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  • Bitpoem - Photo Filters and Effects

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Featured by Apple in "Best New Apps".

Bitpoem is the best tool for photographers, iphoneographers and digital artists.

It is the perfect photo editing app to apply selective effects on your photos. From subtle to artistic effects, you can create unique photos that really stand out.

"Bitpoem is kind of a Photoshop for non-photoshoppers."
- J. Kevin Wolfe

"(...) encourages more originality by letting users to pick and choose which filters they want to use and where to place them in order to best emphasize critical parts of a scene."
- The Next Web

“Exposure adds some personality to your photos”
- Gizmodo

“Even if you would never apply iOS 8's Chrome or Transfer filter, however -- even if you have never heard of Instagram -- take a look at Exposure. It's one of those apps that is genuinely unexpected and new”
- MacNN

“The app is smart so it can pretty easily separate objects “

“This innovative interaction is a departure from normal photo filtering apps, giving you total freedom to be creative and make unique photos with a personal touch”
- iPhone Photography School

Bitpoem is your daily fuel for creativity. Ignite the digital artist within!

Color Effects:
• Original: The original photo
• B&W: Turns the picture into a sharp Black & White
• Deep B&W: A deeper Black and White
• Vintage: Sepia-like, aged effect
• Ice: Applies a very cold feeling to any photo
• Vibrant: Augments the vibrancy on the photo, enhancing all the colors
• Intense: Brings all the intensity in your photo to life
• Blackout: make nice silhouettes or remove the background
• White: remove the background, replacing it with the white color
• Bittersweet: Apply a pink color anywhere in your images.
• Blue sky: Add blue anywhere!
• Purple Hour: There isn't enough purple in the world.

Camera Effects:
• Bokeh: Simulates the Depth-of-Field effect, using a 3D representation of an actual lens
• Old School: Bring your photos to life, applying a bokeh based on a lens from the 50s
• Valentine: Simulates lens with a heart-shaped filter, creating a hearty bokeh
• HDR: Emulates High Dynamic Range.

Artistic Effects:
• Electron: Electrify your pictures, directly from ENCOM
• Andy: Bring the pop culture from the 60s and 70s into your photos
• Wolfe: Subtle painting-like effect
• Glow: Adds a beautiful glow to your photos
• Smooth: Smooth every surface. Looks awesome on selfies!
• Motion: An amazing motion effect for your photos
• Picasso: Turn your photo into a painting
• Sketch: Turn your photo into a pencil sketch
• Watercolor: A colored pencil sketch of your photo
• Cartoon: Like comic books
• Zoom: Simulates a zoom motion blur
• Miniature: Adds a Tilt-shift effect to your photo
• 8-bit: Turn your photo into an 8-bit art
• Pop Art: Your photo will travel in time to the 60s
• Newspaper: Turn your photo into a newspaper print
• Inscribe: Turn your picture into text
• Enhance: Make every little detail in your photo standout
• Rotoscope: Simulate rotoscoping
• Vignette: Add an amazing vignette in your pictures
• Van Gogh: Apply some post impressionism to your photos

Blending Effects:
• Blend: Directly mix two photos
• Overlay: Mix two photos, improving the contrast
• Multiply: Darken both photos, mixing the results
• Hard Light: Stronger contrast-enhancing blend

Texture Effects:
• Fur: Bring movement to your photos
• Clouds: Clouds texture
• Film: Old film photo
• Concrete: Concrete wall
• Puzzle: Turn your picture into a jigsaw puzzle!
• Fabric: Knitted texture
• Rust: Rust texture
• Leaf: Your photo inside a leaf
• Old Map: Old paper texture
• Letterpress: Letterpress paper texture
• Tree: Tree trunk
• Paper: Crumpled paper
• Water: Submerge underwater
• Dog Fur: More movement to your photos
• Cracks: Add a broken, cracked effect to your picture
• Wood: Simple wood texture

