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  • Contact shortcut photo icon ( iFavorite ) for Home screen

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Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren

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Optimized for iOS 7.

Now, create your own Shortcuts of iPhone Home screen!
One-touch dialing, Face call dialing, texting, Emailing, Web Pag Access.
All access is quick and easy!

▷Pro version: Limited time sale! 50% off
- Create Icon (4Layer) : 140 x 240 x 690 x 120 = Over 200,000,000
- Icon Set : 7 Themes (740)

▷ Basic(Lite) version:
- Create Icon (2Layer) : 170 x 44 = Over 7,000
- Icon Set : 33

◈ Features
▷ It’s definitely not typical collection of icons that most apps offer! Gloss(fx),Frame,Symbol(70) x Background: 30 = Over 2,000
(Photos included with infinite possibilities by using your pics! )

▷ You can create an icon on the home screen with your own photos or images you want.

▷ It's possible to make phone calls, send texts, web pages connections, send mail, and face-call connections with Icons created by a user.
(iPod and iPad do not support functions of dialing and sending a text. Please check your model.)

▷ iPhone, iPod and iPad have been optimized to use all the devices.

▷ You can create your own icons following our direction step-by-step easily.

▷ You can make it the icon with the contact information registered.

▷ You can create different effects with the four-layer combination by using pictures of yourself and a variety of themes such as symbols and borders, badges, animal masks and facial expressions.

1.The transmitted information is automatically deleted on the server and it is not used for any other purpose.

2. If you delete this App, shortcut icons do not work.

3. When creating an icon, Step.4 (Registration Screen) must be connected to the Internet (3G& Wi-Fi).
(When you create icons in an unstable state, it might be delayed or might not work normally.)

4. Even though the Internet connection is good, if Step.4 (Registration Screen) does not show up, please check the JavaScript.
Settings> Safari> Please enable JavaScript
(Most are enabled by default, but some may not activate.)

Q: If this App doesn't run or the shortcut icons you create doesn't work,
A: 1) Please remove any other similar Apps(icons). (iFavorite Basic, Lite, etc delete)
(It may cause conflicts with our App.)

OS >= 4.3


Alyona Vakulina
Allgemein (26.09.14 - 08:17)
Сырая. Не работает как заявлено.
Allgemein (01.06.14 - 08:26)

Очень глючная. Вылетает буквально на каждом шагу. Очень тормозит. Чтобы сделать вызов тупит пол минуты перед тем как перейти к набору номера.
Итог: сырой продукт, за который жалко даже цента.
Allgemein (07.12.13 - 18:13)
This is the greatest shit outthere!
Данил Годенко
Allgemein (05.12.13 - 20:38)
Не хочет создавать новую иконку контакта. Говорит, нужно установить какой-то профиль... Может кто подскажет? А то очень была бы полезная програмка.
4s ios 7.04
(08.12.13 - 01:59)
@Данил Го:
I used this app quite a long time ago, but thought I'd try to answer your question. It DOES make a new app icon, for contacts, games, etc., but, unfortunately, as there is no way (due to Apple's restrictions) to delete the original game's icon (or whatever you're making it for), you still have to keep the original icon on your device, just pushed to the end or wherever. If you delete a game's original icon, it completely erases the game (or app) from your device. If you're simply making a "one-touch call app icon" and a brand new app that isn't existing at all, then this app works great for that. For example, if you want to make an app that you simply click to call your child or spouse, it's great. Hope this answers your question accurately? By the way, app's free today!
Данил Годенко
(08.12.13 - 20:02)
Спасибо. Но так тоже не работает (((
Allgemein (17.09.13 - 16:12)
My dear devs,

I would like to share a few thoughts with you about what is called "reactance".

Reactance is what I feel trying to survive the process of creating an "icon" with your app.

It starts to build up when clicking somewhere to progress with my "icon" - but am guided to your advert-site (let's call it "slightly confused", ok?).
When this happens over and over, the user changes their state of mind to "not really amused", to "irritated", to "if I ever meet one of you - you'd better run for your lousy lives!".

And then, after the ordeal - you do not even offer an icon, but a mere bookmark.
This means: No function w/out internet. Enormous roaming-costs if using your "icon" while travelling...

I am not an aggressive type, but you deserve only my best: BANNED DEVELOPER.

Just for you, your misguiding promises, your obvious lack of programming skill, and your add-infested crapp!

Sounds angry? Yup, I AM!
Allgemein (03.08.13 - 06:03)
Doesn't replace the original icon - you simply have to move the original to another screen. It just makes a new one.
Allgemein (02.08.13 - 11:51)
У меня на iPhone 5 программа отказалась работать. Создавал иконку для контакта иконку создает но набрать номер не представляется возможным. Тоже самое с приложениями. Пробовал не один раз результат один.
Allgemein (22.04.13 - 19:27)
Долгая реакция после нажатия на созданную иконку
Alper San
Allgemein (02.02.13 - 00:39)
Very cool and useful
Allgemein (01.10.12 - 20:52)
Hace lo que dice, no como nuestros políticos.
Allgemein (19.03.12 - 07:51)
Кто-нибудь пользовал прогу для создания ярлыка быстрого доступа к функциям типа БТ на 5.1 (без джейла)?
(03.10.12 - 04:11)
What was "BT"?
grandmaster flash
(01.02.13 - 14:36)
(12.06.14 - 10:42)
THAT would have been a great idea! Instead of an app like this, that simply creates a photo icon, not even replacing the old icon (which is an Apple restriction, as I'm sure the BT shortcut may've been as well), so I don't know why devs keep making these apps, since you can't remove the original icon, without deleting the entire app itself, anyway! With this, you only have double the rubbish on your screen! Unless creating "quick call" icons. Too bad someone didn't make an app to do that before iOS 7, as we now have a quick, pull screen with those most-used Settings.
Allgemein (27.12.11 - 05:33)
(03.10.12 - 04:16)
Darn it! I have tried to translate your comment several times, but the line below keeps cutting off the last part of it and I cannot read it. �� Can you please re-enter it and we will see if that helps? I would really appreciate it! �� (Tee-hee! I love that smiley face!)
(03.10.12 - 05:00)
(03.08.13 - 06:02)
Lol!! Not that it mattered, now that I've finally been able to translate - darn thing still isn't translated correctly! Lol! Only literal... The app doesn't REPLACE the icons, you have to only move original to last screen on device, so it still takes up room...
هلالي كو
Allgemein (29.11.11 - 18:01)
Allgemein (29.11.11 - 05:00)
Does now!
Allgemein (14.11.11 - 06:49)
Does not work for system prefs like "icon project" does
(26.11.11 - 07:47)
Does now!
Allgemein (18.10.11 - 17:59)
(27.12.11 - 05:33)
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für iPhone + für iPad


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*** Notice ***
According to Apple's official request, we are very sorry to inform you that we are unable to offer you the profile installation and shortcut app icon to support iOS7 at present.
We are also extremely sorry that we were forced by circumstance to follow Apple's official request.
Please refer to the fact that similar types of apps like our format can be changed like us or deleted in the app store at any time.
We ask for your understanding regarding this matter.
We're going to try to provide much better service to our customer.
Thank you.

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
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Rubrik: Lifestyle
Version: 1.7.1
Größe: 26 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 1,5
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