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Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
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Scan documents to produce sharp images, draw lines, enter texts, fill forms, and sign.
Share as PDF / JPEG by email, WiFi file sharing, cloud storages, webdav, and fax.

DocScan HD lets you instantly scan multi-pages document and send out when there is no scanner nearby. By having it, you can scan not only documents in sight, but also whiteboards, receipts, business cards, posters, coupons, books ...etc.

It can fast auto-detect document edges from a picture, correct perspective distortion, remove shadows and brighten it up to produce a clear and sharp document, especially useful in a Low-Light environment.
You can enter texts to fill forms, draw lines, annotate, or sign on the scanned image anytime.

When you have a long list of documents, it is easy to search documents by name and use folders for organizing documents: create, delete, rename, and move documents between folders. You can also use password to protect documents in a folder from unauthorized view.

In-app fax sending is convenient especially when you are out of office or have no fax machine at all.
You can receive a push notification when a fax is sent succesffuly or failed for what reason.

Each PDF file can be accessed directly from iTunes or WiFi file sharing by tapping on the "Generate PDFs" button or the "WiFi file sharing" button in the settings screen. You can also email documents out as PDF or JPEG files.

Other ways to export documents:
- Fax documents to over 100 countries instantly (cost calculated by the number of pages and recipient country and paid via in-app purchase).
- Print documents via AirPrint.
- Save documents to Photo Albums.
- "Open In" Other Apps, i.e. iBooks, Kindle, …etc.

More options to export documents in Pro version:
- Support upload to iCloud Drive.
- Support export to Dropbox.
- Support export to Evernote.
- Support export to Box.
- Support export to OneDrive.
- Support export to Google Drive with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) option.
- Support export to WebDAV Server.

Import Files:
- Import JPEG from other apps as image source to crop, perspective correction, and image enhancement.
- Import PDF from other apps as scanned pages.

Both portrait and landscape orientations are supported.

Tip: For best edge detection, please place your documents in high contrast to the background, i.e. put your white paper on a dark table.

Your feedbacks are very important to us.
Please contact DocScan HD customer service at for resolving problems before submitting feedback in appstore. Most problems can be solved easily, but we cannot help you solve problems from the comments.

OS >= 9.0


Allgemein (27.12.12 - 07:49)
Needs in app purchase, otherwise it's just a (not so good) ordinary scanner. There are lots of better, absolutely free...
UniJam ON 😜
(19.05.13 - 22:31)
Which are better? I like docs can a lot but am willing to switch to an even better one.
(19.05.13 - 23:04)
AppStore has at least 580 free scanners you can try! Of course some of of them have in-app purchase. So, Genius Scan (or CamScanner HD, or WorldScan HD, or even Faster Scan HD) is very good in my opinion, and totally free (if it matters for you)...
UniJam ON 😜
(20.05.13 - 00:10)
Danke, genius scan sieht sehr gut aus. Vom Workflow etwas eleganter - Geschmackssache. Ansonsten kann ich aber im Moment nicht erkennen, wo Doc Scan schlechter wäre.

Worldscan scheint auf den Scan von Visitenkarten spezialisiert zu sein.
Ich Teste noch ein paar Fälle und entscheide dann: Genius oder Doc Scan.
(20.05.13 - 06:24)
I'm glad you like Genius. DocScan has in-app purchase, so it's not really free, this is what I commented about. Yes, you're right: DocScan is NOT bad, if you like it's UI. (I prefer Genius better.)
[Nixt sprechen deutsch!!!]
(20.05.13 - 07:39)
@unijam: For what it's worth (I know, I'm a little late with my comment! My apologies!!), I have scanners I've been very pleased with I thought you might like to check out as well? Not sure if you're interested at this point, so I'll just mention and you can choose your actions. One's a printer/scanner/do everything combo, it does cost, but it literally enabled me to delete about 5 different apps off my phone and replace them with this one! It's called Printer n Share Pro by Eurosmartz. It's kinda spendy, of I recall, but it's so all-inclusive that I went purchased it anyway a few months ago! A couple others I've been happy with also are: Smart Scan, Photo Scan (both of these by the same dev - not sure of differences between them, just know I've used them both before and they did their job well), Turbo Scan by Piksoft, and UltraScannerPro (my apologies, I was unable to find the dev's name within the app for some reason?). I'm not sure, other than the first I mentioned, if these cost or not, I've had them for quite some time and do not recall, but if so, and it matters to you, you can check for Lite versions of them by looking them up in AppZapp, scrolling down screen, tapping on 'All Apps of This Seller', and it'll show you every single app listed under the same dev's name, in the AppStore. Good luck in your search and hope we've sufficiently helped (and that I haven't gone into overkill mode! Haha!!����)
(20.05.13 - 07:41)
By the way, forgot to mention, that this same app has a paid version as well, I didn't check it out because I don't have an iPad, but it is currently $.99USD - good luck!
(20.05.13 - 07:54)
angidazee! What a complete review!
(20.05.13 - 10:00)
By the way, Faster Scan is by this same dev also...
UniJam ON 😜
(20.05.13 - 17:03)
Now, I tested some apps. Genius scan seem to work great but scan quality is not as good as with DocScan or Scanner (by Readdle).

Personally I still like DocScan best - but very close to Readdles scanner.
Other apps seem more like second choice to me or specialized like WorldScan (business cards there).
(20.05.13 - 17:49)
Na, dann hab ich mich ja blind für dem Richtigen entschieden. Und ich kann nicht mal genau sagen, warum. Er lag mir einfach vom ersten Scan an. Fand das besonders toll, dass man damit auch Gebogenes gerade kriegt. Dann bleibe ich dabei. ����
(20.05.13 - 17:52)
Zusatzfrage: hast du auf pro aufgerüstet? Wenn ja, was kann das besser als no pro?
Allgemein (18.09.12 - 13:46)
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