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Create unbelievable NEW EFFECTS and SHARE them with others!

"After having played with the app for one full day, I’m nothing short of impressed. The sheer power of customization that aremaC (yes, it is Camera written in reverse) brings to photo editing presets, and that, too, to a mobile device, makes it worthy of being your instant favorite."
— Aatif Khan,

"Whether you like simple photography apps where you can add cool filters and effects with a tap, or whether you like to create your own with professional-level tools and share your presets with the community, there is something for everyone in aremaC."
— Karen Freeman,

"aremaC is an extremely comprehensive camera app, which pleases the fans of effects with a huge library of filters and the ability to create your own with a toolkit of exceptional power."

▷The presets
Create real-time effects by stacking and nesting effects with arbitrary masks together! Real-time means you can see the result BEFORE you take the photo. You can even shoot videos with them!

You can create absolutely NEW EFFECTS with aremaC and upload them to the online library to share them with all other users!

▷Advanced and endless possibilities
-professional, fully parameterized real-time effects
-take photos AND record videos with all effects!
-open online library, which everybody can freely extend!
-full-resolution processing (If you take a photo, it gets automatically rendered in full-resolution in the background and you can instantly continue shooting more photos without having to wait for the rendering to finish! As the high-quality rendering is happening on the CPU, but the real-time view is fully computed on the GPU, there's absolutely no performance drop while a photo is rendered in background!)
-full EXIF and GPS-data storage
-edit your photos (yes, this app is perhaps even the greatest photo-editor on the app-store!)

EXCLUSIVE: Another special feature - A BUTTON, which lowers the camera's exposure for FULLY AUTOMATIC OVER-EXPOSURE PREVENTION! This app is the only one on the app-store which has it!

▷As a preset developer
Upload your creations to the online library and see how popular they become!

A huge line-up of basic, elementary and partially NEW filters that pleases even the best versed photography/tech savvy:

-2D-Box (Blur)
-Black and White
-Chroma Key (EXCLUSIVE: Do high-quality real-time green-screen effects with this highly tweakable filter!)
-Color Splash
-Color to Y
-Invert (Negative)
-Mask only (Use any mask-composition, including custom photos, as image source!)
-Matrix (EXCLUSIVE: Fully controllable linear transform of RGB-colors)
-Random-Map (NEW: Random mapping of colors)
-RGB Key
-Solid Color
-Time Delay

There are also many fully interactive and parameterized mask-generators:

-Photo (Inject your own pictures into effects as masks or sources!)
-Preset Image (A lot of preset images are already included)
-Solid Color

Also all presets, effects, effect-groups and masks supports cut, copy and paste. The main goal, when designing these features, was: Let the user's creativity be the limit - not the app!

OS >= 7.0


Allgemein (12.10.15 - 19:33)
Обновить бы его поудобнее. А так крутое довольно
Aiglentine Mordicant
Allgemein (14.07.15 - 14:38)
Magnifique application ! Des tonnes de filtres tous plus impressionnants les uns que les autres. A ne pas louper.
Allgemein (22.12.14 - 03:10)
My goodness! A super duper camera and editing app! Highly commendable folks! Get it now while it's free!
Allgemein (21.12.14 - 22:38)
A web library of user-created filters!!! Brilliant. That feature alone could make this app very valuable, although I can't speak for the rest of its capabilities. Some of these filter presets are quite entertaining. Recommended highly for free.
Allgemein (17.11.14 - 08:00)
Una dei miei preferiti!
Forse la migliore
Consigliatissima!! ������������
Сергей Н
Allgemein (29.05.14 - 17:39)
Очень маленький функционал, удалил
Allgemein (29.05.14 - 08:59)
I think he has a good chance, I like, effects and very good results, at least for my taste! ;)
Allgemein (29.05.14 - 00:17)
Просто маст хэв! Вот это я понимаю набор эффектов, полная свобода фантазии, а у кого с этим не очень, то помогут эффекты собранные людьми со всего мира, что пожалуй является главной особенностью данного приложения! Даже снесу несколько приложений для фото, так как это заменяет их спокойно. ⭐️x5��
Allgemein (20.11.13 - 14:45)
Позже напишу более подробный обзор приложения, а сейчас лишь хочу сказать, что это - бомба!
Можно с уверенностью покупать, если вы еще не приобрели программу!
Allgemein (20.11.13 - 01:52)
I love the collection of filters you can download online from other users. My only gripe is the performance on the iPad2 is terrible. It runs great on my iphone 5 so it is obviously a hardware issue, a lot of the FX seem to take up a lot of memory.