OS >= 9.0


Allgemein (16.09.16 - 19:20)
Dankeschön für das "Gratis-Angebot"!
Allgemein (11.04.16 - 18:30)
Allgemein (10.04.16 - 22:08)
تطبيق رائع وجميل وقوي لإضافة الفلاتر على الصور، جربوه؟
Allgemein (10.04.16 - 11:38)
Maintenant gratuit������
Allgemein (30.12.15 - 02:59)
Tried it (free) and frankly I am not impressed. It is not a true editor, rather the various effects are applied selectively by "painting" where you want the effect. The maximum output resolution is 6mp, 2000x3000, so I won't be keeping this one.,
(10.04.16 - 12:48)
Как я понимаю именно Вас приложение не впечатляет и даже за бесплатно?
Allgemein (24.12.15 - 11:22)
Now free!
(25.12.15 - 12:55)
How is this app ? Is it worth to download ?
(10.04.16 - 15:28)
@FLU-sc :
Yes! Now again free������
(10.04.16 - 19:29)
Ok . Thx
Allgemein (27.09.15 - 03:45)
I notice no comments since the update/s. Has anyone dusted it off and played with it?
(25.12.15 - 01:17)
I downloaded it this morning but playing with it now.

A few changes have been made but I am still not completely sold on it.
Save resolution has improved, now input=output but has a max of 3000x3000 or 3000 long side.
Preview is vastly different then after it processes.
Still some signs of pixelization so it almost looks like a lower res image that has been up scaled.

Will play with it more over the next few days and see.
(02.01.16 - 04:48)
I really want to like this app (if nothing else bcs it's such a cool name) and it *looks* like it should be a kind of poetry-in-motion experience.

But it's not. User needs way more control over application of effects - including line size and opacity. These are really simple elements!!

@lzmini points out save resolution ���� pixelation ���� ����and how different the 'processed' image looks to the image I'm working on ������������.

I expected better from the hype (Btw does 'featured in Apple's Best New Apps' actually mean anything?'). And I've put an alarm for updates bcs I'm hopeful. If you can think up such a cool name for an art/editing app you've got to have some substantial vision for its development, surely..?

(02.01.16 - 05:17)
Yes doesn't live up to the hype.
I have decided to watch it for now and check after an update.
I did send email to developer but nothing back.
Allgemein (30.11.14 - 14:07)
Ist sie es wert?
(30.11.14 - 18:35)
Was just going to ask the same thing ��
(30.11.14 - 19:16)

The concept is good. The execution...not so much........
The masking is very pixelated at times and since there is no tool for manual correction of the masked area, this problem is highlighted even more.

There also aren't any options for feathered or softened edges or a fade (from the masked to the unmasked area) either. This results in the effects oftentimes looking made in a hurry and without care...

Honestly I'd wait for it to turn up free...
Currently PaintFX is the better option!
(30.11.14 - 19:54)
Thanks Chris. Found I should have waited for free, too. �� nevertheless it's quite okay and I hope for coming improvements. ��
(30.11.14 - 20:01)
Thankfully I got the app for free... But even then I felt disappointed...
Currently the app really feels like a 1.0 version! The polish is missing completely!

At least it doesn't have any iap's...☺
(30.11.14 - 21:27)
Thanks for the info. Will continue watching and grab it when it goes free. Out of curiosity, what save resolution?
(30.11.14 - 21:38)
Only 1200x1200...
That's another point they have to work on.... lol
(30.11.14 - 21:40)
Thanks. Maybe send them email and see if they are open to suggestions.
Is it 1:1 only?
(30.11.14 - 21:47)
I already gave them lots of feedback ☺
No, there's no limitation in regard to the aspect ratio.
That would have been the nail in the coffin... ��
(30.11.14 - 21:49)
Thanks, hopefully they will listen and make some changes.
(01.12.14 - 22:43)
Lieben Dank für die Infos ��, dann warte ich und habe stattdessen Rebelsauce geholt - die dann natürlich sicher bald gratis zu haben sein wird. ��
(15.12.15 - 01:28)
Du hast in allen Punkten absolut recht. Auch das aktuelle Update bringt keine relevanten Verbesserungen. Die App ist ihr Geld nicht wert und PaintFX ist eindeutig die bessere Wahl.
(25.12.15 - 13:16)
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für iPhone + für iPad


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