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Panorama™ is a new photo edit app with panorama function that gives you a big help when you are traveling.

The simplest and most creative panorama app ever!

Photographers used to need expensive, very wide-angle lenses, special shooting skills and tedious manual work to fully bring out the impact of breathtaking landscapes, city scenes and nature in one panoramic image.

Now, with Wondershare Panorama, seamless panoramas can be easily created in seconds with a single tap. Just tap the Capture button and move your iPhone slowly and steadily from left to right. Once done capturing, the frames will be stitched into one awesome panorama automatically.

What’s described above doesn’t rock you? Check this out. After taking a panoramic image, you can edit it, select the effect you like, Rice Paper, Vintage, Cross Process, Old Photo, Sketch, and more; and your panorama becomes a masterpiece immediately with a live preview of what the final image will look like.

Can’t wait to share your creativity with family and friends? No problem! Panorama supports one-tap upload to the most famous social networks in the world: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr, and sending email.

Connect with Wondershare on Facebook to report any problems with PowerCam or to share your ideas on how to make Panorama™ even better. You also can send e-mail to

OS >= 4.3


Allgemein (16.04.13 - 18:03)
Allgemein (15.04.13 - 13:04)
Best panorama app rather than 360 panorama. Photosync is not included, it's a worst panorama app, aso dont mention it... The only thing left is, you cant take all panorama around you, only half...
(16.04.13 - 21:19)
Do you mean that you can only get 180 degree panorama, instead of a 360 degree? As for Photosync, you're saying it's NOT good, is that correct? I tried it years ago, and felt that it sucked, but I haven't tried it since, and, as I said, that's been years ago, so I wasn't sure if it had improved since then? That's why I was clarifying! Lol!
(17.04.13 - 07:00)
I mean u cant take the whole around u with this app. Also i think photosync is still the same. The best way to choose is 360 panorama or this app... Photosync is stupid, go try it if u dont believe me.
Allgemein (15.04.13 - 03:13)
Jetzt kostenlos zu haben.
Also wer die App. brauchen kann...
Darüber erzählen kann ich nicht, da ich sie selber nicht getestet habe.
(16.04.13 - 21:22)
Xupernova, the AZ'er (AppZapp'er) above you, said he likes it, but that it only does 180 degree panoramas, and not the whole 360 degrees. (I believe that's what he's meaning, but I've posted a comment to him to clarify for me, if that was indeed what he was saying.)
(17.04.13 - 00:40)
Hallo @angidazee (meine Lieblingsamerikanerin und das beste was Übersee zu bieten hat �� )
Vielen Dank für die Antwort.
Ja, das habe ich auch so verstanden. Konnte es selber noch nicht testen.
Was der Übersetzer herausgibt, ist teilweise verwirrend und in englischer Sprache bin ich etwas außer Übung.
Es scheint so, dass nur Bilder in 180° möglich sind was nach meinem Laienwissen ein Breitbild und kein Panoramabild ist. Die Profis mögen mein Unwissen verzeihen.
Gut, dass du bei ihn mal nachgefragt hast, weil ich schon ganz gerne eine App für Panoramabilder hätte.
Wenn ich selber auch diese App getestet habe, schreibe ich es hier herein. Ach ja, viel Spass mit dem Übersetzer. ������
(20.02.14 - 21:35)
Thank you for saying such a nice thing about me!!! (I just now only saw your message!) Yes, I agree, the AZ translation is very difficult to understand at times! I think part of the problem is when people don't use proper grammar, it then translates poorly? That's just my guess though!? Lol!
Allgemein (12.10.12 - 00:11)
Try Autostitch, is much better.
(16.04.13 - 08:28)
Or Dermandar.
AutoStitch and DMD are my go-tos.
Allgemein (10.09.12 - 06:58)
Allgemein (10.09.12 - 05:20)
1- nice idea, BUT...
2- ok so max resolution is tiny. always a deal breaker for anyone who cares about photo quality, or doing anything w your photos, really.
3- SO easy to MESS UP your pic! seriously you must have the steadiest hand on earth. I've "re-done" shots at least 2-3x on average... and that's gets really old soon.

SO- IF I had to keep redoing my shots, but they came out in high resolution, it might be worth the payoff. BUT since I have to keep redoing them & resolution is SO LOW... wtf man.

DMD is better app.
(16.04.13 - 21:25)
Thank you for the heads up! I actually downloaded this years ago, when it went free, but sent it to my cloud to make room on my device, so I couldn't remember if it was worth it to add back to my device or not, so I appreciate the info!!!
(16.04.13 - 22:40)
Oops!!! Guess it wasn't "years" ago that I downloaded, but MAYBE only "a" year ago since I downloaded! ☺ It's only been out since April '12!!! How easily we forget at my age! �� Lol!!! You know, I always looked at my mom as SO old, when I was growing up, but we're only 19yrs apart. So, I didn't have my first son until I was 28 - how old he must think I am, compared to HIM!! Haha!!!�� Had my other son at 35 - thank goodness he's still too young to even THINK about my age vs. his! My sweet, precious him!�� Thank goodness for the innocence of youth! If it weren't for that sweet angel��, my oldest would have me feeling like I was 100yo! To give you an example, I remembered something he very seriously and sincerely asked me, when he was ~11-12yo: he asked me if I had ridden over in the covered wagons!!!!!! That was the first time I ever shot beverage out of my nose! I couldn't believe he thought I was THAT old! I then informed him that not even his grandmother had ridden over in covered wagons!!! (She was born in 1950.) Then it occurred to me, not even his GREAT grandparents had ridden over in them!! (They were born ~1927.) I mean, how freakin' old does he think I AM?!? Either that, or the public school system has dramatically decreased the level of education they're teaching my children! I most certainly was not born in the 1800's! The irony to all that, IMO, is there has been WAY more change in society, science, and technology since my oldest was born (1997), than there EVER has been in years passed, between ages of parents and their children, yet he perceived there to be NO technology when I was born, thus thinking ALL technology happened since I came to be!!!!�� He, literally, couldn't have thought a timeframe with MORE drastic a transition - because there's NOT one!�� Big stinker! Lol!
Allgemein (02.07.12 - 15:40)
Brauchbar, würde aber eher zu Dermander und/oder AutoStitch, evtl. Noch 360Panorama raten, da die Letzt genannten dann doch um einiges besser sind.
(16.04.13 - 21:22)
Thanks for the tips!
Allgemein (25.04.12 - 04:18)
Make some really nice pics.
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