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BRAIN-FRIENDLY DICTIONARY - visit for a full-length video, media reviews and more.

Developed exclusively for iPad and with rich content from the Oxford University Press, this fun, fascinating tool offers a truly engaging reference for word lovers of all ages and interests. By using your fingers to manipulate word trees, you will experience language as an interactive adventure, and will find information quickly and easily.

Wordflex is the tool of choice for:

• Writers looking for just the right word to add meaning to their text.
• Students who want learning to be more fun, exciting and viral.
• Teachers building visuals for lesson plans.
• Crosswords and word games fanatics.
• Word nerds and logophiles digging deep into linguistic complexities.
• Artists and decorators looking for ways to bring art and meaning into a space (via high-resolution output capabilities).

Great Use for Even the Base Price

Base price allows you to explore full mind-maps of 5 unique words per day and share them via social media. For more serious learners, writers, and logophiles, ‘linguistic nirvana’ can be reached by unlocking the Full version: for a small fee this removes all quotas and adds sharing of high-resolution word posters via email, print and the photo library (owners of any previous paid version are not required to pay again).

6th Year on the AppStore

• Featured in ‘New & Noteworthy’, ‘What's Hot’, ‘Back to School’ and even ‘iPad's App of the Week’.
• 5-star user reviews

Rapturous Media Reviews

‘Truly an app worthy of iPad…’ – Nate Adcock, iPhoneLife
‘One of those “wow” apps…’ – Karen Freeman, AppAdvice
‘Visually stunning and aesthetically satisfying, Wordflex has taken the English Oxford Dictionary to the next level.’- Asam Shah, TheNextWeb
‘Caution: If you’re a word geek, it's easy to spend hours…’ – The MacTrack
‘A spectacular demonstration of how tablet technology can meaningfully put massive data at the fingertips of learners.’ - EducatingApps
‘Logophiles Rejoice! It is so easy to use and thorough that it may convert an emergency-only dictionary reader into a meaning-obsessed daily user.’ - iPad2Wallpaper

Distinct Features:

• Tree-based view that allows natural navigation of even the most complex entries.
• Three of Oxford's flagship titles with latest coverage of both American and British English compiled into one extensive information resource with over two million ‘language mind-nodes’.
• Intuitive gestures that mimic the elemental fun of exploring a language.
• Functionality to share word posters via social media, email or large-scale print.
• Ability to slide from one tree to another and back quickly and seamlessly.
• Human-voiced pronunciations in both American and British English.
• Tailor-made illustrations.
• Off-line content - except for sharing word posters, no network needed.
• Action history and bookmarking of any specific point.
• A ‘fly-through’ that randomly presents words and other language features.

Comprehensive Contents:

Powered by Oxford's extensive language research program, including the Oxford English Corpus which contains over 2 billion words of real 21st century English, the following titles have been integrated into Wordflex, together with their latest 2014 updates.

• Oxford Dictionary of English (ISBN9780199571123)
The foremost single-volume authority on the English language with 355,000 words, phrases and definitions, 12,000 encyclopedic entries, and 68,000 examples.

• New Oxford American Dictionary (ISBN9780195392883)
Similar in extent and scope to the title above, this is Oxford’s flagship of U.S. English.

• Oxford Thesaurus of English (ISBN9780199560813)
The gold standard of comprehensive synonym and antonym resources.

OS >= 7.0


Allgemein (15.11.17 - 07:41)
No es tan gratuita...
Allgemein (05.05.16 - 04:58)
This is SO fun!
Allgemein (24.04.16 - 09:14)
the best of all dictionaries, well worth the full price, and more than that... ����������
Allgemein (18.04.15 - 15:20)
Меня совершенно не смущает ограничение бесплатной версии - 20 слов в сутки.
Детальный, всесторонний научный подход к изучаемому материалу вряд ли позволит вам проходить более 20 слов в день. Таким образом лимитированного объема вполне достаточно. Например, я так ни разу за лимит так и не вышла.
Наоборот, в данном случае ограничение дисциплинирует и способствует более внимательному выбору слов.
Из недостатков только вес, но это простительно, ведь содержание это клад :)
Allgemein (11.04.15 - 00:53)
It is fun to play with, but i will not waste time to use it for study
Allgemein (01.04.15 - 20:12)
Allgemein (01.04.15 - 07:34)
Not free! ����������
Allgemein (11.01.14 - 10:54)
На данный момент этот словарь стоит покупать только тем,кто уже знает английский на среднем уровне.Весь словарь выполнен на английском(толкование значений английских слов в том числе) .Разработчики обещают вскоре добавить такие языки как :Русский,Немецкий,Французский.А так приложение хорошее и красивое.Советую купить сразу и ждать появления русского языка . ONLY FOR RUSSIAN USERS
Allgemein (05.02.13 - 07:48)
Один из лучших лингвистических продуктов, что существуют. Изучающим английский и совершенствующим, иметь на борту обязательно.
Возможность составлять свой словарь с маркировкой и тегированием, Am/En озвучка всех слов, копирование и последующие действия ( почта, сети ).
Alexander Song
Allgemein (07.01.13 - 18:38)
Most creative dictionary I have ever saw. Worth the money.
Allgemein (22.07.12 - 03:04)
I wish it wasn't so huge though. It's almost 800MB!!!
Allgemein (22.07.12 - 03:03)
Wow, this looks useful!
UniJam ON 😜
Allgemein (10.06.12 - 21:56)
Überraschend gut. Trotz showeffekt definitiv kein Spielzeug sondern ein wertvolles Nachschlagewerk mit sinnvollem Einsatz der mindmap Darstellung. Lexika mit gleichem Inhalt und traditioneller Darstellung sind meist - auch im AppStore - teurer.
Alex-Stan K Moscow
Allgemein (11.03.12 - 21:55)
Wow. That's rather impressive. I couldn't help buying it and no regrets!
(09.06.12 - 00:32)
Oh whoa! You lucky lucky lucky one. Enjoy!
Artur Szczur
(10.06.12 - 15:48)
Yeah, I couldn't either. An awesome dictionary, especially after the new update.
Alex-Stan K Moscow
(10.06.12 - 18:42)
Now you can have it twice as cheap! So what are you waiting for?
(11.06.12 - 08:20)
;) yep, first word I mapped out : COVET
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