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me.time: My alone time where I can relieve stress and recharge my energy.
“We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves.”
- Lynn Hall.

"me.time" is a simple diary/journal app that helps you figure out who you are, and what makes you 'you.'

It's especially recommended,
if you always add "keeping a diary" on your New Year's resolution but can't keep at it through February or,
if you're not sure where you are in your life right now or,
if you've ever answered 100 questions about yourself or,
if you've ever reminisced about your past reading through your journals.

# me.time has 'questions.'
Questions that help you organize your thoughts and learn more about yourself will be offered every day.

# me.time has 'thoughts.'
You can see other people's thoughts on the same question and share yours.

# me.time is 'being yourself.'
By organizing your thoughts on questions repeating every year, you will find yourself being more 'yourself.'

OS >= 8.0


Dmytriy Khrunevych
Allgemein (09.08.16 - 16:35)
And fuck you all developer's team from users
Dmytriy Khrunevych
Allgemein (07.08.16 - 23:22)
Don't use this app. Before last update it was Flava. ALL data for 3 years was deleted after update.

Allgemein (07.08.16 - 11:46)
Ich zucke aus wo sind die Daten von Flava, ohne jeglichen Hinweis gelöscht!!!
Allgemein (31.07.15 - 23:31)
Пользуйтесь OneNote, это почти тоже самое, только бесплатно все!
Allgemein (21.08.14 - 08:28)
No iPad version, no recent major improvement, even no more categories or icon… Day One ?
Allgemein (04.06.14 - 20:56)
Surprised there isn't an iPad version yet. Until then...
Allgemein (08.03.14 - 13:20)
I just don't want to have to sign into any more apps. That is the only reason I will not use this app. If any more apps ask me to create an account, I instantly delete them. I can do this same thing in other apps that don't request signing up. Just simply sick of giving out my email for more useless spam.
(31.03.14 - 22:59)
Why not create a new email. I have like 7 of them lol. I have one for important stuff, I have one for appzapp, I have other for random stuff. Just a quick suggestion if you want this app.
(25.05.14 - 17:26)
Agree with you...
(21.08.14 - 08:27)
Use a ghost email ( for such registration ��
Allgemein (19.11.13 - 03:39)
编辑文字 加入图片视频 很容易上手 时间轴编排很潮 界面简洁美 不过 我的一堆朋友都不用 受众面少 无法交流 可惜
Allgemein (15.06.13 - 10:15)
Indeed a great app as compared to other journal apps out there.
What's different ?
Allows you to attach location to an entry by auto locate or manually using google maps
Beautiful timeline interface
Allows filtering and viewing by tags or in built mood/weather tags etc. create custom tags

Don't like
No calendar view which could be a great addition
Can't add audio notes to an entry
Would be great to swipe timeline from left to right looking at attachments/images

Thanks a ton team
(06.11.13 - 10:55)
@Arun Prakash Meena:
If you use pinch gesture, you get to filter by months, and if you use gesture again, you can filter by year. I think you can add audio notes.
Allgemein (02.05.13 - 18:06)
Not particularly clear interface. Handles text, pics, etc., but kind of jumbled things together. (Kind of like Tumblr, but tinier.) I suppose it could be ok for journaling, but it's hard to imagine curating your entries on an iPhone's tiny screen with that tiny keyboard.
Allgemein (17.01.13 - 22:11)
Häääääslich!! (Halt so ähnlich wie Windows 8) ;)
(17.01.13 - 22:36)
���� du hast sooo Rääächt! Aber wenn Pony sagt, das taugt was, lade ich es trotzdem. ��
(25.02.13 - 06:01)
Ja,schlecht ist die App nicht, aber ich muß sagen,sie war mal besser und wird leider,wie bei so vielen Apps, von Update zu Update verschlimmbessert.
Aber trotzdem noch OK.
Und Windows 8 finde ich auch nicht so schlimm. Auf jeden Fall besser als das Olle Vista.
Allgemein (05.12.12 - 18:22)
Schade,immer noch kein Update zur Universal-App:-(
(04.01.13 - 10:43)
Neues Update, aber leider immer noch keine native iPad App, aber trotzdem nicht schlecht das Teil.
(04.01.13 - 14:58)
Na, ein altes Update wäre ja auch wirklich der Gipfel!!!
Allgemein (09.10.12 - 16:05)
Brand new update : you like it or you regret the previous version...
Allgemein (20.09.12 - 23:34)
Vado ad aprirla quando ho voglia di ricordarmi un evento particolare e con l'ultimo aggiornamento e' un'app veramente ben fatta.
Allgemein (29.08.12 - 15:43)
Allgemein (27.12.11 - 20:13)
I may say is the greatest Free app to have all your thoughts and favorite moments in life recorded in several formats. And with a lot of features as the option to block some stuff you want or to share in social networks as Facebook or Twitter.
Highly recommended, also with Evernote account for Backup!
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
(26.08.12 - 10:08)
Agreed. This started out as a pay app but the generous developer(s) decided to make all future versions free. You're right, it's one of the best free apps, especially in its class, where most similar apps are several dollars.

You mentioned Evernote for backups; don't forget it has Dropbox support too!
Allgemein (26.12.11 - 21:32)
Been looking for a simple and quick app to keep short diary entries of my kids growing up and this meets those requirements superbly. Sync to Evernote is also great meaning memories can be kept forever.
Allgemein (30.11.11 - 08:52)
Useful. It is in my iphone main page.
Allgemein (30.11.11 - 07:12)
Best and stylish
Allgemein (29.11.11 - 17:05)
Simply love this app!
(03.12.11 - 22:24)
Yes, this application is very great!
Allgemein (09.11.11 - 16:00)
You will have to get this app.
Won't regret using this app. as diary ,also a note.
Allgemein (05.10.11 - 20:33)
Die Beste dies gibt!
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