On my iPad2 the app crashes with images >5-6mp. On the iphone 5 it takes 12 mp images without missing a beat, although it still takes 30 seconds sometimes for an image to be written out to disk. The app says image is saved, but it is not until you see the new image appear in the tiny camera roll icon in the bottom left corner.
(20.11.13 - 05:35)
Thanks for warning us about using it on ipad 2.
Guess the need to purchase a new ipad or phone is imminent..
dost khan
Allgemein (16.11.13 - 19:05)
I want to be free infinity blade 3
Allgemein (10.11.13 - 10:17)
Dann eröffne ich hier auch noch schnell...und pushe die gute App mal ein wenig mehr hoch ��!

Willkommen zur 23. Avataria Runde ��!

Hier die ausgewählten Apps. Bis jetzt sind alle noch gratis...also schnell zuschlagen, falls noch nicht geschehen ��! Hoffe, die hatten wir alle auch noch nicht!!!
Neue Mitspieler sind immer gern gesehen ��!

1. Tinned Cam (DesignNovel)
2. Typon (Greener Pastures)
3. CoverLab (covworks)
4. aremaC (Dominic Seibold)

Alle Apps sind auch in meiner Collection zu finden ��!

Und jetzt viel Spaß!!!
(12.11.13 - 07:55)
Hier noch einmal eine kurze Erinnerung an alle, die mitmachen wollen ��. Vielleicht ging die Sache ja unter am Sonntag ��!
(12.11.13 - 13:09)
Kers, ich bin dabei ������
(12.11.13 - 14:07)
Die Tinned Cam mag ich besonders gern.. ich habe auch mitgemacht.
(12.11.13 - 15:19)
@��Highfast�� :
Super ����!!!
(12.11.13 - 15:20)
Freut mich ��!!! Ja. Die Tinned Cam gefällt mir auch...und dein Avatar ��!!!
(16.11.13 - 16:07)
@Kers: �� Noch geschafft ��

WOOOOWWWW, ich habe eine wahre Filter, auf Filter, auf Filter-Orgie hinter mir und konnte gar nicht genug kriegen. Alle Anwendungen bis auf Typon haben meinen Avi kreiert und ich finde alle klasse ������
(16.11.13 - 16:10)
@��Highfast�� :
It was real fun reading the translation of your text :))))))
(16.11.13 - 16:13)
@��Highfast�� :

��������...gut gemacht ��! Freut mich, dass du Spaß hattest. Und gut, dass du die Apps schon gesichert hattest ��!!! Die hier kostet ja schon wieder ��!!!
(16.11.13 - 16:18)
@��Highfast�� :
Hüstel...willst's du die nächste Runde übernehmen ❤️? Die anderen schwächeln ja ����!!!
(16.11.13 - 18:53)
Na, dann mach ich mich mal bald an die Arbeit Kers ������ ��
(16.11.13 - 19:03)
Nicht beabsichtigte Doppeldeutigkeit somoni ��☺����❓❗
(16.11.13 - 20:18)
@��Highfast�� :
Super �� danke �� und freu mich ��!
(17.11.13 - 00:53)
@Kers & Alle:
Neue Runde gestartet unter Color Effects - The Othernet ��
(17.11.13 - 06:43)
@��Highfast�� :
Dann werde ich mal schauen gehen ����!
Allgemein (10.11.13 - 04:51)
While the basic starter set of preset filters are, well, basic, the online filters you can easily download and use are fabulous.

