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Photo Sharp Pro is a photos/video management app,can manage your photos/video into folders and subfolders, Compress photos/folders into zip file and extract photos from a compressed (zip/rar), Use password protect your files, and transfer photos/(zip/rar) between computer and your devices

*Password protect
Password lock entire app
Password lock wifi
Password lock individual folder

*View Photos
Photo gallery
Slide show
Thumbnail preview
View Photos app

*File Sharing
USB File Sharing via iTunes
Http File Sharing via WiFi, Support Safari, chrome, firefox and IE6/7/8/9 (Slide show )
Chrome and Firefox Supported upload multiple files
Email multiple files, folder Supported

Extract photos from a compressed zip/rar file
Compression files/folders to zip file
Archives rename, email, batch

copy, move, delete, rename files/folders
Import photos from the Photos app
copy, email, zip files from Photos app
unzip and paste files into Photos app
Assign to Contact
select all and cancel all
open files from other app
Sort the images in the folders by date , Size;
In Edit,press on an image (A), then long press another image (B) , it will select all the images between (the range A-B);
In the browser client, support long press Shift and click on the checkbox multiple choice pictures.
Open email attachments supported
Support all orientations
Universal app

OS >= 6.0


Pink Lady
Allgemein (12.08.12 - 11:17)
The differentiating factor of this app is its relatively simple and straightforward user interface, which makes using it a pleasure. It also has the added advantage of providing direct access to the phone's main Photo album, which opens up in the app, and makes for easy selection of targeted photos. It does however have one drawback and that is the fact that it doesn't afford the user the option to transfer files between devices via FTP.
Allgemein (03.07.12 - 18:36)
Какая то непонятная филоня с функцией расшаривания фоток по wi-fi . А альбом пр. окольно смотреться
Allgemein (12.08.11 - 09:03)
Äusserst nützliches App, dass endlich Ordnung in die Fotosammlung bringt. Ausserdem können die Bilder auf sehr einfache Art & Weise auf den MAC oder den Win-PC transferiert werden. Selbst ein Daten-Austausch oder -Abgleich, oder gar -Synchronisation zwischen iPhone & iPad ist ein Kinderspiel. Ich kann dieses App nur wärmstens empfehlen und möchte es selbst nicht mehr missen müssen!
(29.11.11 - 18:16)
can you speak English?
(24.05.12 - 06:50)
(24.05.12 - 14:14)
Yo dolt! I was just hoping they could write in English ��.
(24.05.12 - 20:45)
Grande chatice ninguém se entende . Beijinhos ;*
(26.05.12 - 04:51)
@ikidult: I understand your frustration. Here's this really long, potentially very informative review of an app you're considering DL'ing, and you're unable to read it! Disappointment at its best... :-(. AppZapp responded to a review on another app & said they are going to integrate a translator soon - yesterday isn't soon enough! I, personally, can hardly wait for the integration! Will make this app, literally almost perfect! The only other thing I would want (& have sent them requests on this) is a notes field. So many times when I hold off on getting an app there are multiple reasons why, & it would be nice to be able to have somewhere to notate that info. Keeping my fingers crossed!
(12.09.12 - 07:38)
Now that there's a translation feature, those that were previously rude get to show their arses - didn't your moms teach you that if you didn't have anything nice to say, not to say anything at all? Apparently not... Wasn't nice to make fun of a person because they are fluent in every language on this planet, kinda bites you in the ass now, doesn't it, 'myimee' and 'achau'?
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1,09 €

für iPhone + für iPad


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Okt 07
Version: 1.3.7
Apr 26
Version: 1.3.6
Apr 19
Version: 1.3.5
Apr 13
Version: 1.3.4
Feb 26
Version: 1.3.3
Okt 15
Version: 1.3.2
Sep 30
Version: 1.3.1
Aug 29
0,00€      1,09€
Aug 27
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Aug 24
Version: 1.3.0
Apr 28
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Apr 24
1,09€      0,00€
Sep 25
Version: 1.2.2
Dez 22
0,00€      1,09€
Dez 21
1,09€      0,00€
Nov 16
0,00€      1,09€
Nov 14
1,09€      0,00€
Okt 31
Version: 1.2.1
Okt 19
Version: 1.2.0
Sep 08
2,29€      1,09€
Jul 05
0,00€      2,29€
Jul 03
1,09€      0,00€
Jul 01
2,29€      1,09€
Jun 19
1,09€      2,29€
Jun 18
2,29€      1,09€
Mai 25
0,00€      2,29€
Mai 24
2,29€      0,00€
Mai 21
Version: 1.1.1
Mai 12
1,09€      2,29€
Mai 09
2,29€      1,09€
Mai 07
Version: 1.1.0
Mrz 31
1,09€      2,29€
Mrz 23
2,29€      1,09€
Feb 18
0,00€      2,29€
Feb 16
2,29€      0,00€
Feb 15
Version: 1.0.9
Dez 13
Version: 1.0.8
Dez 10
1,09€      2,29€
Dez 09
2,29€      1,09€
Nov 02
1,09€      2,29€
Nov 02
2,29€      1,09€
Nov 02
1,09€      2,29€
Okt 25
Version: 1.0.7
Okt 22
Version: 1.0.6
Okt 12
Version: 1.0.5
Okt 05
Version: 1.0.4
Aug 30
Version: 1.0.3
Aug 19
Version: 1.0.2
Aug 14
0,00€      1,09€
Aug 11
1,09€      0,00€
Aug 11
Version: 1.0.1
Jul 26
Version: 1.0

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*Improved stability and bug fixes.

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: ujweng
Entwickler Support:
Rubrik: Fotografie
Version: 1.3.7
Größe: 32 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: noch keine Bewertung
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