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★★★★★Best SENSE Noise Sniffer on the store! Still goes FREE!

★Smart in capture;
★Smart to deliver noise level for you, to get a sense knowledge. It means you will know directly the noise is good, okay or bad now. Not like other apps, just let you know something, but dont let you know how it related with you.

Each MMMOOO app makes you enjoy sense and quality of mobility!

OS >= 3.0


Allgemein (19.01.13 - 09:49)
Allgemein (21.10.12 - 23:09)
Estoy deseando probarlo en el aeropuerto donde trabajo ����
Allgemein (10.08.12 - 02:41)
It doesn't really serve but I still enjoy experimenting with the silly thing once in a blue moon. It's not very accurate but I still get a kick out of putting it in front of things. Derp.
(10.08.12 - 02:42)
AppZapp! Why you no let me edit my comments?
(15.08.12 - 17:27)
make a meme & post it on 9gag! ;D
Allgemein (19.07.12 - 06:08)
It's fun. Now I am searching to find the absolute zero db room, for me to sleep ... He he he he .....
(19.07.12 - 15:27)
You can't sleep???--Check out an app called Shleepy. It's a white noise app I downloaded many months ago that helped me get unaddicted to wearing earplugs in order to go to sleep. In fact, I actually wrote to the developer to say thank you cuz his app helped me break my earplug addiction and now I can sleep just fine with Shleepy playing on speakerphone during the night.

Also, if you try out other white noise apps from the App Store, you'll discover that you won't be able to change the pitch of the white noise from hissy like TV static to the dull drone of an airplane cabin. The ONLY app that allows you to change the pitch of the white noise is Shleepy. It has has only one sound, white noise. So if you want a bunch of sounds to pick from, don't download Shleepy.

I hope this helps.
(19.07.12 - 15:43)
Well to be accurate Alicia, what I am missing, is time to sleep BUT your reply intrigued me so I am really on to it ... I am curious to use this app you proposed me so .... I 'll get back to you...

Thank youuuuuuu!!!!! ;)
(19.07.12 - 15:57)
You're very welcome!!!

I also like an app called SleepStream 2 Pro version. This app has a LOT of sounds to pick from but I only listen to two of them, the SleepStream white noise and the Atlantic Ocean waves. It also has an adjustable binaural beats setting you can tweak as well. (I set mine close to 75% on the slider). Whenever I listen to the ocean sound with this slightly pulsing binaural beat, I will fall asleep SO FAST.

FYI: the reason why this app is my #2 favorite is because the app itself has a screensaver that shuffles through pictures as the sound plays on and on. I don't like or even want a moving screensaver. I don't need it cuz the changes in light from the screen kept me awake. I can't sleep without silence and darkness. So when I use this app I choose to minimise kt

(19.07.12 - 15:58)
minimise the app and lock my phone so the screen stays black.
Allgemein (18.07.12 - 20:40)
Works great
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
Allgemein (13.05.12 - 13:19)
Does anyone have any specialized equipment or method of verifying that the output from this app is accurate, or at least "close enough" to an actual, verified measurement?
(13.05.12 - 13:21)
Readings from Noise Sniffer confirms that this app is fairly accurate.
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
(13.05.12 - 20:50)
My friend, you just got your ass saved by something divine, as my response to your single sentence turned into the exposition of the enlightenment that I experienced after taking way too much acid. This was a tangent off of my immediate comment of something like "Are you sure? The last time that I was able to smell nearby sounds and convert them in my head to dB I was on a very large dose of some very potent LSD..."

Which, of course, brought back memories. You either were rescued from another "comment layout breaker" or you were just deprived of a very interesting set of perceptually unique concepts in regards to the true structure of reality and the nature of fate, free-will, even "purposed" immutable circumstances. I thought it was brilliant in concept, but it took a bit… no, a "lot" of explaining to explain something as detailed and complex.