While the app will save at full resolution (chosen in iOS settings app) the app is quite unstable with images over about 4mp with many of the filters you download. With hi-res images, the app says it has saved the filtered image, but nothing happens, then...crash. Other times, it says it is saved, and you can move on to another image, or another filter, etc., but the image you just finished with never gets saved.

Even with the saving issues with hi-res images, this is a "must have" app, especially when it is free.
Allgemein (14.05.13 - 08:20)
functions are not quite as intuitive as other image-editing apps. some may find it convenient that you can choose which filters & editing processes to download / use (free of cost), but I found myself preferring other image editing applications.

perhaps the most useful option I like from this app (compared to others) is that it has easily visible tools for square, 4:3, 16:9, etc sizes.
Allgemein (12.11.12 - 02:38)
After taking any picture, the app usually shut down before the picture was actually saved. Some filters seem to take a lot of memory, I currently use 4s but already experienced 4 shut down in a row when trying to take a picture using one of the filter. Disappointed.
(05.12.12 - 00:16)
Not to point out what you may think as the obvious (and definitely no offense intended), but I've been pretty surprised at how many people were not aware of the changes when OS 5.0 came out. Are you aware that when you open ANY app, that, to close it, you no longer just press the home button, and that's it. With the inception of OS 5.0, they came out with the ability to "multi-task", which means you can go back & forth between a group of apps you're using without having to find them & reopen them each time you use them. That said, in order to close out an app completely now, you have to double press the round home button until the screen raises up, and it will show you all the apps you have open. Then, you long press one, as if to delete, wait until it jiggles and the red "-" sign appears at the top corner, and then press each red "-" sign until all the apps are no longer showing below the screen. There is much better information on the iTunes website on this, though. I'm telling you all this because I have NO problems with this app crashing, and everyone I know with an iDevice that has had crashing problems since 5.0, is due to this reason. All those apps being left open is using up the device's available memory, which allows the apps to run. It's not the same as disk space, which is the amount of space you have for YOUR stuff: photos, videos, music, apps. Memory is what an app is using to operate properly, an without it will only crash repeatedly.
As well, I purchased an app called "Memory Free" a long time ago, that frees up memory still being held over by closed out processes (apps). This particular app is no longer on the AppStore (yes, there is one called the same, by the same developer, but it no longer frees the memory, just show what is being used. However, there are others that do the same thing as mine. One of those apps will help prevent crashing as well. Turning your iDevice off & back on again ("resetting" it) is supposed to do the same thing, but doesn't always work as well.
Hope this helps and good luck to you! You'll be amazed how much better your device works and how much longer your battery will last!!!
(05.12.12 - 13:52)
Yes I am aware how to close the app that are running on background, I am an active Apple user since first generation of iPod. And Arema was actually the only app I opened when the crashes were occurred. After read through the comments some people also experienced same thing as mine, and they suggested to delete and re-install the app, which actually worked. Thanks anyway for your help.
Allgemein (17.09.12 - 18:38)
Sehr ich genauso wie Bill! ��
Allgemein (16.09.12 - 03:11)
Impresionante descubrimiento gracias al nuevo Genius de la AppStore.

No es profesional pero un buen juguete
Allgemein (28.08.12 - 15:24)
Very cool filter builder. No giant, uneditable library of random filters with goofy names here, just a few demo filters, a very powerful filter creation engine, and the ability to share your filters with the world. As all filter effects are real time, they work for video, too.
Allgemein (21.08.12 - 13:49)
Diese App hat mich jetzt aber mächtig überrascht, positiv! So viele Möglichkeiten an einzelne Schräubchen zu drehen kenne ich sonst von keiner Photo-App.
Was noch fehlt ist noch ein bisschen mehr iPad-UI und Bedienungsführung. Aber es geht auch so.
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-bugfix: App doesn't crash anymore when camera-access not enabled

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