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*** Pic Sync for Dropbox ***
Pic Sync for Dropbox is the best photo and video sync tool for your Dropbox. You can upload hundreds of photos and videos from your iPhone, at any size, to any Dropbox folder within just a few minutes. You can also download hundreds of photos and videos from any Dropbox to your iPhone.

• Upload multiple photos and videos from your iPhone to your Dropbox folder at high performance
• Download multiple photos and videos from your Dropbox folder to iPhone at high performance
• Choose hundreds of photos and videos just in 2 secs with our intelligent photo picker
• Change photo size at your choice - You don't need transfer photos in the full resolution!
• Concurrent upload and download of multiple photos - high performance
• Create new folders instantly
• Preserves EXIF data - no information loss
• Background upload and download - even when you close the app

*** Pic Sync fro WiFi ***
Pic Sync for WiFi is the best photo and video transfer tool for iPhone, iPad and PC. It helps you to upload and download hundreds of photos and videos between your iPhone, iPad and PC through WIFI. You don't need any USB cable and any installation on your PC. All you need is just a fast working WIFI network and you can sync hundreds of photos and vidoes within a couple of minutes!

• No more USB cable. Sync photos and videos between iOS devices only with WIFI network
• No application on your PC. Sync photos between iPhone and PC Only with standard Web browser
• Choose hundreds of photos and videos just in 2 secs with our intelligent image picker
• Change photo size at your choice - You don't need transfer photos in the full resolution!
• Concurrent upload of multiple photos and videos - high performance
• Preserves EXIF data - no information loss
• Background upload - even when you close the app

OS >= 9.1


Allgemein (08.04.16 - 15:19)
Jetzt wieder gratis. ��
Und ja, mir ist bekannt, dass die Dropbox App auch Photos syncen kann. Nur bei weitem nicht so komfortabel und schnell und OHNE Formatwahl. Daher nicht wirklich vergleichbar.
Andrea De Pasquale
Allgemein (28.08.15 - 09:33)
What's the point of this? I mean Dropbox already syncs your images..
(29.08.15 - 01:20)
@Andrea De Pasquale:
Faster (at least for part of the users)
Lighter (58.5mb vs 4.2mb)
Function (just like another dropbox as you've mentioned)

(29.08.15 - 04:00)
@Andrea De Pasquale: @u_u:
Selective sync.
(18.01.16 - 02:05)
That do you mean by "selective sync"? Do you mean that you can choose which photos you want to sync to Dropbox, using this app? If that's the case, I believe Dropbox does that, without the use of this app, already?
(18.01.16 - 02:13)
@Andrea De Pasquale:
I'm glad someone asked that question because I was wondering the same thing!

As for Dropbox taking up more space than this app, the advantage to Dropbox, versus this app, is that Dropbox doesn't just store photos, it can be used to store other things as well, so it's not just a one-trick pony, so to speak. That's just my two cents, though?!
(18.01.16 - 04:35)
In my memory in earlier versions of dropbox, you couldn't easily individually select which photos you want to upload in the Dropbox app. The selector didn't show enough information, and actually I still think the thumbnail selection is not always informative enough.

But to me the major feature of this Pic Sync app is that you can use it as a batch resizer, uploading smaller photos to Dropbox to save space.

Forget that I wrote "selective sync", because Dropbox uses the term Selective Sync (note the capitals) for folders only, not individual files. (In contrast with most other programs).
I should have been clearer and written something like: individually select photos and batch resize uploads. :)
(18.01.16 - 04:39)
No worries! I appreciate your response and clarifying/explaining it to me!
Allgemein (28.05.15 - 07:48)
Funktioniert seit aktuellem Update auch mit Videos. Hervorragende App! ��
Allgemein (26.05.15 - 22:06)
iOS 8. :(
(27.05.15 - 13:29)
Облако.MailRu синхронизирует фото и видеофайлы гораздо быстрее чем Dropbox/GoogleDrive/Onedrive/YandexDisk и прочие областные сервисы. Попробуйте :)