Enjoy your day. Or weep it away, knowing that you may have lost the key to the gates of eternity. You know. Trespassers. You gotta lock everything up these days. Blame the blacks/gays/republicans/women/midgets/elderly/(insert any other choice group of people that you hope to grossly offend)… blame Americans! I'm one of them, and I understand why the world hates this fucking country. Luckily, I am not one of the general ignorant, fat, supercilious, uhm. Feel free to help me out. Remember, I live here, so I only know about the shit talking that other people have overheard (or generously volunteered opinions *directly* heard by the less than "shy" types)! I'm curious to know, since I'm pretty certain that we share a common hatred for the same stereotypical "average American". I'm not offended by truth. I'm surrounded by fucking ignorant, selfish, glib, intellectual zombies, handicapped by their own self-created, fully-accepted (if not outright welcomed) crippling stupidity.

:) Look, I couldn't care if they're living on the same piece of land that I am; I know a fucking moron when I see one. I see sooo many— everyday. It makes me dry heave at times… some of the things I hear, see, and deal with all too regularly.

Guess I managed to recreate the original post length nearly. Haha. I suppose I can't escape one stereotype: I'm highly opinionated— but at least my opinions are well-aimed? If I can agree with a general attitude of distaste for those surrounding me as supposed "peers", then I feel that right off the bat, I'm multitudes more open-minded than would be expected as a result of the national stigma, no? My own scarlet (white and blue) letter, the "A"! :D
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
(13.05.12 - 21:02)
Oh, and btw; your comment was witty enough to falsely convince me that this app holds great merit… because you made me WANT to believe the self-referencing, completely invalid, mind-bending false validity was scientifically credible evidence. Your attempt to use recursive referencing has impressed me enough to download this, and see if my stereo system will be ~80dB cranked; or the far more credible reading of 275dB that the app is likely to offer up.

Thanks for ridding me of doubt with your tactical wit. Like a flash grenade, it was disorienting and startling enough to allow fantasy to kick in the door and arrest my disbelief long enough to get this piece downloaded to my device.

Will report back after hours of fun.
(13.05.12 - 22:47)
Sometimes I wonder, Brad, whether you are writing a Poem, or commenting in English.
(14.05.12 - 03:24)
Crappy poetry
mangle the original
lost to wayward thoughts.
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
(14.05.12 - 04:33)
Flare: I often wonder the very same of my own writings. The funny thing is I just re-read the comment above yours to talon, and it sounds sarcastic as hell, like I was basically telling him through very thick sarcasm to kiss my ass.

The truth: It was intended to be sarcastic, but not as heavily so, and I didn't mean any negativity towards him, either, I was totally joking and if anything sorta ripping on the program a bit, lightheartedly. Now it reads like "I'm a massive prick look at me, ahhh!"

My comments, in truth… I think you underestimate. They're so eclectic and prolix that in all honesty, I only end up actually hitting submit or send on about ⅓ written up. Like from this thread alone I know at LEAST 2 very lengthy comments/narrations of person adventures/fantasies/poetry/prose/monologues were removed by me, accidentally or intentionally. Possibly up to 4. Yeah.

Love the haiku, talon. Beautifully done. I think the message is a bit antagonistic and morose, though. But then I realize that you can say anything you want in a haiku, and you can get away with it because it sounds so simplistic, non-provocative, and well. Just "innocent".

Thank you, fellows. Flame did you follow me to see what kind of a trail of mayhem and disaster I'll leave behind for you to get to witness? Just wondering, you wouldn't be the only one. In fact, I think the #1 reason for following me on any social forum which allows me to post words was found to be "to see what he says next" or was it "to trail him like a tornado chaser, because I am eager to see what damage and chaos remains in his always-promised tumultuous wake".
(14.05.12 - 04:57)
Don't worry, your prolix comments teach me a new word I never knew existed in our language every other post.

You are indeed very loquacious, although I must admit I find it quite fascinating albeit at times excessive and vexing (my finger hurts through scrolling so much!).

But please do continue to flex your esoteric literacy, your comments really stand out from the crowd on AppZapp and make for a stimulating read! ��
(14.05.12 - 05:23)
Annoying haikus
wonder questioningly why
ironic ending.
(22.07.13 - 07:39)
Too much drama here
Gonna go back to playing
Candy Crush Saga

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