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Find the Hottest new games for your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad before everyone else!

Save money by bookmarking games to your own personal Watch List which notifies you of any sales, updates, and reviews.

Our team of editors spend every waking moment playing all the latest iOS games to present the best to our readers.

Our user community is also incredibly active and frequently finds the hottest new games and sales before anyone else. User reviews and commentary provide you with all the information you need to pick the perfect game for you.


- News and Reviews - Daily news, previews, and reviews on the best iOS games.
- Top Reviews - Search our extensive database for the best games in any genre, paid or free.
- Hot New Games - Find hidden gems and the hottest new games before anyone else.
- Watch List - Track games for reviews, sales, and updates. Even better, get notified when an upcoming game is released.
- Forums - Discuss the latest games with our active community.

Contact with any questions or issues about the app.

OS >= 5.0


Allgemein (05.05.17 - 22:32)
This website is just not for me.
I get banned regularly for no reasons, and there reviews are not trustworthy.
Since they (a review site) rely too much on developers, they don't want to be too harsh with the devs because they don't want to chase them away.( which will cost them profits)
"Review site"?????????
I like seeing game description in the appstore with quotes from touch arcade, like if this met something.
(05.05.17 - 22:33)
I am only speaking the truth, and I have years of experience woth touch arcade (as a user)
Allgemein (21.03.13 - 02:20)
Pra quem gosta de jogos esse é muito bom!
Allgemein (12.12.12 - 21:38)
One of the best companion apps on iPhone, if you have AppZapp and are interested in ios gaming you NEED this, keeps you up to date wih all the latest gaming news, games and various other features.

Theres also a HD separate version for ipad owners
Gamer 👾
Allgemein (25.07.12 - 06:05)
Great UI, easy to use.
A nice companion for AppZapp to keep yourself upto date on new and upcoming game releases. Lots of helpful reviews and gameplay videos.
Allgemein (19.05.12 - 14:42)
A must have!!
Allgemein (09.05.12 - 01:07)
I browse Touch Arcade the time so I'm really pleased they brought out this companion app.

It's great for finding new Apps, Reviews and discussions from the best IOS website and I highly reccomend it to everyone
(10.05.12 - 16:40)
Are u on forums too? Theyre awesome! Im LOLavi there
(10.05.12 - 18:00)
Oh hey mate, yeah I recognise you, I'm nowhere near as frequent a poster as you though.

Glad to see someone from TA using AppZapp because it seems everyone there uses AppShopper! But I much prefer this.

Good to speak to you mate ��
(11.05.12 - 21:59)
Yeah I prefer this over AppShopper too! Using TA app now too ofc.
(12.05.12 - 03:22)
Yeah its much better, shame it doesn't have the publicity/popularity AppShopper has.
(12.05.12 - 13:37)
I don't use TA regularly but tried the app. Can't seem to do a forum search. For example I go to forums, click the search option and type "6th planet" I get no results. But google it and the forum thread is there.

(had been trying to work out why 6th planet disappeared from the app store before I was able to download the recent update. The only info I could find was on TA)
(12.05.12 - 20:08)
TA search feature and website structure definitely could use some work because the search results literally shows every featurette its name is mentioned in rather than the review or more important articles first
(12.05.12 - 20:59)
I only use TA in Tube! 4 any upcoming games, or reviews.
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- Bug Fixes
- AppShopper Social crosslinking

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
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Version: 1.1.5
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