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Meet our brand new camera.
Grid lens lets you shoot your precious moments on a single picture.

You can take photos in each frame split by grid lines to create your own story.
It allows you to capture every single moment you don’t want to miss.

* Making grid lines
Are you getting bored with the limited number of pre-set grid lines in your photo app?
Why don’t you customize your own grids by simply adding and placing lines as you like.

* Taking pictures
You can capture pictures by tapping the respective frame you want your current shot to appear in or by using the shutter button. The shutter button has a manual and automatic mode.

* Editing and sharing
Auto save option automatically saves the images you create to your camera roll.
Once you’re done taking pictures, go to the gallery to see amazing resulting images.
You can apply one of six filters to make your photos looks even nicer and stylish.
Do you want to share the images with your friends?
Use filters to give your photos style and post them on Twitter and Facebook


* Camera Mode
- Single Lens Mode (One scene divided by grid lines)
- Multi Lens Mode (Compound Eyes - repeating scenes)
- Importing from you existing photo library
- Burst Shot
- Manual Shot
- Touching frame to capture
- Modifying thickness of grid line
- Picking grid border colors
- 5 Frame ratio

* Create grid mode
- pre-build grids are available
- Drag to add or divide new grid lines
- Undo/Redo
- Random grid creating

* Gallery / Sharing
- 7 free photo effects
- Share your photos to Facebook.
- Share your photos to Twitter.
- Upload your photos to Flickr.
- Send your photos to Instagram (And to other apps)
- Email your photos.

Flickr community are now open!!!

OS >= 6.0


Дед Makar
Allgemein (01.04.14 - 22:12)
Посоветуйте нормальную фото-галерею для просмотра собственных фото и обязательно с возможностью сортировки по имени (алфавитной) файлов. Очень необходимо для работы, стандартный 'фото' и 'iphoto' не имеют данной функции к сожалению.
La Vovka
(02.04.14 - 03:09)
@Дед Makar:
Дед Makar
(02.04.14 - 07:58)
То что нужно спасибо!
(02.04.14 - 11:34)
MyPhoto pro - возможность сортировки по имени, дате создания, заголовку и вручную ��
Allgemein (01.04.14 - 20:24)
Why is it a good app? I asked myself. According to me because in 30 seconds can make a collage of photos, which you can demonstrate a time :))))
Allgemein (29.01.14 - 11:58)
Cute and within my reach!
Allgemein (29.01.14 - 11:32)
Великолепная программа,очень понравилась.
Allgemein (21.10.13 - 02:26)
Замечательная программа!
Маст хэв для инстраграмщиков:)
Allgemein (18.10.13 - 23:13)
Genial y original app
Allgemein (18.01.13 - 12:14)
Allgemein (18.01.13 - 11:57)
Kann ich zum Einfangen von Event-Stimmungen auch empfehlen. (1216x1620) ist auch noch ok - Vollformat wäre wünschenswert! Soll ich, oder soll ich nicht?
(18.01.13 - 12:09)
@Kritker: Was? Empfehlen oder laden? Deinen Infos nach ist es fürs Zögern schon zu spät. ��
@2rw: machst du da slices oder erstichst du Kritiker?? ��
Sergey Panchuk
Allgemein (21.12.12 - 16:28)
Make it free, please
(18.01.13 - 01:04)
Free NOW!
Allgemein (11.10.12 - 20:19)
My device info: iPhone 4S, 64GB, OS 6.0, AT&T, last known app update:
I really like it a lot, but after I've taken the photos, select one of the collages I've added photos to & attempt to load filters, it crashes at that point. It's very well made & very easy to use, so maybe just needs OS 6.0 update?
(18.10.13 - 18:35)
У меня такой же телефон �� повысить до v. 6.1.3 уже не получится , но старую версию под нашу прошивку, вроде, закачать предлагают.
Что касается этого приложения: идея наложить на фото сетку мне кажется не интересной.
(18.10.13 - 18:54)
Эм, кто вам такое сказал? iOS прекрасно ставится на все предыдущие уст-ва вплоть до второго айпада.
(18.10.13 - 20:09)
Эта реплика - вообще, о чём?! Вроде бы русский, а пишите так, что как перевод с Гугла...
(19.10.13 - 00:12)
Дык обновитесь до 6.1.3, в чем проблема?
(19.10.13 - 06:13)
I put this comment here almost a year ago and, sadly, have gotten sidetracked and haven't tried again? My apologies for not updating and trying to see if it works again!�� As for putting images on the net, I don't do so very often, but have just recently decided to start using Flickr, but that's more for photo storage than it is to actually share my photos. Flickr updated their service to hold 1TB of photos right before iOS7, so I thought I'd take advantage of it and save some space on my device, since that's what's taking up most of the space on my 64GB iPhone! You can mark whichever photos you want to be seen publicly, or even leave all marked as private and just use the service as storage? Seemed like a FABULOUS idea to take advantage of to me!?!
Allgemein (22.04.12 - 23:39)
Veramente geniale, carinissima e fatta meravigliosamente
Alondra Navarrete
Allgemein (30.01.12 - 23:14)
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