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Allgemein (02.02.13 - 02:32)
WordFoto kesinlikle daha iyi.
Allgemein (01.02.13 - 04:14)
I've rely been looking forward to trying this one out! Can't wait to get it free in a few hours - it looks like SO much fun! Think I'll have to make some room on my poor phone, though!
Allgemein (21.10.12 - 23:26)
Crashes when trying to apply the effect on any photo when using an iPod. Thumbs way down.
(27.01.13 - 23:29)
Thank you very much for including an explanation with your thumbs down!!! I really appreciate it! So many times there are many thumbs down, but no explanation as to why! So, am I to assume it's a personal reason? Religious reason? That they don't like the "adult" content? That they feel it's a child-like app and wouldn't enjoy it? Who knows? So, your extra input is highly appreciated by me, if no one else! Lol!

P.S. I HIGHLY feel, which you may already be aware, if you've run across any of my previous rantings��, Ha! Ha!, about this, that I feel the thumbs section should only be used for whether an app doesn't work, or does not have all the features that are described in the app description - but I do not believe this always is the way it is utilized. Unfortunately, I think a lot of AppZapp'ers may read an app description, decide they don't like what it has to offer, in general, and mark with a thumbs down. *sigh* I feel my rantings about this have not solved the problem, though, as some of the "youngsters" on here will do exactly what is requested not of them! Always a few in the bunch! It doesn't help much when attempting to just use a quick glance, as to whether or not to even bother with reading about an app, though. Unless, of course, there are an overwhelming amount of thumbs up or down, to give you a better idea. Unfortunately, I liked AppZapp a lot more when only a few of us had found it - I'm sure AppZapp doesn't feel that way, though! Lol! Back then, you knew what to expect and trust from the comments and markings on an app. When the masses transcend, many more personalities and opinions are involved, sometimes making it more difficult to muddle through and find the more pertinent ones to yourself. Anyway, thanks again, and I'm done ranting about this neverending battle I've taken on! Lol! Hope it's as sunshiny and beautiful where you are today, as it is where I am! Hoping it lasts longer, but not holding my breath, for sure! Still too early in winter, but one can always hope! TTFN!!! (For translation purposes: TTFN = Ta Ta For Now!! Was it Winnie the Poo or his friend, Christopher, who said it? I don't recall! Either way...!����)
(01.02.13 - 04:14)
Wow! Sorry for that vomit-verbiage!!! Didn't realize I'd blabbed on so much until seeing it now! Geesh! Just tell me to shush! Lol! ��
(11.09.15 - 11:50)
For what it is worth, I downloaded the current version tonight for free and it hasn't crashed once.
Allgemein (21.10.12 - 16:32)
Netter Effekt, aber mir persönlich sind die kleinsten Buchstaben noch zu groß. Das wird noch nicht fein genug.
(27.01.13 - 23:30)
Thanks for the information!
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für iPhone + für iPad


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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Shota Nakagami
Rubrik: Fotografie
Version: 1.5
Größe: 1 MB
Gesamtbewertung: noch keine Bewertung
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

Mehr von: Shota Nakagami


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