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Lemur is the world's best MIDI/OSC controller for iOS. Benefiting from nearly 10 years of development, Lemur is synonymous with multitouch music control. All these major artists can't be wrong: Daft Punk. Björk, Plastikman, CHVRCHES, Glitch Mob, Sub Focus, Max Cooper, Barker & Baumecker, Orbital and many more.

Version 5.0 introduces the incredible new Canvas object and the Sequencer family of features with rock solid timing.

Canvas — Canvas is a brand new object that lets you script custom widgets with full multitouch support. The object is adapted from the HTML5 Canvas element, which means you can design widgets featuring complex shapes, animation, shadows, and transparency The Canvas object opens the door to a completely new Lemur experience, where the appearance and behaviour of objects can be designed to precisely match the demands of your project. Polygons, waveforms, circular objects and infinitely more are all possible with Canvas.

Sequencer — Lemur 5.0 introduces a family of new features for tight sequencing. This includes three new objects: StepNote, StepSwitch and StepSlider. Each of these provides a different flavour of sequencing and is ready to use right out of the box. The objects do the hard work for you, simply add them to your template and they are ready to control your MIDI instruments.

In App Editor — Design your templates on the fly, without a computer in sight. The In-App Editor, available on iPad only, makes multitouch control truly improvisatory by letting you shape your controller the same way you shape sounds. Virtually every function of the desktop editor application is now available through an intuitive system of iOS menus and widgets. Best of all – it’s easier to use than ever. This means a much smaller learning curve and an immediate initial experience. Any basic configuration, such as a typical bank of faders, can now be created with a few familiar taps and gestures. And any factory template can be adjusted quickly to suit your particular needs.

Skins — Lemur features three new skins, in addition to the classic look. Choose the look that fits your style and get inspired.

LiveControl 2 — Experience the ultimate Ableton Live controller, designed in partnership with master designer ST8. Improvise a riff on the Play page, then switch to the Sequencer page to edit the pattern. Choose a key and scale to guide your melodies and use Quick Chord to instantly create harmonies. Use the Modulate page to flawlessly map any parameter from any plugin to the MultiBall object and take advantage of Physics, LFOs and gesture recording. The Launch page gives you everything you would expect from a clip launcher, and more. We even integrated snapshots and morphing.

REQUIREMENT (for the Lemur Daemon):
- OS X (Intel only) 10.5+
- Windows (XP SP3 or 7 recommended)

The In App Editor feature is accessible only on iPad devices.


Simply connect your iPad/iPhone to your laptop over Wi-Fi and make the connection! Lemur also supports CoreMIDI allowing you to use hardware interfaces such as Alesis' iO Dock or the iConnectMIDI or class-compliant USB MIDI interfaces (with a camera connection kit). You can even control up to 8 computers from one iPad with Lemur!

OS >= 8.0


François Buddy
Allgemein (14.11.14 - 20:38)
This app is horrible to use for me.. because i am not a technician.. and not a musician. I searched fresh controlls for apps like serato, ableton or fl studio 11..but the download section on their website is poor in content.. too basic and not really usefull for me. @ an other way others features seems really complicates to catch in mind.. the perfect non intuitive app.. The most pricy and overhyped app in the music store.. You re warned !
(21.11.15 - 20:56)
@François Buddy:
hard to get into it : yes
useless : no

there are many templates for download to use w/ ableton & it works pretty fine - u can control anything w/ lemur - look for a few youtube demos - you'll find links in the descriptions there and after one day of fully focussing you'll be fine ! do not give up - this is the holy grail of all controllers - massive attack was part of the developing artists years ago.
Start here :
and traktor :
fl studio :
traktor again :
and finally the magic jazzmutant :

most important website :

good luck !
Allgemein (12.04.14 - 08:20)
Allgemein (31.03.14 - 00:43)
It's finally happened. Someone made Flappy Bird game inside Lemur. Available for download at Liine's official site. Quick, everyone purchase this app naow (as a bonus you can also use this app as a midi/osc controller).
Allgemein (11.03.14 - 08:06)
Discounted to take, just for musicians, App very technical and vocational great :)))))
Allgemein (23.12.13 - 23:15)
It is the lowest price ever, i know it deserves much much more. But still too expensive for the ones like me who toys with these app; not professional. Another reason for me not to purchase pricey apps anymore is the new trend that Apple don't do anything about it: what if the developer decides to resell the app as lemur 2.0 and stops improving the previous one or pulls from the store? There is no guarantee and everything is blurry (like ios7) of the future of the app store. And look that what happened to AppZapp, it has been forced to pull from the app store. I don't feel secure and am suspicous!
(24.12.13 - 00:51)
I choose to download automatically on iTunes, pluging the cable will solve the problem, i know it. But the main reason of my drama is i'm quiet upset after 5 years of trust to app store ecosystem. I consider, the new rules and trends somewhat diseased. Once the trust has gone, it's gone. Previously, i would except such things from Samsung, now i can expect anything against consumers from Apple also.
Allgemein (30.09.13 - 05:07)
Узбагойся ��
Michael Gaidamaka
Allgemein (30.09.13 - 02:19)
Another GREAT reason to buy a tablet
Allgemein (29.09.13 - 21:43)
Меньше 10 ти мегабайт по такой цене, вероятно приложение действительно хорошее
Allgemein (29.09.13 - 20:16)
If the sale started fri. I could have afforded this :(
Allgemein (16.03.13 - 17:42)
The hardware version of Lemur is £2000 - £35 is an absolute steal for exactly the same physics engine that runs on the hardware version!

I wonder if the people who wrote the bad comments even know what this is?
Dearz Angel
Allgemein (31.12.12 - 04:57)
แพงเกินไป :(
Mukund Amin
(29.09.13 - 17:38)
@Dearz Angel:
Mukund Amin
(29.09.13 - 17:39)
@Dearz Angel:
Allgemein (20.04.12 - 22:40)
40€....thaťs ridiculous... They really got mad didn't they?
(29.09.13 - 20:17)
this is probably the best ios midi controller. Worth it.
(30.09.13 - 16:14)
I know man... But I can't still afford it I'm not making music for money and the budget is low :/
(21.11.15 - 20:59)
it's worth much more
Allgemein (22.02.12 - 06:14)
Get real ... $50?
(30.09.13 - 17:43)
Did you buy the app?
(01.10.13 - 15:32)
You Bet I Did :-)

Cannot wait to try it out.
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27,99 €

für iPhone + für iPad


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Version: 5.3.5
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Version: 3.0

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Weitere Informationen

Was ist Neu in dieser Version

- Fix Canvas crash when Lemur is in background
- Fix In-App-Editor crashes when editing scripts
- Project List is now sorted properly
- Fix crash when editing OSC target hostname

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Liine
Entwickler Support:
Rubrik: Musik
Version: 5.3.5
Größe: 20 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 5
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

Mehr von: Liine


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