contrast
· Hue/Saturation
· Tone Curve
· Split Toning
· Vignette
· Colors
· Grain
· Sepia

We hope you enjoy Luminance and we'd love to hear your feedback as we continue to improve it!
+ The Subsplash Team

OS >= 5.0


ali aldhufiri
Allgemein (28.06.16 - 02:46)
Randy Arizona
Allgemein (01.04.16 - 00:06)
If an app's description starts off with, "Share the love……etc." I'm just gonna ignore it completely, no matter how good it is, or how free!
Share THAT!
Agent Smith
Allgemein (31.03.16 - 14:34)
Whilst opening an app, the First thing should not be a permission for your location information.
Deleted without even trying.
Windom Earle
(31.03.16 - 15:59)
@Agent Smith:
I agree
(31.03.16 - 20:37)
This is normal - otherwise you cannot safe meta data in your pictures. Btw this app is very disappointing and it hasn't been updated since 2013. That is reason enough to stay clear!
Agent Smith
(01.04.16 - 03:15)
What I found abnormal is welcoming the users with a gps access permission box..
and it's even before giving our permission for the app access to the camera, or the camera roll.
Why so much in hurry?!

And it wants a full permission for location usage, which means app can access the gps data even if you're not using it.
What for?!

Yeah, I agree there are lots of reasons to stay away from such apps..

(01.04.16 - 08:10)
@Agent Smith:
You're right, it's strange. For what reason? Let's stay clear! Enough apps are tracking our whereabouts already!
Professor Snape
(02.04.16 - 06:45)
@Agent Smith:
I hate going out on a first date - and before we're in the car, the woman has her hand in my pants.
Professor Snape
(02.04.16 - 06:48)
@Agent Smith:
With the same logic:
"Don't mind the chimneys. Remove your clothes and everyone gets a shower."
Agent Smith
(02.04.16 - 13:10)
@Professor Snape:
Now, that's what I call good analogy :D
Allgemein (31.03.16 - 04:15)
How can any app claim to be a photo editor without the most fundamental and essential tools: burning, dodging, spot repair, cloning.
Professor Snape
(11.04.16 - 14:59)
Instead we get an app that provides effects that I have other apps to fix.
One day I'm going to multi-task them - and have the apps 'battle it out.'
Allgemein (07.01.14 - 02:50)
Есть неплохие готовые пресеты, удобно самому подвигать ползунки.
Очень напоминает лайтрум на пк.
Allgemein (20.11.13 - 11:40)
Evian Tsai
Allgemein (13.03.13 - 04:37)
Allgemein (11.03.13 - 20:25)
Good, but lacks some critical features like sharpening/denoise , spot blur, ambience light, etc
Allgemein (10.03.13 - 08:17)
Wieder gratis �� hatte es schon mal drauf. Ist gratis auf alle Fälle einen Download Wert ��!
(10.03.13 - 14:14)
Danke Kers ��! Wollte es erst nicht laden. Volle Auflösung und gratis super!
(10.03.13 - 14:44)
Ebend...für gratis ��!
Allgemein (15.04.12 - 04:11)
Bedavayken iyi aldık bunu, dursun lazım olur
Allgemein (02.01.12 - 16:28)
works like Adobe Lightroom.
easy and correct!
Zeke Marffy
Allgemein (28.12.11 - 19:30)
It's okay.
whiskey tango foxtrot
Allgemein (17.12.11 - 04:16)
Simple. Good.
Nick Habik
Allgemein (02.12.11 - 20:23)
The Best:)
Allgemein (30.11.11 - 00:27)
Great app, but still not as proffesional as Photoforge
Zeke Marffy
(01.12.11 - 02:42)
Фархад Ш
(26.12.13 - 19:16)
с photoforge,вообще никто не в силах потягаться.
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