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  • Real Strike-The Original 3D AR FPS Gun app

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A pool has been polluted by nuclear waste, a group of pests are just around the corner. We must stop them to infect our earth!
The new experience of Real Strike (phone camera to scan the mark), funny & simple!!
Only one mission: terminate the pests as many as you can in 80 seconds!
DOWNLOAD n PRINT the MARK(the first display picture,the black n white one is Real Strike Mark, the A4 size paper prefer),Scan the mark,welcome to the 3D world .

$$$Awarded with Top Prize at MacWorld Asia 2012!$$$

*Ranked 1st in U.S. and China during limited free offering.
*Best ranked top 50 in U.S., top 10 in Japan and Germany.

*“Real Strike is a wonderful app that definitely deserves a download.”——appchronicles

*“My favorite part was Real Strike thermo and night vision. They are software tricks—and, of course, not actual thermo and night vision cameras. But they're pretty good camera tricks!”——kotaku

*“Finally, a gun entertainment app that includes a very well done FPS shooting animation while using your device’s camera — augmented reality style.”——crazymikesapps

Real Strike is the first AR FPS app in the world, It mixes up the camera and the real-time computed 3D gun animation into an integrated view.
NOW,WE PUT A 3D WORLD INTO Real Strike Via SCAN THE MARK.And, you can make a movie while you play!

Check out V4.6 trailer:

Even in the evening, night and thermal vision goggles would give you clear vision to complete your mission. There are 25 high-precision 3D weapons at your disposal, and they all can be viewed with detailed profile in the Armory mode, exquisite in every angle.

+Support iPhone6,7 and iPod Touch 5 4" Screen
+The world’s first ever AR First-Person-Shooting app.
+The world’s first ever AR shooting movie maker that allows you to make fun video or take snapshot.
+A total of 25 weapons from 6 different categories in your armory.
+Each gun has its unique animation of firing, reload, and drawing during gun switch.
+Authentic recorded weapon sounds of reload, firing, and even flying by of bullet shells before they drop on the ground.
+"The Real Strike" theme song playing in the background while you view the fascinating details in the Armory mode.
+Dynamic computation of lighting direction and intensity on the gun according to the camera image.
+Night Vision, Thermal Vision, and Tactical Flashlight all part of your combat pack.
+Unique settings of recoil force, precision, rounds-per-minute, and cooling factor after consecutive firing.
+Use Gyrometer to increase situation awareness so that when you turn, the gun turns with you.
+Armory Mode presenting detailed view of each gun in various angles on 6 cool backgrounds you can pick to take photos of your favorite gun. Even if your device doesn't have a camera, you can still have a lot of fun shooting the 3D guns and appreciating their beauty in any angle!
+Full specification of each gun.
+Gun Shop

Pistol - USP45, Glock 18, FN57, Desert Eagle,M1911
Shot Gun - W1200, M1887, KSG, Striker
Sub Machine Gun (SMG) - P90, UZI, UMP45, MP5, MP7
Rifle - CM901, SCAR-H, ACR, QBZ-95, MK14, M4A1, AK-47,AK-47 with Red Dot,M16A4,FN2000
Sniper - M24, AS50, M82, AW-L118A,M200
Light Machine Gun (LMG) - M134 mini gun, M249

Short touch to fire a single shot.
Long touch to fire multiple shots (automatic weapons only).
Press 'Reload' to reload.
Press 'Aim' to aim or dis-aim, and to turn on/off the scope for sniper rifles.
Touch 'Combat Pack' to display the Combat Pack panel, where you can turn on flashlight, thermal and night vision goggles, switch guns, and record video.

This app is for military simulation and video creation ONLY.
AND enjoy with the AR interactive 3D WORLD IN Real Strike

OS >= 7.0


Allgemein (18.05.13 - 14:34)
Guter Shooter und zur Zeit auch noch Gratis!
Allgemein (18.05.13 - 10:06)
(18.05.13 - 14:10)
Krank und schlecht gemacht...��������������������
App Hunter ✔️
Allgemein (18.08.12 - 02:44)
This is a great app that is incredibly good fun. I got this app while it was free as I had added it to my price alert list as I didn't want to pay £1.99 for it. I didn't actually think I would enjoy using this app so much but I do. It is great fun "shooting" passers by on the street!! I love the snipper guns as they zoom in like on a real gun.

The only improvements I recommend are:
��Faster shooting and reloading then using thermal image cam.
��Game mode so that when you shoot, it takes a screen shot. This means you can challenge your friend to shoot out!

This is a wonderful app overall and lovers of COD or Battlefield will like this game as well as anyone who has an interest in shooting. I wouldn't say this game promotes violence but it is probably not a good idea letting anyone under the age of 10 use this app.
The only fault I find with this app is it is too expensive but if you have a lot on money or iTunes points, I recommend getting it!!

Follow me for more app reviews and advice!!
Allgemein (10.06.12 - 03:33)
有趣的游戏。很有创意,用摄像头拍到画面做为背景用枪射击。good app
Allgemein (09.06.12 - 20:43)
La tontería del siglo. Veras el rifle a través de la camara.
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für iPhone + für iPad


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Was ist Neu in dieser Version

1.Interactive version(Scan the mark,open the 3D environment).
2.UI and UX optimized.
3.No guns when you out of mark.

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
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Rubrik: Unterhaltung
Version: 4.6
Größe: 453 MB
FSK: 17+
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