(27.05.15 - 13:45)
Да они у меня есть .
Я про то, что разработчики ущемляют пользователей iPhone 4 устанавливая критерий iOS 8 ��
Allgemein (25.05.15 - 18:38)
Смысл в этом приложении? У дропбокса свой клиент есть - карусель
(18.01.16 - 02:19)
Thank you for reminding me about Carousel! I got a new iPhone, was unable to transfer everything from my old device to my new one, and, even though I manually put a lot of the stuff from my old one to my new one, I had so much on the old device that some things had to be alleviated, and I forgot all about this app!!!
Allgemein (15.05.15 - 03:23)
Einfach nur SUPER. Diese Funktionen sollten eigentlich im Original-Dropbox vorhanden sein.
Allgemein (08.05.15 - 18:42)
For some reason the app keeps in its cache all the photos you send to Dropbox. It is impossible to delete this cache..
Dion Cho
Allgemein (08.05.15 - 04:41)
Great app for Dropbox!
Allgemein (02.02.13 - 04:26)
Obsolete !
Ro Ni
Allgemein (03.11.12 - 03:26)
(03.11.12 - 04:31)
Can you elaborate on how/why it is obsolete
(04.11.12 - 20:19)
Because since Dropbox updated it has these capabilities now. It's nice to finally be able to delete multiple apps off my device since my choice apps are getting the capabilities I've wanted all along!!! Yay!
Allgemein (17.06.12 - 14:48)
Mit dem neuen Dropbox Update sind diese und ähnliche Apps überflüssig geworden
(02.11.12 - 09:49)
Das sehe ich anders. Mit dieser App sind weitere Optionen vorhanden: Größe der Fotos anpassen und die Fotos als Zip File hochladen. Ich empfehle diese reibungslos funktionierende App, oder MultiLoader vom gleichen Entwickler.
(02.11.12 - 12:52)
@pony: das habe ich auch gedacht. Dann hab ich weiter gedacht und mir das Ding zur Sicherheit mal geladen, damit ich mir nicht in den Hintern beißen muss, wenn's wieder teurer ist. Und da fand ich vor allem das interessant, was Kritiker auch erwähnte, nämlich die Wahl der Größen. ��
(02.11.12 - 19:04)
Na dann werd ich mir die App doch nochmal genauer anschauen.
Das mit der Größe hört sich gut an.
Danke schonmal für den Hinweis:-)
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
Allgemein (20.10.11 - 08:10)
This would be a great app, and may still be, but at the present, Dropbox's app has most of this functionality. In reality, this dog has likely seen its day. Unless the dev can continue to innovate!

Now, especially with iCloud and Photo Stream, the photo storage to iCloud is accomplished without even having to think about it; it's automatic.

The one benefit I see with this is the ability to zip files up — but the problem is, photos and videos these days are already so compressed you will see less than 5% compression by ZIP, RAR, or even 7Z. Try it on a ton of JPG files for proof. If your intent is to zip to create a single file archive, then all is fine, and I see that as a useful feature. Just my thoughts.
(11.05.12 - 03:23)
Thanks for all your info! I have so many apps & technology is advancing so fast these days, that I can hardly keep up w/it! So, when someone leaves an informational review, it helps A LOT! Again, thank you for the heads up. (Even though I know a lot of this stuff, I tend to get "app happy" - lol!)
(11.05.12 - 08:01)
This app is one of many "lite" versions of a more full featured app by the same dev called Photo Sender, which is more useful.
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
(11.05.12 - 13:44)
r76 beat me to the punch and is completely right. At one time or another across the past year or so each of the "suite" pieces (for Dropbox, Twitter, Flickr, and on…) went free, and I collected each of them only to realize they were all merely "pieces" of the full bad boy which r76 said; is Photo Sender. It has all of them together. This type of I guess you could call "syndication" app or even web service is starting to show up more and more where people want to choose a photo service; upload all of their stuff to it, then have it automatically propogate itself to Facebook, Picasa, Flickr account, etc — considering that having multiple destination services is becoming more of a common thing than just a specialized niche of users and these softwares/sites are starting to realize that.

P.S. My original comment reply was massivvvve); destroyed the character limit by a long shot! Wasted. LOL.

P.S.S. I'm afraid I understand "app happy; I have over 1,000 installed on my iPhone right now. It's a sickness! Look at my profile, like $900+ of MOBILE APPS!! That's a few car payments! Insane!
(19.08.13 - 03:42)
@Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D.":
Well, I've now given it a new name! I'm no longer "app happy", but have become a full-fledged appoholic!!! At least I'm not alone in my illness, as OlDirtyDave has sympathized with my predicament! Our biggest issue now is trying to find the iDevice space for all of them! As for car payments, I think my AppZapp total is over $6000 now, but I may be off by a few $1000, I haven't looked in a while,it's too depressing! Lol! My biggest problem isn't so much all the apps on my device(s, embarrassingly enough!), it's all my photos and screenshots! If I was as smart as you, I'd be able to figure out a way to get the darn photos off my device, while still enabling me access to them from my device! Got any great (but easy, for the technically-impaired) suggestions? My recent thoughts to the solution of my problem have been Flickr, now that they allow so much space for free (1TB, I believe?). What do you think? You know, it just occurred to me that we now have the ability to mail each other individually, so I'll copy this over to a personal message to you.... My apologies to all my AZ friends for causing their devices to bleep unnecessarily! Conversation continued to personal message.....
(19.08.13 - 06:47)
I believe that app is now off the AppStore? I was unable to locate it?
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- Consolidation of Dropbox and WiFi transfer
- Support for iPhone X
- Bug Fixes

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: MobiLab Co., Ltd.
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Version: 4.7
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