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  • Taskboard - Visual Organizer, Lists, Task Manager, and Scheduling

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Drag and drop list organization that gives you a visual overview of your tasks and projects.

Create as many lists as you need. Organize projects, tasks, and ideas. Drag cards from one list to another; move lists around. Simple and visual.

**** 4.6/5 stars on the App Store (see reviews for 'All Versions' if most recent update isn't showing ratings yet).

"I love this app, this is the real way to-do lists should be approached" - Alex jordan dp
"Direct, concise, Visible!" - Techbug
"Fast UI does what you want. I use it for work, it lives in my dock" - f1vespeed
"Like others have said, it is simple and intuitive" - Beowulf11787
"I've used several task apps, but this is my favorite. It's simple, quick, and clear, so it actually gets used." - 1000 Splinters
"Spatial organization works best for me...I've tried dozens of list makers and this one is the most satisfyingly simple." - isewstuff
"Doesn't require any manuals or complicated instructions. Very intuitive. Plus it's not bogged down with stuff you don't need and will never use. Fast, easy to use and it works! The developer nailed this!" - SoCal Lady
"I'm in sales. This app provides a perfect way to keep me organized and focused at a glance" - Fc222
"Not useful at all.Useless app" - nick9087965 (to be fair, there are some bad reviews)

Drag and drop organization

You can create as many lists as you need. Adding items to your list can be done one-at-a-time or in bulk. Create a list for your projects, clients, to-dos, grocery list, research, homework, wedding plans, someday tasks, or ideas you want to research later.

Not out of sight, out of mind

Everything is in front of you, so you're less likely to forget something. An added advantage of this format is that your lists form an inverted bar graph - some will be short and others long. If you're using the app for project management you'll know the status of each project.


Priorities, new info, schedule changes. They happen. Put your finger down on time-consuming add/edit/reorder organization tools. Spend less time editing and more time moving cards to suit your workflow.

Get detailed

Just type a few words to create a card in your list. If you want to add more information you can tap the card and add notes or set a due date. You can use the notes field to list subtasks if you want. You'll be able to see which cards have notes and due dates at a glance from the main screen.

Full of color

Pick a custom background. Subtle and light or bold and bright - more than 50 patterns are included.

You can also add colored labels to your cards to make them stand out or indicate priority.


Thousands have enjoyed this app over the years with its base set of features. If you need more, you can install:

- Colors: Add color to your cards and your boards. Color code them to make them stand out.
- Projects: Group related sets of boards into projects to avoid clutter. It's like having multiple copies of the app.


* Unlimited list boards
* Tap on any card to additional notes, a due date, or a colored label
* Get alerts for any tasks that are due
* Rapidly enter tasks in batches
* Drag any task card to any other list
* Drag lists to rearrange them
* Drag near the edges of the screen to auto-scroll
* A layout that doesn't hide your tasks from you
* Tap board title to edit or rename
* 50+ background patterns to choose from
* A nice built-in help guide to help you with any questions

Let me know if you need anything! You can always reach me from within the app or at

Includes patterns from the following sites:

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (26.05.17 - 17:27)
Was a great app and yes was similar to Trello, but a much better Trello, then. I bought the upgraded colour package, or something like that, it was so long ago I don't remember. I would think the developer may want to consider giving it a quick update to the newer IOS standard, just to make it another option besides the mostly subscription based system available.
Allgemein (06.09.15 - 12:18)

If this app can do well as trello but can also be offline, it will be better than trello
Allgemein (19.05.14 - 15:50)
Великолепная вещь! Приспособил для учёта приложений по категориям. ( чтобы не забыть, что тут накачал- удалил).
Julie :)
Allgemein (08.02.14 - 05:10)
I am IN LOVE with this simple yet practical task board! This will be sooooo handy with my work having to track status of my various vendor contracts and work projects.

If it works out, I'm also thinking of upgrading in order to differentiate between home, work, and volunteer projects. Different color tabs and backgrounds would keep me further organized.

