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AirCassette is a cassette player application for iPhone and iPod Touch. The playing song information is written on the cassette label. The tape spins realistically while the music plays. Rewind and fast forward are also animated to really take you back to the 80s.

"But all that is essentially icing over the app's sweet interface which is what makes this player stand out from other cassette player apps out there." – Übergizmo

"AirCassette for iPhone, however, is one cassette tape that's just plain awesome. That's because it's not really a cassette tape (obviously), but it's a terrific music player that's designed to look like one, and it looks fantastic." – Cult of Mac

"AirCassette taps into that nostalgic feeling by giving me an awesome UI that awesomely re-creates a tape. Seeing the cassette tape spin on my iPhone's screen makes me happy. Like I remember where I came from or something." – Gizmodo

"Watching a cassette tape spin on the iPhone's high-resolution display is oddly calming and, thanks to digital compression, the audio is far superior in AirCassette than it ever was on my Sony Walkman." – NY Times

Choose your favourite from a selection of nostalgic cassette tapes, and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter or via email. The name of the song, artist and album is written on the shared cassette label. Support your favourite artist by sharing an iTunes song preview and a link to the iTunes Store. You can even share the entire song queue with your friends, and let them know what will be the soundtrack of your day.

With AirCassette cassette player app you can listen to music without interruption while you browse your music library and add tracks to the play queue. In the queue view you can check the number of songs in the queue and the playing time of the entire queue. You can delete one song at a time with a swipe-to-delete gesture, or clear the entire queue with one tap. You can also save your queues as mixtapes.

AirCassette supports AirPlay.

OS >= 6.0


Allgemein (25.02.14 - 22:58)
Есть ли приложения, имитирующие звук кассетной записи или грамофона?
Allgemein (12.01.14 - 04:30)
Обычный скин на аудио плеер, ничего особенного нет. Красивое оформление, сделано качественно. Немного поигрался и удалил. Покупать это приложение не рекомендовал бы.
Allgemein (29.10.13 - 17:52)
Ищите тут программу "Мафон", от нашего разработчика :)
Вася Ива
(27.02.14 - 03:48)
Поддерживаю )) мафон намного прикольнее ))
Allgemein (15.10.13 - 05:37)
It's corny, but I like it. Play my music from iCloud with ease! :-D. It is a recommended good time.
Allgemein (11.07.13 - 16:49)
On se lasse vie et en plus il faut encore payer pour le reste des modeles
Allgemein (07.06.13 - 09:02)
Allgemein (26.05.13 - 23:27)
Faz lembrar os meus anos de Ouro! Os Anos 80. Gostei muito desta app! ����
Allgemein (11.09.12 - 11:29)
Nette Spielerei aber unnötig, erkennt tlw. nur 1-2 Tracks von div. Alben.
Für mich ist die djay app immer noch das Maß der Dinge um Musik zu hören.
(02.01.14 - 01:59)
Genau das gleiche problem hab ich auch! Immer bei sampler-cd's. Egal ob gerippt oder aus dem itunes-store. Sobald es mehr als einen interpreten drauf hat werden nur 2 songs angezeigt. Der entwickler hat mit desinteresse auf den bugreport reagiert. Naja! Nur: SO ist die app unbrauchbar!!!
Fresh Sensei
Allgemein (08.09.12 - 13:32)
Interface realista!! Las cintas míticas.
Allgemein (18.08.12 - 15:36)
Evokes nostalgia
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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Majasalmi Ltd
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Rubrik: Musik
Version: 1.54
Größe: 15 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 2
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