Wheeee! :D
Stefan Huska
Allgemein (07.02.14 - 18:10)
Copy of Trello.
Allgemein (07.02.14 - 11:59)
Отличная вещь ,не пропустите ,распродажа!
(07.02.14 - 12:38)
@Irina :
I also thank Irina will try it :))))
Julie :)
(07.02.14 - 12:39)
@Irina :
Me too!
(07.02.14 - 12:41)
@Julie :):;)))
(07.02.14 - 12:41)
(07.02.14 - 12:48)
@Irina :
I do not know if you saw "fantasfondi Hd" There are a lot of beautiful pictures it really worth it, one day I d like to take a photo so ;)))))))))
(07.02.14 - 13:00)
Отличный сайт 500 px, например, там великолепные фотографии,сделанные и обработанные профессионалами,а я просто любитель)) . Мой муж очень имеет художественный вкус, у него получаются удивительные фотографии, особенно природы,неба,животных..
(07.02.14 - 14:44)
@Irina :
Pictures of nature, just the ones that I like, well I have to say that you are very lucky you can admire beautiful pictures at home :))))))
(07.02.14 - 14:58)
О,да,у нас из окна виден Днепр,очень красиво,мы его часто фотографируем))
(07.02.14 - 15:51)
@Irina :
But what kind of photography you like to do? For example, I love the scenery especially the colors of the sea and would love to photograph the space and the stars, but they take a lot of expensive equipment.:)))
(07.02.14 - 15:59)
А мы просто прогуливаемся по набережной Днепра,возле дома,или где-нибудь еще в городе,найти что-то интересное не проблема,и фотографируем) Оборудование- да,профессионалам необходимо,тут я не советчик,у нас обычный цифровик ,средней цены,но он тонко настраивается,и все прекрасно фотографирует.
(07.02.14 - 16:24)
@Irina :
But of course once you have passion, you can actually take pictures of everything, thanks for all to the next Irina ciao :))))))))
(07.02.14 - 16:29)
Нет , страсти фотографировать у меня нет , просто когда мы где-нибудь ездим или прогуливаемся , то берем с собой фотокамеру ))
(07.02.14 - 17:03)
@Irina :
Maybe you have mistranslated, I meant that any hobby done with passion definitely brings very good results regardless of the techniques and technology. Then of course you do if you learn by leaps and bounds I am sure ;)))))
(07.02.14 - 17:20)
Полностью согласна :)))
Allgemein (07.02.14 - 07:29)
I really like this app for my IPAD. You can unlock all options for $3.99 as so nice to have the colors. Fun app to have.
моя NEMO
(07.02.14 - 08:29)
Мне тоже очень нравится это приложение. Одно из самых востребованных на моём iPad ( когда- то закачала на iOS-6)
Allgemein (18.12.13 - 19:02)
Trello does it better and is a universal app plus it's free.
Allgemein (03.12.13 - 14:38)
Очень удобно пользоваться. Перетаскивание табличек особенно порадовало.
Позволяет установить на iOS-6 ( тогда иконка - красненькая)
Evgeniy Ch
Allgemein (23.08.13 - 06:54)
Есть сервис trello, которое поинтереснее и функциональнее будет. Да еще и бесплатно.
(23.08.13 - 07:12)
@Evgeniy Ch:
Спасибо за наводку!��
Judy Doe
(18.12.13 - 21:14)
@Evgeniy Ch:
Вы часто пользуетесь trello? Поделитесь опытом, пжлст?)
Evgeniy Ch
(20.12.13 - 05:44)
@Judy Doe:
Использую браузерную версию в основном по планированию проектов. Но и мобильной иногда пользуюсь. Сервис на базе системы канбан, вообще в сети полно информации по trello.
Микола П
(08.02.14 - 14:02)
да, трелло офигенный планировщик. мой любимый. особенно для командной работы. единственный недостаток - приактически нулевая функциональность оффлайн.
Allgemein (23.03.13 - 08:27)
Gefällt mir sehr gut ��! Nur bitte Universal, Cloud oder wie auch immer man die Geräte synct. Dann macht es auch Sinn ��!
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für iPad


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Was ist Neu in dieser Version

- Fixed a bug that could cause an issue when setting a due date
- Use your own photos as custom backgrounds (requires in-app purchase)

From before:
- Fixed an issue that could cause card to become stuck floating
- Improved performance and reduced memory usage for some background patterns
- New background pattern
- New option to save a backup file of selected boards to another app
- Fix to prevent blank project titles
- Improved iOS 8 support

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Steven Romej
Rubrik: Produktivität
Version: 1.1.5
Größe: 4 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 4,5
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

Mehr von: Steven Romej


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